From Punk to Funk – plus a Junior Tomlin Top Ten!

Allo Allo!

This weeks Blog was written to the sounds of…

Plenty of goings on at Reckless this week! Heres what we bought:

1) Some seriously rare Punk/Hardcore/Power Pop/Mod 45s. They were bought in as trade towards the really rare Joy Division 45. So we have the Glenn Danzig “Who Killed Marilyn?” Purple vinyl 45 on Plan 9, X “Adult Books” on Dangerhouse, The Middle Class “Out Of Vogue”, Deiter Meier “Cry For Fame” a killer Punk single from the Yello member as well as 45s from The Cigarettes and Llygod Ffyrnig. I believe one or two of these have already sold and we don’t get as much high end Punk bits in as we’d like (apart from weirdly a decent amount of Misfits originals in the last few years) so these won’t last long.

2) Huge pile of singles from The Fall; including several really rare ones! I think the rarest title is Marquis Cha Cha with the mispressed b-side. There really isn’t much better than a 45 from The Fall.

3) Some days are just a bit odd – you don’t see something for years and then several copies turn up on the same day. Last week we had a day where tonnes of Improv came in – all from different sellers! As well as some really nice Jazz titles. Some of the Improv LPs that came in were from Derek Bailey, Tony Oxley, The Music Improvisation Company, Evan Parker…Plus some nice Impulse and Blue Note titles from John Coltrane, Sun Ra and Archie Shepp. Plus on the same day a chap came in with a copy of Tubbys Groove from Tubby Hayes; and he’s got a sizeable collection that I am going to go to next week. Fingers crossed!

4) Loads and loads of new stuff came in this week. Loads of sealed new Indie, Pop, Rock, Rap titles. The New Arrivals section will I’m sure be full to the brim by now. Stuff from Kylie, Cat Power, Animal Collective etc.

5) An excellent mix from someone with fine taste – mostly all original issues too; 45s from Devo, Patti Smith, The Residents; LPs from Nina Simone, The Beatles, Graham Bond, Groundhogs, Dr Feelgood, Scott Walker, Pj Proby, Bob Dylan, Mort Garson. Plenty more – an eclectic selection.

6) Tonnes more brand new stock that we get in from the distributors – including the new Beatles White Album box sets!

7) One of my pals came in with a decent selection. About 20 House records – Chicago Acid, some deeper House and some French titles; some Brazilian LPs and 12″s, some Classic Rock from King Crimson, Paul Simon, Creedence Clearwater Revival etc and a bit of Disco/Cosmic/Library.

8) Several members of staff sold in a load of bits this week so we had loads of decent Punk/Hardcore and Bestial Black Metal! As well as a load more Hawkwind titles. Nice to have LPs from Blasphemy, Holocausto and Hawkwind in the shop.

9) Some rarer Rap LPs came in with some equally rare Gospel records! I remember that there were two rare LPs from Busta Rhymes and Bone Thugs & Harmony in there. The Gospel LPs had to be funky ones.

10) We couldn’t have a week going by without some wicked Drum & Bass coming in – more of the usual Formation, Reinforced, Metalheadz gear as well as another collection of post 96 Drum & Bass. This had a couple of harder to get titles from DJ SS and DJ Hype as well as loads of cheaper white labels.

11) Great copy of the fantastic Trader Horne LP – with the inserts! This came in with a load of Blues and Classic Rock. Haven’t seen a copy of this for ages.

12) Scott just purchased a really great collection that consisted of 200 7″s and 1100 LPs. All Soul, Funk and Reggae and weirdly enough like that collection last week they were all unplayed! Loads of Promo copies too! I haven’t actually seen the collection but it sounds like its really great – lots of top 70’s and 80’s titles.


Gone out this week:

Rare Punk/Hardcore 45s
Loads of ultra clean Soul/Funk LPs – mostly unplayed, promos and with Press packs
Japanese Hardcore/D-Beat CDs
Trader Horne LP
More Garage Punk/Revival – including loads of LPs by Thee Oh Sees
Some seriously top end Hardcore Jungle – Tom & Jerrys etc
Loads of Lovers Rock 12″s and Classic Reggae LPs


Plenty of collections coming up this week so I would keep an eye on the Instagram or better still – get down the shop!!


Huge Top Ten this week
I’m well chuffed that this weeks is from the legend Junior Tomlin!
I’ve always loved his artwork for some of the best Raves ever – plus he did the artwork for one of the Cancer LPs.

Johnny Jungle – Flammable
4 Hero – Mr Kirks Nightmare
Frequency – Kiss The Sky original mix
Terrace – Bassi(n)c on d jax upbeats
Hyper On Experience – the tango mix
Clementine – The Opening
Future Forces Inc – Dead By Dawn
Photek – Ni Ten Ichi Ryu
Super Kids – The Tragedy (don’t do it)
Run DMC – Daryl and Joe

Thanks Mr Tomnlin!

Till next week!