Double Whammy

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apologies for the weeks delay – but here is a bumper double pack Blog just for you.

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…on a train passing through haunted Pluckley!

Its been a really busy couple of weeks here at Reckless with some serious buying. We also did all of the Reductions in the shop – so anything that had been out for a bit too long had the price cut. Plenty of bargains to be had – in particular there were a lot of reductions in the Indie and the New House & Techno departments! Plenty of L.I.E.S./Mood Hut/Perlon business in the cheaps now – bonkers. A few straggling big dogs were cut down on the rock side – but not many as most records tend to sell for the price we put them out at.

We finally managed to get paper bags made – we had been trying to find someone to do this for us for yonks. We still have plastic bags (we all know what its like when its pouring and you forgot a bag) but we’d prefer you to take a paper for the sake of the environment.

You probably hadn’t noticed until the last few weeks but our relatively new Air Conditioner has been going at full pelt – and the shop is a lot more comfortable now believe me. The widened shop floor also helps.

On with what we’ve been buying…in no particular order:

  1. An old friend of Toms popped in with a couple of bags of excellent records. They work in the music industry so they had plenty of great titles. From brand new LPs to reissue LPs to 12″s and plenty of original old LPs too (several great Numero comps, Griot Galaxy colour vinyl Third Man reissue, odd Soul reissues, BBE Popcorn compilation, Psychedelic reissue LPs – Meic Stevens, Lavender – Indie Rock from Yo La Tengo, Royal Trux – Rap from Fugees, Gang Starr etc, Reggae LPs from original titles to Soul Jazz comps, Dance 12″s from The Maghreban, Joy Orbison, Four Tet, Moodymann – Warp Records titles from Onehotrix Point Never, Bibio, Plaid – Punk LPs, Garage Rock titles on In The Red, Jazz reissues). As you can see there are loads of cool records here – and mostly in Tip Top condition!
  2. Scott went out to an incredible Disco Boogie collection the week before last. He had already been there 6 months or so before and purchased their Electro and Rap collection. Maybe you remember it – theres still some out – it was nearly all US original titles in shrink with the Hype Sticker. The Disco stuff is as good if not better – plenty of Classic titles from C-Brand, Teena Marie, Asphalt Jungle, Willie “Beaver” Hale, Goldie Alexander, D Train, Kerr, Conway & Temple, Komiko, Shirley Lites, Crystal Clear, Love Club, Arthur Russell, Candela, Al Hudson, The Whatnuts, Output, The Gents, Charles Mann, Esther Williams, Gwen Guthrie, Eighties Ladies, Cloud One, Henderson & Whitfield, Charles Earland, Fresh Band etc. Plenty of titles on West End, P&P, Prelude and lots of excellent mixes from Tony Humphries and co.
  3. Big ol’ stack of 50’s and 60’s US 45s came in – from Rockabilly to Soul to Garage to Doo Top to Girl Groups. Some decent bits from The Standells, Johnny Cash, Otis Redding and just under a hundred pretty obscure titles.
  4. Scott bought in the start (we hope!) of a cracking Hardcore/Jungle/Drum & Bass collection. Lots of great titles from Shut Up & Dance, DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer, DJ Mad Axe, DJ Apex, Ecology, DJ Seduction, DJ Trace, Sudden Def, Static Substance, Phuture Assassins, 2 Bad Mice, Urban Takeover etc). One of the 12″s has an amazing hand drawn sleeve with loads of E’s on it. I wonder what influenced that particular piece of art!
  5. Toru is still bringing in loads of fantastic Japanese titles from his last trip to Japan. Plenty of lovely Japanese pressings of Classic Jazz titles (Blue Note, Eric Dolphy Archie Shepp, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker), Anime/Manga Soundtracks, Classic Rock titles (Abba, Led Zeppelin etc – all with the OBIs).
  6. Good pal of the shop popped in yesterday with a huge stack of Dubstep wobblers. Nothing rare – and a bit loved but some wicked titles. Several of the Dubstep Allstars comps, plenty of Tempa 12″s, Benga, TRG, Pinch, Skream. Brings back ancient memories.
