Loads of top gear for Christmas!

Hi from Reckless,

This Blog was written to the sounds of…

1) Tom was out in Charlton this week at the weeks top collection. The collection consisted of several thousand CDs, and a few hundred LPs and 12”s. The whole collection is pretty avant rock – bit The Wire, bit ATP, bit MOJO. Lots of obviously really amazing albums from Suicide to Sunn O))). There are quite a few wicked box sets from artists like Henry Cow, William Oneyabour, Buzzcocks, John Cage, Can and many more. There are also quite a few rarities and out of print titles from artists like The Saints, Tim Buckley and The Pop Group. I priced up some of the records today and to give you some idea: Green River, Suicidal Tendencies, Bad Brains, Mudhoney, Nirvana, Faith No More etc were all there. So yes – lots of cool stuff!!!

2) A long time friend of the shop has been selling in some decent stuff recently and today we bought a stack off him. There are around 5-600 titles; and its all Jazz or Classical. There are loads of Blue Note titles for a start (again mostly Japanese pressings strangely enough). Lots of titles from Wes Montgomery, Bud Powell, Hank Mobley, Kenny Burrell, Larry Young, Ike Quebec, John Jenkins, Elmo Hope, Grant Green. I priced up some of the Classical titles today and they were mostly Beethoven String Quartet LPs.

3) Nice big bag of 60’s Pop and Psych came in yesterday. Little pile of LPs and a big box of CDs. Rare original LPs from Barry Melton, The Moon, Kevin Ayers, Country Joe & The Fish and loads of top CDs from The Hollies (their more Psychedelic era!), Silver Apples, Soft Machine, The Beatles, The Zombies, The Monks, The Byrds, The Left Banke etc.

4) Some honking Classic Rock and Cosmic Psych LPs from Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Hawkwind and the Dukes Of Stratosphere. These were in well used condition and a lot of them ended up in the cheaps! So grab yourself a bargain as copies of The Wall rarely end up in the cheaps.

5) Scott went to a small but cool Hip Hop collection again with all of the usual people: Gang Starr, Big L, Eminem, Bush Rhymes, A Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy etc. Mixture of reissue and original but mostly originals. We also bought loads of mint copies of one of the latest Run The Jewels LPs so grab it off us for cheaper than online.

6) Another week another pile of Drum & Bass. Bit more on the newer side this week but quality gear from Hospital, Metalheadz, Ram etc.

As its that wonderful time of year we’ve put out all of our Christmas stock. As we’ve bought so many killer collections this year we actually stockpiled some top Christmas bits. One collection I went to had 50 Christmas Reggae LPs alone – including some pretty rare ones!

Lots of great stuff has gone out this week –

A) Loads more Hardcore and Jungle – including a lot of rare titles.
B) Classical – and loads of it.
C) Classic Rock – we’re really getting them all out there now!
D) Indie 45s – the sections are bursting!
E) More Garage Revival LPs
F) Indie/Punk/Avant CDs
G) House and Electro vinyl
H) Nice 4ad and Grunge LPs and 12″s

Tom has ordered in loads more new reissues this week including loads of top sellers from Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson, Nirvana, Type O Negative, The Misfits as well as new titles from Kendrick Lamar and David Bowie (old recordings obviously!). We pretty much always have classic titles in stock – and you can choose between an original or a nice new reissue. We also sell Gift Vouchers if you want that special someone to choose their own records or cds. We’ve had a lot of people coming up and asking for some advice on Christmas gifts and we are always happy to help!

No TOP TEN this week as we’re waiting on a load – everyones busy !!!