Big Week!!!

Yo from Reckless!

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Simply a very busy week, with an awful lot of buying! Letsgeddit!

1) A very good friend of there shop has brought an awful lot of stuff in this week (four times!). It is a real mixture, but all killer no filler: Principe Records, Dean Blunt, UGK, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Paul Blackman (Rockers 12″), King Kong, Barrington Levy, Slipknot (very rare LP!), Tropic Of Cancer, Amerie, Lauryn Hill, Moomins, Patrick Cowley, DJ Hype, William Basinski, Bjork, Keith Hudson, David Bowie, Rhythm & Sound, Black Sabbath, Actress, John Martyn, Tim Reaper, Popol Vuh, Trunk Records, Motorhead, Joy Orbison, Prince etc. Some really cool records here! The Moomins LP gathered a lot of interest thats for sure!

2) Lots more newish stuff and reissues came in this week too. From several different collections!! ‘One collection (a young chap from Kent) was really good and featured Fugazi, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, The XX, Big Black, Joy Orbison, King Krule, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Anderson Paak, Blood Orange, Gil Scott Heron etc. Another had a lot more Soul reissues but some corkers from 24 Karat Black, Cymande, The Jackson Sisters etc.

3) The largest collection this week was a bit collection of US and Canadian LPs. These were all pretty much Pop and Rock but they tended to be on the New Wave side of things. So lots of LPs from The Sisters Of Mercy, The Church, Talking Heads, The Feelies, R.E.M., The Undertones, Nick Cave, The Mission, Dinosaur JR etc. There were about 300 of these LPs – clean too!

4) Hell of a lot of Gospel and Blues LPs came in this week – quite a lot of it for trade against the recent stacks of Blues we’ve been putting out. Some great LPs too – some of those US private press ones where they use the same stock image. Love it.

5) Another friend of the shop popped in this week with a bit stack of decent (and some pretty rare) LPs. These included some nice US Motown LPs, Malcolm McDonald MFSL (the one with “I Keep Forgetting”), The Cardigans, The Doobie Brothers, some Hardcore Punk, Phil Upchurch (we had a few copies of this LP come in this week), Nebula Peel Sessions, early Lemonheads stuff, Stooges etc. More cool records.

6) Al bought a nice little batch of another very pleasant regular seller – Sade, Van Der Graaf Generator, Gong, Spirit. He also bought in a nice stack off another regular seller that featured reissues from Anne Briggs, Can, Tuxedomoon, some Northern Soul comps etc.

7) Whole pile of J Dilla LPs came in.

8) On the CD front its still been a little quiet (but that means that more 45s have been going out) but some decent ones came in from The Monkees and Mott The Hoople that were way OOP. It also looks like we bought a bunch of Frank Zappa and Jazz titles in. Bring us more CDs please.

9) Very big crusty pile of LPs came in that were well used – but in the pile were some rare ones including both the Rameses LPs. Its always nice to have a copy of Space Hymns in the shop!!!

10) Other nice bits that came in include very mashed Anarcho and Industrial LPs from The Mob, Chrome, Portion Control, Xmal Deutchland. Some nice Coltrane titles. Some Grunge reissues from Soundgarden, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam etc. Rudolph Johnson LP on Black Jazz. Several LPs from D-Beat legends Doom!


We put so much stuff out this week. The processing was through the roof:

1) Loads of Blues

2) 90s Techno and underground Trance (harder stuff don’t worry)

3) Punk 45s

4) Roots 12″s

5) Indie singles

6) Tonnes of Classic Rock and Prog LPs

7) Psych LPs – og and reissues

8) Lots of newish stuff from bands like Blossoms and Mac Demarco

9) Ravey business

10) Some more Old Time-y Jazz – with some Blue Notes mixed in.

—-Waiting for a tonne of Top Tens – shout us if you want one doing.

Till next week…