Slashed Prices and Sleaford Mods

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This blog was written to the sounds of….

What a lovely week – which has been spent mostly going through all of the stock in the shop and reducing anything if its been there for two long. To be fair its good to get rid of stuff thats just been there too long – and we always find missing stuff when reductions are done. I completely redid all of the cheaps – so now there are loads of great cheaps and reductions – plus its hopefully now all in the right place! Reductions and Christmas have had a bit of an impact on the processing but we worked late the other day and the shop is starting to look a bit more spruced up. We don’t generally do this but we put a few bits up on our Discogs from the Reductions so if you feel like theres one that got away check it out – our buyer name is .

Loads of buying this week…

1) Tonnes of newish Rock, Indie, Punk and Soundtracks came in (with some older 80s and 90s stuff thrown in for good measure. Some really cool titles: Guided By Voices, Evil Dead/Aliens/Iron Fist/Gummo/Twin Peaks/various Death Waltz soundtracks, My Bloody Valentine, M83, Radiohead, Stone Temple Pilots, Ride, The The, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Circle…you get the idea.

2) The Bushdoctor dropped in a nice stack of 12″s and Lps – loads of oddities; Ambient, Jazz, ECM, Techno, Synth, Library, Reggae, Hardcore and some record that was pretty obscure that Music From Memory just reissued. Always great records – humming of ganja though as usual!

3) What kind of week would it be if we didn’t have a pile of Jungle come in? Several small collections came in; bits from Logistics/London Electricity/High Contrast/Hospital Records, Danny Breaks, Beats R Us, DJ Trace, SL2, Red Alert & Slammer, Ratty, Dillinja etc. Despite selling loads of Jungle/Hardcore and Drum & Bass we still have loads more going out.

4) More Japanese Jazz titles coming in from another regular, including a beautiful McCoy Tyner! Loads of nice bits on the wall on the Jazz side at the moment.

5) Several interesting CD selections – including some rare Italo House CDs, obscure Funk ones, Shirley Collins and Velvet Underground CD Box Sets – oh and the massive Yo Ho Wa 13 box set too!

6) One of the biggest piles of records that came in this week was one of my favourite ones in a while. A) 40 or so 78s – mostly Jazz from Chet Bater, Lee Konitz, Miles Davis but also some great Folk ones and some killer Calypso ones – which included a few tracks from the London Is The Place For Me comps B) thirty or so gorgeous Arabic 7″s; with amazing sleeves C) 50 or so top tier Folkways, Mushroom Records titles, Folk bits from around the globe. Quite a few pricey titles here – all in amazing shape too D) thirty or so great tapes of music from round the globe. Quite a few really rare bits with big Discogs numbers – none going out for more than a fiver.

7) Rather used Classic Rock collection – bits from The Beatles, Steamhammer, The Rolling Stones, Joni Mitchell, Yazoo Blues comps, Blondie, Fleetwood Mac, Sex Pistols, Carole King…. About 150 records – 75 went straight in the cheaps.

8) Tonnes of Stoner, Post Metal and Post Rock. Quite a few really decent ones from Neurosis, Pelican, Daitro, Isis, Mastodon, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Max Richter (the great Blue Notebooks album), Old Man Gloom, KTL, Earth, Converge, Earthless.. Some sought after colour vinyl bits.

9) Some banging Thrash Metal LPs – including rippers from Slayer, Testament, Ludichrist and Venom!


This week we got a special Top Ten – from the man like Jason from Sleaford Mods!! We absolutely love Sleaford Mods – you have to see them if you haven’t had a chance – top geezers!

Dimzy ‘Profit’
67 ‘serious nights’
RV ‘Kodak Black’
Headie One ‘Heavy Metal’
Loski ‘Money and Beef’
Hus Kingpin ‘Coke Casa’
Knowledge The Pirate ‘Wrinkled Feathers’
Roc Marciano ‘No Love’
Giggs ‘Outsiders’
Conway The Machine ‘Air Holez’

They’ve got a new Record out….check it out!

Thanks a lot Jason we really appreciate the Top Ten mucka!

Anyway, I’m off to Rotterdam for my birthday tata