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This week I have mostly been listing to :

Horrid weather this week, but we’re still here. Scotts had a particularly busy week thats for sure.

1. Massive, banging, House, Techno & Electro collection. Scott was down in South East London a couple of days ago buying 700 or so 12”s. These are nearly all US imports and are in top condition, in shrink, correct sleeves, hype stickers etc. The collection is essentially early 80s Electro through to Chicago House, some Rave, Freestyle, Boogie and then into the start of Detroit Techno. Tonnes of Egyptian Lover, Chris The Glove Taylor, Shannon, C-Bank, Gherkin Jerks, World Class Wrecking Crew, Derrick May, Fast Eddie, MK, Cybotron, Zest, Bobby Konders, DJ Pierre, Sha-Lor. Tommy Boy, Dance Mania, Trax, Shut Up & Dance, Strictly Rhythm, Nu Groove, Fourth Floor, Def Jam, Tuff City, Next Plateau, Cutting Records, Bay City, Gherkin, Warp, Alleviated, DJ International. Proper, proper party music. From more common but seldom seen US original classics in top nick to super rare Boogie Bombs baby!

2. We didn’t think we’d be seeing another Hardcore/Jungle collection like the one we got last week in a hurry but sure enough another banging one came in. About a thousand titles: Tom & Jerry, The Gambino Family, Bay B Kane, Bizzy B, DJ Rap, Nookie, Fast Floor, Bass Selective, Tango, Anthill Mob, DJ Fokus, Peshay, Danny Breaks, The Invisible Man, Photek, Origin Unknown… lots of really great records, including a lot of rare and expensive titles. Odd to think at one point last week we had three copies of The Gambino Family 12!!! We’ve got so much Hardcore Jungle in right now – and it never really turns up in this condition all in one go – it isn’t going to last long.

3. More Jungle/Drum & Bass came in from another regular seller; still more Metalheadz/Moving Shadow/Reinforced!!! Endless. Quality though.

4. Another regular seller brought in a much bigger pile of records than usual – loads of music from around the globe. I’m never sure how to describe collections like this as World Music seems like a bit of a weird term so lets just say Folk music from around the globe; Iraq, Turkey, Japan, USA, lots of records from all across Africa, Brazil, Tunisia, Ireland. Loads of Folkways titles in particular. Quite a lot of these seem very sought after. We’re expecting another big pile of these to come in soon.

5. Some House/Techno reissues from a pal of ours – plenty of Detroit; Shake Shakir, Derrick May, UR.

6. Loads and loads more Japanese records from Toru – including lots of cool City Pop titles (that sold instantly), Anime soundtracks, Maki LPs and lots of oddities.

7. We seem to have suddenly bought in a lot of Classical titles. Some Avant Garde stuff from Reich, Ligeti etc but a lot of Bach, Beethoven, Shostakovich. Racks (and bargain racks) are full to the brim – and more is coming.

8. Tom has ordered loads more top notch new vinyl in – including the long awaited reissue of Bloody Kisses from Type O Negative, the Kate Bush reissues, Queen, new Bowie thing, Misfits reissues.

We had our Christmas meal this week which was very nice and well behaved. It was in a fantastic Punjabi restaurant in Covent Garden. I ended up at the Flower of Kent in Lewisham and listened to Steve McQueen by Prefab Sprout on my brothers sofa till very late.

This weeks Top Ten is from Taylor from Rapid Tan!

Top 10 Middle Names EVER!
Hello! My name is Taylor Stewart, and these are my top 10 middle names EVER:

10 – Anne
So many people have the middle name “Anne”. It’s amazing! Think about how many people you know
with the middle name “Anne”… I bet it’s a huge number! A simple yet effective name… Lovely stuff!
9 – Paul
Paul! What a middle name. Sean Paul, Pope John Paul… the list goes on! Paul is number 9 on this list!
8 – Dean
An unconventional one! This one is the name “Dean”.
7 – Jane
Another popular one! Jane can be attached on to the back of multiple names, and it always just works!
It’s a great name, and an even better middle name.
6 – Graham
Now this is a middle name I’d be proud to have on my passport or drivers license. Heard of Alexander
Graham Bell? Well, this guy invented the telephone! Chances are you’re reading this on one of those
right now, and that wouldn’t be possible without this guy. I tip my hat to you, Mr Bell.
5 – Gaz
This is one I have thrown in as a suggestion. I think it’s got a great ring to it, but I don’t know anyone with
this as a middle name. If anyone reading is expecting, maybe consider the name “Gaz” as a middle
4 – Claire
Claire is a beautiful name! One of my favourites. Have you seen the Bon Apetit YouTube channel? Well,
one of the people on there is called Claire, and she had a video where she made Kit Kats from scratch.
You should watch it! She inspired this nickname choice, among some other good Claires I have met in
my life.
3 – Lucy
Another beautiful name! I think if I were to have a wee lass at any point, I would want to call her Lucy.
2 – Gordon
I have chosen this name as a joke! It’s a boring middle name.
1 – Thomas
I have chosen Thomas as the number 1 middle name for many reasons. Number 1 being that it’s a
beautiful name, and number 2 being that it is my very own middle name, so I am very fond of it!
Thank you for reading this list of the Top 10 Middle Names EVER!

Well thank you Taylor for your Top Ten middle names!

You can check Taylors band Rapid Tan here:


I would also suggest you check his fantastic YouTube channel!


Nice one!

See you next week!