New Reckless Blog! Big Reckless Sale tomorrow (Saturday 18th May)!

Hi from Reckless!

Hope you are all well. This weeks Blog was written to no music at all as I have concussion again.

But here is a song for you anyway:

Fairly busy week as always; lets get started;

1) Decent Soul/Funk/Reggae/Boogie/Rare Groove collection came in this week. Lots of US LPs and 45s in varying condition. Despite the condition being a bit iffy at times there are some great titles here. From Cloud Ones’ Disco Boogie to Shadows’ funky Soca to Mr Fingers bringing the party. One for the rare Soul heads!

2) More new Indie Rock on vinyl; Arctic Monkeys, Foals, Nick Cave etc.

3) 5 Irish pressings of David Bowie 45s – these are loads in the book but won’t be that much in the shop.

4) CDs have been flooding in; from Soul to Latin to Free Jazz.

5) One of my pals brought in a nice and interesting pile of vinyl yesterday. We worked together for a few years in Greenwich and he always had good and interesting taste (and is now a wicked DJ!) so he always brings in good stuff. This time we had a load of Beatles 45s (including some interesting foreign issues), Hector Zazou (and friends) “La Perversita” original issue with inserts – an absolutely bonkers LP – loads of records from around the world; Chinese Folk, Nigerian Afrobeat, Italian Jazz, Exotica. Plenty of rare and obscure records!

6) Another big Hip Hop and R&B collection came in; with lots of big LPs and 12″s. It’s all mostly 90s stuff but it does go into the Jay Z, Beyonce, Cassie thing too. Lots of big dogs from The Notorious BIG, Cypress Hill, Run DMC, Gang Starr, Nas, House Of Pain, Mary J Blige, TLC, A Tribe Called Quest etc.

7) Small but wicked collection of Jazz LPs; several reissues of rarities as well as a few originals from Harold McNair.

8) Top, but small, selection of excellent Reggae records. Burning Horns from Tommy McCook (a lovely copy), some Scientist, Israel Vibration and some Lovers 45s. It’s nice to see a lot more Reggae coming in recently.

9) Several absolute trouser destroying rarities from Frank Ocean.

10) Some really top end Dubstep bits from Coki, Cotti, Cluekid, The Bug, Zomby etc. Lots of tunes I haven’t heard for ages that still sound fresh.

11) Two perfect Folk 45s from Shirley Collins and Anne Briggs. Very hard to find, especially in this condition.


Gone out:

1) Lots of New House & Techno – for outrageously low prices.

2) Some classic Drum & Bass/Jungle/Hardcore.

3) Lots of Sixties and Seventies LPs including a load of Byrds and Frank Zappa.

4) 80s Indie – including a bit more Synth Pop.

5) Hell of a lot of Indie and Sixties 45s.

6) Some premium Soul.

7) More Old School Rap – its a whole row now.

8) UK Garage and Tech House.


Tomorrow we have our very first Sale at The Ship (116 Wardour Street – its just a minute away from the shop).

We have amassed several thousand 12″s and LPs. Everything is going to be £1 (things will also potentially be cheaper later in the day). The records are not just a load of old rubbish. When I looked through the records the other day there were so many good records in there, the sort you’d be so happy about if you found them in a charity shop. We haven’t looked everything up either, so god knows what you could find in there. Fresh stock could be going out throughout the day depending on how much we sell.

It should be starting around 12. The Ship is a great pub if you haven’t been there before. Long standing music pub and one of the last in the area. So buy a pint when you’re grabbing a bargain!