Stacks of Records and CDs and a Top Ten from Ben Miles!!!!

Hello from Reckless!

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Hope you’re all doing well on this fine morning. Bit of a ramshackle week – with tonnes of records coming in. I was in Glasgow all weekend for a 70th wedding anniversary which was as expected -well banging. We have Reckless stickers now – after being asked for about 20 years we’ve had some done!

Coming in this week:::::

  1. A small but interesting splattering of LPs from Godspeed You Black Emperor, The Jam, several Freakbeat comps, The Skatalites and Tortoise.
  2. Classic Rock – Supertramp, Queen, U2, Black Sabbath, Fleetwood Mac. All the classics – a mixture of original issues to 80s reissues.
  3. Loads more CD’s came in again this week with various cds from Bert Jansch, Soul Jazz Records, Prince, loads of Reggae,  Air (the fusion group). The Bevis Frond, lots of titles on Stones Throw Records, The Fall, The House Of Love, Nico, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, Brian Eno, Genesis, Gong, plenty of Soul CDs, Steve Reich, Minnie Ripperton, Porcupine Tree etc.
  4. Big Classic House and Dance Music collection featuring Todd Terry, The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Mood 2 Swing and many more.
  5. Plenty of 80s Pop titles from Duran Duran, Japan, Echo & The Bunnymen, Soft Cell etc.
  6. Several Beach Boys reel to reel tapes, including Pet Sounds and Smiley Smile!
  7. Lots of great Reggae 45s, from Ska to 80s Dancehall. Several hundred came in this week – lots of Augustus Pablo, Big Youth, Junior Delgado, Joe Gibbs, Bob Marley, Tenor Saw, Jah Shaka etc.
  8. A good pal of ours brought in a great selection of titles featuring records by Neu, Emmit Rhodes, The Pixies, Sheer Mag, Joni Mitchell, Pentangle, Ramones, Incredible String Band, The Byrds… also quite a few 45s and CDs.
  9. Another semi regular seller brought in a small but great selection of higher scale LPs – with titles from King Crimson, Adorable, Dubstar, The Breeders etc.
  10. A big time U2 collector brought in loads and loads of U2 records – all his doubles and triples. From classic LPs to obscurities to foreign issues. We bought the whole pile.
  11. I sold in a small selection of top LPs from Serge Gainsbourg, Antisect, Brian Eno, Alton Ellis, Hugh Hopper, Sonic Youth and Bad Brains.
  12. Tonnes of really interesting Hardcore, Rave, Bleep and House Records came in from one seller. Loads of really under-the-radar titles. He must have been travelling round a lot. Some of the titles from memory were from A Guy Called Gerald, Sy-Kick, Formation titles you never see, Ecology, lesser seen Strictly Rhythms, Red Alert & Mike Slammer, Strategy, Nick Power, Oxford Ardkore, Pascal & Sponge, Matrix Rise, Onetribe, Origination, Basement titles, Metalheadz, Nu Groove. Loads more obscure bits that we hadn’t had in for time too.
  13. Loads of cool compilation LPs came in this week – including a whole bunch of French Pop and Psych ones (Ces’t Chic etc).
  14. Other records that came in this week: Mogwai box set, rare Prince titles, Trojan Records vinyl box sets, Warthog 45,Felt, Velvet Underground, Athens Of The North 45s, Cymande.

Loads of amazing records went out this week too:

A) Mountains of Indie 45s

B) Drum & Bass, Hardcore and Jungle 12″s

C) Dubstep

D) Post Punk LPs and 12″s

E) Lots of Classic Rock

F) Rap 45s

G) Psych CDs

H) The rest of the Disco, Boogie, Rare Groove 12″s

Plenty coming up this week – were out at a few collections which have a lot of potential and we’ll still be pumping out tonnes of new records everyday!

Toms putting this gig on this weekend:


We’ve got a special Top Ten this week! Actor and DJ Ben Miles (Coupling, V For Vendetta, Ninja Assassin, The Crown etc) is a regular customer at Reckless and we’re really chuffed that he’s done us an extra special Top Ten of tunes he bought at Reckless. Not only that but he’s also done us the first Reckless Mix of the tunes he’s picked for the Top Ten! Simply legendary behaviour!



This bounces like a ball. The original Bee Gees guitar lick is replaced by a stab-a-licious clavichord phrase, letting everyone know that this is a version of a classic pieces of 70’s pop disco that stands up easily on its own. The dub, when it comes, turns the track inside out and opens up a whole box of possibilities to follow on with. A classic.


The minute that guitar lick hits you, you know you’re not going anywhere. This is a sure-fire party beginner. Heads will nod and turn briefly to the booth. Before long you’ll have them. Every element fits like a glove. Southern Fried Funk gold.


Stay with me… This pays off in a big way. Like Africa itself – it’s huge; it’s beautiful. A real blender, this will emerge from any low tempo party beginner like a golden savannah sunrise and take your crowd to wonderful new places. Epic 80’s synth rock put through the gentle funk cycle with typical LNTG skills.


Exactly what it says on the label… an irresistible four bars of wah bass and nailed down drums, then those horns… those keys…those strings…that guitar lick… guaranteed to lift a room and spread a smile. Nice synth/flute solos halfway in, so stick in there…


Perfect Teutonic machine funk. When Kraftwerk met Shalamar… Sharp and smooth at the same time, this epitomises the time when those who knew how to program also knew how to groove. Robert Palmer fancied a bit of this, but The System are unbeatable here.


It always feels like it’s 5am somewhere in The East Village whenever I hear this. Simple, bold, funky experimental dub-funk that will have you swaying in electro bliss. The electric soul of 1983 at its modernist best.


This shouldn’t work: a poem about Martians put through a pitch shifter? A pre 808 break? Then someone gets on the faders and in comes the boogie. Back in 1984, these guys were channelling the future of the decade and dancefloors beyond. Even the chipmunk chant fits. 


THIS IS A REAL GROOVE. I FIRST HEARD THIS AT THE BACK END OF A HORRIBLE 90’S cd comp at the back end of the horrible 90’s and it came in grinning like a breath of fresh funky air. I asked myself what the f is this? Whenever I do that, I know it’s going to be a keeper. This is fabulous rework of all the best bits of Wood Brass and Steel’s Funkanova, beefed up with low end goodness by the master Mr. Ashley Beedle. A timeless piece of feelgood. Can be served alongside Joey Negro’s re work of Keep The Fire Burning for extra flavour.


The series of 12’s produced for The Human League by Martin Rushent in the early 1980’s are – in my opinion – total works of genius. Sonically they are as big and hard as a Sheffield bouncer, but much more fun. The things they were doing with their Rolands and Oberheims were way ahead of their time. If you get the chance, play the instrumental dub of Fascination alongside Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker for evidence. This track is one of the more abstract of those 12’s. The opening drum pattern hits you like The Glitter Band on Ketamine… then to work with huge reverbs and dubbed up pop, the like of which has rarely been heard since. Phil Oakey’s inspired lyric of ‘New York/Ice Cream/TV/Travel/Good Times…’ is high pop art.


This is a gem from the creative chaos that was New York City in the early 80’s, back when no one gave a shit about genre as long as the funk was with you. One long dub improv from the untouchable Francois K with no master plan other than to make you move like you never thought you would.

And heres the mix from Ben:

Smash the follow on their Instagram and Soundcloud; Huge Disco can be contacted here:

Thanks a lot Ben – really appreciated!

And thanks for reading everyone, till next week, ttfn