  7. Small but slamming Thrash Metal CD collection with titles from Slammer, Desaster and Dementia.
  8. More Metal and Hard Rock CDs (AC/DC, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Carcass, Nile, Entombed, At The Gates…) as well as a copy of the Quartermass LP on Harvest a Wings Demo and some Pink Floyd from a house call.
  9. Rap CDs – although as I was not in I have no idea of what. But they certainly got some good money so I imagine that they were good!
  10. As ever a plethora of Classic Rock titles from various sellers :Velvet Underground, Bruce Springsteen, The Fall, King Crimson, Rod Stewart, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Tim Buckley, Grateful Dead, Joni Mitchell…
  11. Various high end Reissues from Sting, Genesis, Steve Hackett, Pink Floyd, Radiohead and Brian Eno. Some of these are pretty rare already.
  12. A great collection of 60’s and 70s roots titles spanning Reggae, Soul, Blues, Afrobeat and Gospel: (Lee Perry, Derrick Harriott, Dandy, Blind Boys Of Alabama, Millie, Afro National, Otis Wright). Lots of amazing sleeves – and of course, the best music.
  13. Scott bought in a fantastic 90’s collection of mostly Mo Wax/Ninja Tunes kind of gear – immaculate condition and great titles Tricky, Funki Porcini, Amon Tobin, GZA, The Invisible Force, Common, Propellerheads, Roots Manuva, Big Bud, Moodymann, cLOUDEAD, LTJ Bukem, The Cinematic Orchestra, Tony Allen, Serge Gainsbourg, Bjork, Aphex Twin, The Orb). There were also a couple of pricey titles from Jimi Hendrix and Van Morrison.
  14. Toru bought in a small pile 0f 90s House and Rare Groove yesterday – the usual fare from Masters At Work, Lowreel, Roy Ayers, Shannon, Soul 2 Soul etc.
  15. Our newest employee brought in lots of stuff to sell after having it slightly too large the weekend before – bits of Reggae, pricey Jazz reissues, Cocteau Twins colour vinyl reissues, Black Metal CDs, Post Punk, various Low Company related titles.
  16. Pixies super fan without a record player brought in his full Pixies collection – he liked them a lot. So he has played these a lot. But why wouldn’t you? Some of the best records ever.
  17. Another good pal of mine brought in some top records this week. Some of the best titles I’ve seen in ages! Joe Hisaishi, Boris Kovac, Steel & Skin, Throbbing Gristle, Francis Bebey, Heldon, Goblin Tenebrae Soundtrack, R.A.W., Alvin Curran, Don Cherry, William Onyeabour, Roberto Aglieri).
  18. Large Psychedelic CD collection came in with hundreds of excellent titles. Plenty of rare ones, and high quality issues too. Titles from the usual Tomorrow, Davy Graham, Kaleidoscope, Tudor Lodge, July, Nuggets, Jefferson Airplane, Them etc.
  19. More CDs but on a more Progressive tip came in from Can, Porcupine Tree, Fotheringay, Curved Air, Nucleus etc. Some nice box sets too.
  20. Large 70s and Heavy Metal CD collection – touching on the Avant Garde at times: Electric Wizard, Scorpions, Bang, The Kinks, Jimi Hendrix, Paradise Lost, The Durruti Column, Melvins, Budgie…).
  21. Another week another pile of Morrissey titles – this time various 12″s that came in with an Exodus LP and titles from King Tubby and Augustus Pablo,
  22. Duncan bought in a load of Classic titles from The Beatles, Genesis, Traffic, Led Zeppelin as well as various Folk and Tradition LPs from around the world.
  23. Some terribly spooky soundtracks came in too this week (Close Encounters of the Third King, Blue Velvet, Hammer Horror and Stranger Things which I fell asleep in front of last night).
  24. South Londons premier Dubstep dancer Kenny White popped in yesterday with a bag of trade : HC Jungle, DJ Trace, Stephen Encinas, Chain Reaction, old TTT, DNB and several Bongo LPs.


Thats not everything either – and as ever we have new stuff coming in everyday and new titles going out constantly. We are going to several collections this week which sound really, really good so watch this space and keep you’re eye on our Instagram !!!!