Signed, Sealed and Delivered!

Ahoy there!

This Blog was written to the sounds of the old series of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy in the background because I’m off sick.

Another busy week – although I was only in for two days! On Monday Luke and I worked until 11pm and got some serious stock out. Loads of random bits that had been lying around for years got done. From odd Flying Nun titles to endless Classic Rock from Cream, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell etc. We also got through a load of the backlog of pricey Classical bits.

Lots of interesting stuff in this week:

1) Around 80-100 sealed titles; but from within the last ten years or so. This mini collection included several huge modern rarities – such as the Frank Ocean LPs. These are incredibly hard to find – and are very pricey indeed! Well, we have two of the albums, sealed. Also in the same collection big ones from Hercules & Love Affair, Gorillaz, Dangermouse, Gary Moore, Kate Bush, Radiohead, Massive Attack etc. These are all in perfect condition of course.

2) Fair amount of Classic Rock CDs including loads of box sets. Quite the mixture: Joni Mitchell, Bob Marley, Shealagh McDonald, Jethro Tull, Michael Jackson etc. Lots of fairly pricey box sets. Also a hell of a lot of cheap CDs, so keep checking the cheap for new bits.

3) Top Tier material off of one of our pals with exceptional taste; a mixture of Avant Garde, African Disco, Ambient, Cosmic Jazz, Post Punk, Spacey Soul: Rare Silk, Roedelius, Telectu etc.

4) Small little pile of another friend – with, again, killer taste: Peter Zummo, Ramadanman, Surgeon etc.

5) Toru sold in a load of wicked bits including Deep House, Brazilian, Jazz, Techno, Hardcore: Betty Davis, Nookie, Theo Parrish, Os Mutantes etc.

6) Another old work friend sold in a huge bunch of music from all around the world: Brazil, Ghana, Trinidad & Tobago etc. Also lots of French records from Serge Gainsbourg, Areski etc. Huge pile of 45s too but I’ve not seen them yet.

7) Scott was out in West London yesterday at a small but decent Hip Hop collection – Snoop Dogg, Ice T, DR Dre, Mos Def, Eminem, Lauren Hill etc.

8) Al was out at a collection somewhere East – and ended up coming back with several hundred clean classic Rock and Pop records. From The Beatles to Abba!


Got a few collections coming up next week – lets see if we can bring home some bangers for you!

This weeks top ten is from deep Blues troubadour Tim Holehouse!

Ten records that influenced me…

Swans – The Great anhilator
My favourite record of all time still it really changed 14 year old me. I no longer wanted to be just a rock star I wanted to make music as interesting as this.

Ac dc- back in black
The first record I ever bought. Cub Scout camp tuck money saved and I bought this beast instead of sweets and thus began my descent into what I am today.

Captain beef heart- trout master replica
Not actually my favourite beefheart that’s Safe as Milk. But this was my first and took me 3 listens to get over the what the fuck is this! Also think marked me out as a weirdo to all my friends when I played it to them in school.

Slint- spiderland
One of the most perfect records ever made! Even to this day every listen leaves me with chills.

Miles Davis- bitches brew
Music mastered here my first lesson on how improvisation is done!

La Bradford – El luxo sol
Minimal scratches and beats with sparse piano and guitars. Seriously under rated band and a real master piece is the more minimal music genres.

Napalm death- scum
My first taste of extreme metal came after watching Napalm Death and then buying scum. Fast and nasty music done properly. Blew my mind when I was 13 still love it now.
Black flag- slip it in

Howlin’ wolf-
The greatest blues voice and song writer ever. Muddy and Johnson get the plaudits wolf quietly got on with making master pieces.

Godspeed your black emperor! F# A# ~
A friend of mine ordered this record from Canada in I think 1997. We sat in the dark listening to it and to this day one of the most spiritual moments I’ve had in my life.

If you don’t know Tim – you simply must rectify the situation!