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You’ve caught me at a good moment as we just got Stereolab tickets for Ramsgate! Horrid wet day today but – Stereolab!

OK…bit of a slow start this week but then it just went bonkers

1) Two really good Synth Pop / Eighties collections came in over the weekend. Both collections were made up of titles from Depeche Mode (a hell of a lot of Depeche Mode records), The Cure, Echo & The Bunnymen, New Order, Soft Cell, Siouxsie & The Banshees and Sisters Of Mercy. As well as all of the standard LPs and 12″s there are also quite a few rarities including 90s LPs, Import Colour Vinyl 12″s and unusual pressings. Fair few of these have gone out – and a lot sold yesterday to one customer! But there are still some great bits to go out.

2) Flash forward 10 years please. Yesterday two very similar collections came in – both very 90s collections! Both featured 90s reissues of Classic Rock, Punk etc as well as rare 90s pressings from artists like The Cure, Uncle Tupelo, The Prodigy, Echobelly, Oasis etc. There were quite a few pricey 90s reissues (from looking online they are considered the best sounding issues – from artists like Marillion and The Cult. Other artists include The Verve, Bob Dylan, Belle & Sebastian, The Doors, Neil Young, The Band, PJ Harvey, Sonic Youth e.t.c.

3) Someone who used to have a shop in Camden in the 90s brought in about 800 records yesterday too. The shop obviously catered to the Hip Hop market as there was tonnes of 90s Rap (nothing too rare though), loads of Classic 80s Def Jam, Electro, quite a lot of Rave, hell of a lot of Depeche Mode (it seems this week is Depeche Mode week!) and lots of random bits! There are quite a few random sealed 80s Electro bits here.

4) Alan purchased a nice little clump of rarities that included a live 90s Queen LP that fetches big money, a Rolling Stones US exclusive LP (which also includes a bag as part of the package) and a sealed Sade Audiophile LP!

5) Scott went to pick up a small but incredible collection of 45s (from someone who he had purchased the incredible Detroit collection from several months ago). It consisted of 45s from The Fall, great classic Soul bits from Ann Sexton and The Jones Girls, a few oddities and then a whole heap of killer, killer 80s Dancehall and Reggae 45s. I put up pictures of most of them on our Instagram but there are titles from The Abyssinians, Martin Campbell, Ini Kamoze, Barrington Levy, Yami Bolo, Yabby You, Lloyd Robinson (two different copies of the incredible Cuss Cuss), Dennis Brown, Augustus Pablo, Black Uhuru, Johnny Clarke, Barry Brown, Tenor Saw, The Vice Roys, Trinity, Linval Thompson, Mystic Revealers (the bad boy Got To Be A Better Way), Earth & Stone e.t.c.

6) Tom was out at a big CD collection just outside of London; he came back with a nice big batch of Classic CDs. Lots of top titles; Blues, Rock, Soul, Folk etc. There are also loads of CD box sets!

9) One of our pals brought in a decent selection of Punk and Hardcore – from D Beat to early Sub Pop.

8) Other random bits that have come in this week have been a bunch of Harold Budd and Brian Eno tapes, Stone Roses 12″s and 45s, Amyl & The Sniffers rarity (along with some Jerrys Kids, Crass and Comet Gain records), some Dubstep rarities and another batch of fairly tatty but cheap Hard Rock!!



1) Batch of the Minimalism and Improv titles from MEV, Terry Riley, Stockhausen, Glass, Eno.

2) Rap 45s including some rare ones from Black Sheep.

3) UK Garage, Hardcore, 90s Techno, Hard Techno, Classic House.

4) Blues (including a few super nice UK originals)

5) Classic Rock and Punk LPs

6) Indie 45s

7) Lots of Soul Jazz CDs


This weeks Top Ten is from the Total Control Collective!

1) Chris & Cosey – Heartbeat
2) OMD – architecture & morality
3) Ministry – with sympathy
4) Tears for fears – the hurting
5) Strawberry switchblade – s/t
6) Depeche mode – Black celebration
7) New order – power corruption and lies
8) Soft cell – non stop erotic cabaret
9) Pet shop boys – actually
10) A flock of seagulls – s/t

Bonus singles

Portion control – the great divide
Seona dancing – bitter heart
B-movie – nowhere girl
Camouflage – the great commandment
Eleven pond – watching trees

The four legends behind the Total Control collective have been DJing and putting on top nights recently; from Old Tower to Akitsa to William Bennett! Keep an eye on what they’re doing next here…



Thanks for reading, till next week!