Lots of Japanese pressings just in! – and more!!


This Blog was written to the sounds of…

Some wild weather this week and some wild buying!!

1) Toru is back from his trip to Japan. It sounds like he had a very good time and the DJ sets went well! Naturally he has brought back a lot of Japanese LPs as always. The first batch that he brought in the week was a load of top Japanese pressings of classic Jazz LPs. All top pressings, most of which come with the original obi – and all in high end condition. Some of the artists in the first batch: John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, Thelonius Monk, Elmo Hope Trio, Bill Evans, Sonny Rollins etc. As always there are plenty more of these to come.

2) Two UK Garage collections came in this week, both verging on the harder almost Grime-y side of things. So lots and lots of records in variable condition but loads of interesting bits from: Nu Birth, Wiley, Todd Edwards, Locked On, Ice Cream Records, RIP Productions, Anthill Mob, EL-B, Roy Davis JR, Skream etc. There are also some dub plates!

3) A really great collection came in for trade on Monday. Exactly my kind of collection: Punk 45s, Reggae/Ska 45s and rare Psych, Prog and Classic Rock LPs. The Punk 45s are killer and feature the Vom single (pre Angry Samoans!), several Wire titles, rare bits from The Cure, The Carpets, Factory Sampler 2×7″, X Ray Spex, Gang Of Four, The Slits, Television Personalities, The Disco Zombies, Kleenex and many more. The Reggae and Ska were predominantly on the Trojan, Attack and Island labels – all 60’s to 70’s, all cleaner than normal. Whilst some of the titles are big rudely classics (Symarip etc) most of the titles were a little bit more unusual and less common (lesser known Gregory Isaacs, Big Youth, Horace Andy, I Jah Man, Linval Thompson, The Heptones, Lloyd Parks, The Gladiators etc). The Rock LPs were fantastic too – a proper Wedding Album from John & Yoko, Vertigo Black Sabbaths, Rolling Stones originals, the two classic Wire LPs, US original Suicide debut, Skid Row’s “Skid”, “Grotesque’ by The Fall, Fairport Convention Pink Island, Big’n’s from Black Widow, Bridget St John, Manfred Mann Chapter Three. Really great pile of records and we’re very happy to have them in the shop.

4) Small but perfect Grunge collection: Tad, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Screaming Trees.

5) Nice, small 60’s and 70’s collection came in – generally a little on the tatty side. Some of the titles are tough sellers but deep within it are two nice titles; Trees “The Garden of Jane Delawney” and a nice one from David Ackles. I personally love the Trees LP.

6) More recent material came from another Kentish seller – this time it was Burial, MF Doom, Radiohead, Aphex Twin, loads of Hip Hop LPs and some Dubstep 12″s.

7) Some very nice Scandinavian Beatles picture sleeves case in too – including several really rare titles!

8) One of my oldest pals finally decided to get rid of his CD collection which included: loads of Folk titles (Anne Briggs, Shirley Collins..as well as some more contemporary Folk/Americana/Country artists), tonnes of Finders Keepers related bits (and things like the Blood On Satans Claw soundtrack), various Black Metal masterpieces from Mayhem, Bathory and Isengard, lots of Post Rock and Electronica.

The buying really picked up this week actually, heres some other bits that came in: lots of cool reissues of Japanese minimal music (Midori Takada etc), loads of Fall titles, Stax Soul us LPs, Ash 7″ box set, Damned 7″ box set, huge Trojan vinyl box set, some Philip Glass and Brian Eno, Heavy Metal (Quartz, Motorhead, Judas Priest), Rolling Stones box set, plenty of Dire Straits and Black Sabbath, lots of New Wave and Synth Pop (but slightly cooler than the usual – Residents, Chris & Cosey etc), big Blues collection – mostly CDs, Chrome LPs, Kevin Ayers LPs, Grateful Dead Record Store LP. We also had the new Joy Division cut of Unknown Pleasures and the latest Pink Floyd reissue.


Loads of absolute heat has gone out this week – a large portion of the above and

A) More Prog and Canterbury LPs from Kevin Ayers, Henry Cow, Caravan etc

B) Plenty more Punk 45s

C) Classic House

D) Some Soul and Funk reissue 45s (Athens Of The North etc)

E) Loads more Indie and Post Punk 45s

F) Some good Indie LPs from Guided By Voices etc

G) Lots of the classic 80s LPs from the big collection last week (Siouxsie, Sisters, The Church etc)

H) More Blues LPs – as soon as you think they’re all done we find some more

I) Although we are saving a load of Cheaps for our next Special Sale we put some top notch ones out on Friday – loads of Jungle, Minimal, Boogie etc.


Plenty more collections on the horizon so watch this space!

By the way if you see the new book about London Record shops – we highly recommend it!