House Records, Psych Records & a spectacular Top Ten from Cam Deas!!!

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What gloriously sunny day…

Whats in…

1) Our dear friend DJ Vegetable dropped in several hundred interesting records yesterday. It is always such a pleasure to see him and the simply gorgeous Danny Bushes in the shop. Unlike the last few piles of records Vege sold in before he moved to Berlin these bad boys were more Acid, House, Techno, Italo House, Electronic – but as I’m sure you would guess way more interesting and obscure than you would expect from most collections. Around half of them are being held back for the next bumper sale we have – the other half may take a little while to go out but keep checking the racks and our Instagram!

2) Another good friend brought in a load of wicked LPs earlier in the week which consisted of: loads of Garage comps, loads of Minimal Synth comps (including a few pricey ones), reissues of rare Psych LPs, tonnes of reggae from Burning Spear/Fred Locks/The Metals/The Pioneers, some murky 80s business from Coil/Godflesh/Head Of David/Napalm Death and a couple of Sublime Frequencies comps.

3) Several of us at work have either recently moved or are in the process of doing so so are feeling the burn – which is why there are some great Punk, Indie, Minimal Synth, Cosmic, Post Punk, Kosmiche, EBM records going out…I have personally sold in some decent stuff from McDonald & Giles, Warning, Slipmatt, Hieroglyphic Being, Crass, Stasis, Hawkwind, Soft Machine etc.

4) A young chap came in this week with tonnes of newish stuff (at least from the last ten years) – a real mix of stuff but all super popular bits: Burial, Erykah Badu, Aphex Twin, The Roots, The Drums, Primal Scream, Radiohead, MF Doom, Boards Of Canada, Miles Davis, Bjork, The Pixies, Mutual Benefit, Tame Impala, Nirvana, Mac Demarco, Fleet Foxes, Iggy Pop etc.

5) Tonnes and tonnes of Madonna records have been sold in by loads of different sellers – cest bizarre!

6) A fairly regular seller who used to work for The Rolling Stones brought in some top items by (yes obviously…) The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Twice As Nice.

7) Some fairly nice Psychedelic and Progressive reissue LPs came in from Kaleidoscope, Tudor Lodge, Rainbow Ffolly, Gong etc.

8) Some severely used Anarcho Punk and Oi records came in and went straight in the £1 section – as well as a wonky Wicker Man soundtrack.

9) Several Classic Rock collections came in this week – usual suspects: T Rex, Nirvana, Pink Floyd (including another original copy of Dark Side Of The Moon), Velvet Underground, Roxy Music, U2, Jesus & Mary Chain, Grateful Dead, Queen, Lou Reed, Robert Calvert, David Bedford, The Sisters Of Mercy, Blondie, Judas Priest, Pentangle, Supertramp, The Clash etc. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of these have gone out this week.

10) Quite a bit of New House & Techno came in this week – and will be going out for super cheap so keep your eyes peeled. Plenty of LIES, Aphex Twin etc.

11) Another newish pile of records came in including lots of RSD related bits from New Order, The Mighty Boosh, Florence & The Machine (a massive box set) and a signed Snow Patrol LP. Some of these fetch a fair amount.

12) Tatty pile of rare records came in yesterday from Motley Crue (a 90s one), Radiohead, Guru Guru, Beck etc. Priced to sell!


So much decent stuff has gone out this week I don’t even know where to start, we’ve had a bumper processing week so the racks are full of top bits – get down the shop!


This weeks TOP TEN is from our good pal Cam Deas!

If you do not know this absolute legend then this must be sorted out RIGHT NOW!!! :

Rekki Recs Top 10

Gone for a mellow 60/70s top 10 after a heavy bank holiday, I can’t think about anything with a f*cking kick drum right now unless DJ Badboy gives me a gary and puts on Helm – The Sexy Edits 12”.

In no order:

Emahoy Tsegue-Mariam Guebru – S/T

Amazing Ethiopian pianist. Started learning some of this on guitar a while ago, beautiful melodies, rhythmically something else, I recommend sticking to her records. This and another EP were made available again by the excellent Mississippi Records, cheers.

Luc Ferrari – Hétérozygote / Petite Symphonie

Mego reissued these pieces last year, nice one. I heard it first on the massive 10cd box of all of Luc Ferrari’s electronic work, also wicked if you can find it. I once fell asleep/into some meditative state to Petite Symphonie on a long hungover train journey with my old ipod shuffle, every time it finished something heavy would come on and wake me up, ended up putting it back about 10 times to stay in that zone.

Shirley Collins – Love, Death & The Lady

Could have picked from a load of Shirley’s records, amazing output for 60 years now… but I put this one because I don’t have a copy and Rekki Recs promised to give me the next one they have in exchange for this top 10, thanks again guys.

Eliane Radigue – Trilogie de la Mort

This is the album I’ve used for years if I can’t sleep. Headphones on, you end up listening to the smallest details of these old oscillators beating against eachother. Can sometimes be slightly woken up in a particularly heavy section and think you’re in some hellscape though.

Robbie Basho – Visions of the Country

Incredible record. Was listening to Basho for about 10 years before I heard this since it was one of the harder to find before it got reissued by Gnome Life, and now it’s my favourite. Opener “Green River Suite” is gonna sort you out when you wake up everytime.

La Monte Young – The Well-Tuned Piano

Catch it while you can on youtube before yr man La Monte reports it and gets it all removed again. Amazing music though, 5 1/2 hours-ish of semi-composed, semi-improvised piano, tuned to perfection.

Bridget St John – Songs for the Gentle Man

Great record with faultless arrangements. Currently chosen as my morning alarm clock.

Robert Wyatt – Shleep

Got really into this one in the last couple years and listened to it a lot more than I ever listened to Rock Bottom. Dreamy vibe with a bunch of great players.

Bernard Parmegiani – De Natura Sonorum

The walrus man kills it with this classic, it’s another for sticking on the headphones and zoning the fuck out to a ton of weird sounds to fuck with your dreams. Can’t imagine the labour that must have gone into creating something like this in the mid-70s…

Bill Fay – Time of the Last Persecution

I’m not that into everything Bill Fay’s done, but this record is one of my all-time favourites now. Described on the Honest Jons site as “melancholy (borderline morbid) folk-rock that falls somewhere between Pearls Before Swine, Leonard Cohen, and a suicide prevention hotline.” I saw Reckless had a copy recently, went in to nick it but it was already sold.

Cheers Chris!

No problem Cam – Shirley Collins LP is in the post !!!

Till next week!