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Proper Bumper week here at Reckless this week….here we go!!

1) One of the most bad boy Hardcore, Jungle, Drum & Bass collections we have had in for a very long time came in. Four thousand or so killer records – not a duff one amongst them. Most records are in unplayed condition – and there are loads of White Labels and Test Presses. It seems to cover 1992 through to about 1998 but with 1993-1996 taking charge. There are several titles where there are multiple copies too – such as Source Direct “Secret Liaison”. There is a huge pile of pretty much everything on Good Looking Records – unplayed copies of Piano Tune for example. There are several Tom & Jerry titles, Lucky Spin full run, rare Orca, DJ Rap, Tomba, DJ Monk, Dillinja, Mafia, Congo Natty, Marcus Intalex, Noise Factory, Photek, Lemon D, Bizzy B, DJ Massive, On Remand, Ellis Dee, The Diplomat, Tango & Ratty, Remarc, Sound Clash, Austin, Jungle Warrior, Jack Ruby, Nookie, DJ Devine & Essence, Love Dove Jay, DJ’s Flynn & Flora, over 50 Metalheadz promos, Moving Shadows…this is all from the first two boxes and there are lots and lots of boxes. There are also loads of really nice UK Garage 12″s; loads of rare ones (Anthill Mob white labels, EL-B, Jeremy Sylvester, Sly Paul etc) as well as standard but super clean ones. Basically a load of really, really good records here.

2) Whilst Scott was buying in the big Rave collection I was at the Barbican buying a top notch Jazz Collection. I’d already seen the Tubbys Groove so I figured if you have that and live in the Barbican it’s got to be worth a home visit and it was. Lots of UK original Jazz titles – including loads of Miles Davis titles, Stan Tracey “Under Milk Wood” a personal favourite, Yusef Lateef, Thelonious Monk, Art Blakey, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Lee Morgan, Tubby Hayes, Zoot Sims, Billie Holiday, Charles MingusSonny Rollins, Bill Evans, Joe Harriott, Roland Kirk and about 20 LPs from Chet Baker! There were also loads of much cheaper Jazz titles – but plenty of oddities – including some more obscure UK Jazz that seemed pretty sought after. There were also some great Brazilian LPs from Gilberto Gil, Baden Powell; several LPs from Serge Gainsbourg, some contemporary Classical LPs from Steve Reich, Philip Glass etc as well as some top quality pop from The Beatles, Joni Mitchell etc. It was really nice to be in their lovely warm home going through their records as they told me about seeing Don Rendell, Stan Tracey, Joe Harriott at their friends house.

3) Lots of high quality Classic Rock and Indie came in from one chap for trade for a much, much bigger item (Please, Please Me original): Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Serge Gainsbourg, APhex Twin, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, John Lennon/Yoko Ono, Prince, Primal Scream, New Order…lots of very limited issues. Also some high quality Japanese Beatles CDs.

4) More Raggamuffin Hardcore Jungle!!! From another regular seller; this time a few cheeky White Labels, more Photek, Suburban Base, lots more Moving Shadow, and a bit of Ram Records.

5) A decent pile of Indie and Post Rock CDs which I heard was good but I have not seen them myself. So it is a mystery!

6) If you have not forgotten the 80s then a large pile of “classic” 80s Hard Rock/Pop 12″s, Picture Discs and LPs came in, but all either still sealed or unplayed. Including sealed Meatloaf LPs (it was very hard to stop Scott from buying these but the customers come first!), Kitaro, Def Leppard, Tigertailz, Scorpions etc. Simply glorious music.

7) These may have come in with the huge pile of Fall 45s last week – and if they didn’t it would just be weird but: more cool Punk/Post Punk 45s and LPs from The Adverts, Stress, Throbbing Gristle, John The Postman, Flux Of Pink Indians, Mau Maus, Modern Art etc. Some really interesting records here, all DIY all the time.

8) Loads of Metal CDs – apparently lots of Relapse titles. Sometimes when I am driving down the motorway in my BMW I like to slip on some Nile and relax and think about Indiana Jones.

9) Loads of Noise, Noisey Techno and Avant Garde LPs and 12″s. From Actress to Wolf Eyes. Ideal if you like to move to groovy beats but you also have an aggressive side.

10) A good mate of mine sold in a load of class Jazz, Ethnographic and Progressive LPs. From Blue Note to music from Tibet. Also a lot of really nice Jazz and Reggae CDs from Dadawah, Paul Gonsalves, Dennis Brown etc. Some wicked records and CDs here; I’ll try and get some pictures up on our Instagram asap.

11) Our very own Toru (or as he demands us to call him the T Dog) came back from Japan with loads and loads of wicked Records. He had been out there seeing family and DJing loads including at the Palace Skateboards opening! As ever – he’s come back with so many amazing records. Lots of Japanese Jazz, Anime Soundtracks and Japanese pressings of Classic Rock and Jazz.

12) Little sputtering of Reggae this week – but when among them are a Studio One Alton Ellis and a Catch A Fire by The Wailers you know things are gonna be alright.

No Top Ten this week but we have some good ones coming up.

Plenty of collections on the horizon.

Go to this Brainiac 5 gig!

Till next week