Bringing the heat!!!!

Hello from Reckless!

Hope all is well, this Blog was written to the sounds of…

Big things going on this week. Thank God for the new Air Conditioner!!

Whats come in;

  1. Stacks of Drum n Bass from one seller. DJ Krust, Metalheadz, Roni Size, Adam F, Grooverider, Johnny L, Source Direct, 4 Hero, Intense etc.
  2. Beautiful Todd Rundgren vinyl box set that came out for Record Store Day.
  3. Some top notch Soundtrack LPs  (pricey Waxwork reissues) along with some rare Indie Rock, Experimental and Kate Bush LPs.
  4. Some Hard Rock and Indie Rock all from the same seller; from Scorpions to Jesus & Mary Chain to The Cult!
  5. Some rootsy 45s from The Upsetters, Howlin Wolf, Ramsey Lewis, Otis Redding (and many more…).
  6. An odd selection from one seller, all the Moody Blues (on CD) and a load of Chemical Brothers (on vinyl!).
  7. Always good for Reckless, a massive stack of rare and interesting Oasis promos. I believe some of these are pretty pricey!
  8. Tonnes of 90s Dance – mostly bigger artists and mostly LPs or the “bigger” 12”s – Daft Punk, The Streets, Leftfield, Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy…
  9. Small but interesting selection of CDs on the always killer ECM label. I picked up the ECM book from Sounds Of The Universe recently and recommend it!
  10. Several rare bits from The Durutti Column!
  11. Massive pile (nearly a hundred titles) of wicked, wicked, wicked Hardcore and Jungle (with the odd UKG/House/Bleep tune). Lots of really rare bits: Moving Shadow, Babylon Timewarp, Earth Leakage Trip, Joe 90, Noise Factory, Hyper On Experience, Tango, Satin Storm, Reinforced, Manix etc. So many good records here.
  12. If you like The Beatles and Apple you’re in for a treat. One of our regular buyers brought in a huge stack of Beatles and Apple bits. From new Box Sets to Japanese pressings to decent UK originals.
  13. Small spluttering of Classic Rock from one seller; all vinyl; Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, The Stranglers, David Bowie, Talking Heads etc.
  14. One of the best collections this week was a great couple of bags of 90s and 2000’s Indie Rock. Lots of titles on Matador: Steven Malkmus, Pavement, Devendra Banhart, Guided By Voices, My Morning Jacket, Dead Meadow, The White Stripes etc.
  15. Some wicked Jazz bits from a regular seller; tonnes of Sun Ra (reissues), Joshua Abrams, The Tribe, Ruby Rushton, New UK Jazz, Jazzman titles etc.
  16. From another regular seller we had a great pile that spanned Folkways, Latin, Death Metal, Afrobeat, Spoken Word etc. Around 60 LPs and CDs. Some very interesting titles.
  17. Some wicked Reggae CDs came in featuring titles from Culture, Cornell Campbell, Michael Prophet, Dennis Brown – also some Grunge and Soul CDs.
  18. From a fairly new regular seller came in a pile of oddities from Sadus, Morbid Angel, King Tubby and loads of Indie we’d never heard of that went straight in the cheaps.
  19. Good pal of mine brought in a large pile of Lovers Rock and Roots Reggae LPs and 45s along with some decent Punk 45s and a fair amount of Indian LPs. 45s were from The Poles, The Hammersmith Gorillas and The Drones. The Reggae titles were super obscure.
  20. More Classic Rock from another seller; The The, Fleetwood Mac, The Specials, Sex Pistols, David Bowie…
  21. Tonnes more Rave and Classic House; Future Sounds Of London, Skanna, Acen, New Beat, UKG, Todd Edwards….wowge!
  22. Some new-is titles from Chilly Gonzales, Thundercat, Joan As Policewoman, The Internet, Sharon Van Eaten…mostly some kind of colour vinyl.
  23. Tonnes of 2000’s Drum n Bass.
  24. Massive collection of mostly Easy Listening and Classical (which was given to charity) but inside were a Beatles Christmas Flexi, Fairport Convention, Elton John, Supertramp, Queen, Motown etc.
  25. Some Jazz and Funk LPs (including an Adele Sebastian LP).
  26. Tonnes of standard Rock n Pop CDs – Madonna, Van Morrison, Queen etc.
  27. Fairly interesting selection of Rock, Indie, Drum n Bass and Reggae with titles from Roni Size, The Congos, Bad Company (DNB), Creedence Clearwater Revival, Black Sabbath, Jesus & Mary Chain, The Who, Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop etc.
  28. A load of Italo Disco 12”s from a good pal of mine – a mixture of originals and reissues but all wicked tunes!!!!

Loads of great stuff has gone out this week: Soul 45s, Reggae 45s, Beatles 45s, Classic House, Rave, Blues, 80’s Indie Rock, Folk music from around the world, Afrobeat, tonnes of Jazz….endless really.

Plenty of collections coming in over the next couple of weeks so watch this space!

I’m gonna leave you with this monster: