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Hope you’re all doing well! Another busy week at casa Reckless lets get started:::::

1) Yesterday I was out at a collection in Eltham, it was good to be back in the South East. The collection was just 250 LPs but they were so good we had to get out to it! The collection is predominantly 70s based – but far from the norm. The nice bloke who collected them was initially into progressive rock but in his own words hearing Terry Riley changed the way he listened to music. So from then on he dived head first into absolute zone-out minimalism. So to start with we have Led Zeppelin, Yes, Family, The Amazing Blondel, Hawkwind, David Bowie, Peter Hammill/Van Der Graaf Generator (pretty much all of them, and all originals), King Crimson, Faust, John Martyn, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, Quintessence, Joni Mitchell, Matching Mole, Simon & Garfunkel, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Jimi Hendrix, Incredible String Band, Genesis, Leonard Cohen, Elvis Costello, Kevin Ayers….then Terry Riley, Ash Ra Temple, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Philip Glass, La Monte Young, MEV, Franco Battio, Gavin Bryars, Brian Eno, Laaraji, Harold Budd, John Cage, Erik Satie, Steve Reich, Harry Partch, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Michael Nyman, Howard Riley, Spontaneous Music Ensemble, Lou Reeds’ “Metal Machine Music”, Basil Kirchin, Heldon, John Hassell, Tom Dissivelt, Cornelius Cardew, David Toop etc. You get the idea! A really wild selection there, especially the later half. Some titles we very, very rarely get in. Theres something odd about South East London – pretty much every collection I go to has Brian Eno and Harold Budd LPs. I’m a huge fan of both artists myself and lived in the SE for 10 years so I am no different!

2) Several days ago someone popped in with a big batch of records from Egypt and Lebanon. Lots of Bellydance records, and several other genres such as Dalouna and Dabke. There are a lot of records here that I hadn’t seen before but seem very collectible – as well as titles you see (albeit rarely) by Oum Kalthoum etc. When I put these out last night someone grabbed a load of them instantly (and started Discoging them on their phone).

3) A small but decent batch of Library records came in – no big hitters but all cool titles by the right artists (Alan Parker, Keith Mansfield etc). KPM, Music De Wolfe etc. There was also a copy of Dave & Toni Arthurs’ “Hearken To The Witches Rune” there too.

4) One of our regular sellers brought in an interesting mix – Four Tet, Psychmagik, John Coltrane as well as some new House.

5) Alan bought in a really great pile of Metal and Punk titles earlier on in the week. Some great titles from Bolt Thrower, Extinction Of Mankind, Doom, Napalm Death, Turbonegro, Motorhead, Slayer, Dishammer, Voivod, The Exploited, Crass ETC. We don’t get enough of these kinds of records in so they never last long.

6) Duncan bought in a decent selection of UK original Miles Davis and Ornette Coleman LPs; which was nice.

7) Someone brought in some good House and Techno earlier in the week including several rarities on the Headspace Recordings label and some Aphex Twin. We also bought in a copy of Selected Ambient Works 2 this week.

8) A friend of mine brought in a load of Punk LPs from The Damned, Chelsea, Generation X as well as some Psych comps and an original Prince Buster LP.

9) Lots of Classic Indie came in this week – including a decent pile off an old pal of mine; Joy Division, The Smiths ETC.

10) A lot of Drum & Bass came in this week; lots of Hospital, Ram, V and Good Looking titles. For was it not said by the Lord Jesus Himself that over the Bank Holiday weekend we doth listen to the Drum & Bass whilst knecking a beverage in the Sun.


We will be doing a Pop Up in The Ship ( in a couple of weeks (May 18th). We are going to have hundreds and hundreds of records here – all for a quid. I was looking through the pile just the other day and there is so much good stuff in there. We have been chatting to the lovely lot at The Ship a fair bit recently about getting a bit more involved – as music and pubs go hand in hand. So watch this space.


This weeks Top Ten is a Top 11 and is from our pal Jim Janco! Wether you know Jim from singing in No or Permission or from absolutely savage DJ sets across London (and beyond) you’ll know he’s a man of good taste! He’s a hard man to find a picture of so here’s a picture of him doing NTS (he is the geezer in the middle if you don’t know him!!)

Top 11 People Drifty brain drillers!


Iesope Drift – People Drift – Gave the party it’s name. totally idiosyncratic, raw, churning, completely alienated nightmare of a track


Gizz TV & Walker – A2 Bleeping shuddering funk monster on Force Inc, whole EP rules

Excell – Amytal Sodium – a few years old now, i love all of Excell’s productions. Heavy, grinding but instantly recognisable. Maybe even catchy?


Felix Da Housecat – Phamily Radikal Thant (feat. sofie bloo) – Warped, shifting + eternally returning shout out track on Djax – picked this up in Reckless a few weeks ago!


Chris Sattinger – Energy – So many good Chris Sattinger tracks, this one doesn’t muck about. Warp drive dance material!!


Falling Apart – 202 A2 – Perfectly executed catchy acid. Falling Apart plays People Drift this weekend don’t miss!!


Faceless Techno Bastards – Trapped – More key PD inspiration. Saw Speedy J play this a few years ago and thought i was raving on the moon. Bleak, love it.


Sev Dah – Rumble – I really like Sev Dah’s productions. Tight, detailed modern production with old school funk and melody


Phosphotaze – Tone Works – wicked Chris Mccormack smasher, breaking down into a 45 seconds of desolate introspection before the hammer starts again!


Akilah Bryant – Untitled – Raw, bad minded Chicago acid on Hybrid – Shout out to Charlie F for the tip on this one


Separate Minds – Can you feel the difference? – Early MK production Nasty twisty synthetics. Sounds like somethings about to go very wrong

Check it:

Party this weekend (May 4th) at Venue MOT SE14 5RT – with Falling Apart, Souvenir and Jim Janco. /

We at Reckless suggest you have no doubts about going to this event for it will be absolutely fantastic!!!!!!

Thanks Jim!!!

As ever we are open as normal on Bank Holiday Monday 10am-7pm. Expect a lot of records going out this week.