More Rarities; plenty of Folk and some Old Skool UKG!!!

Hola from Reckless on this lovely sunny morning!

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A most enjoyable week at Reckless. We managed to get loads of really good records out!!! Al was in yesterday and put out loads of the OZ/NZ 45s – so many sold right away. These are so nice, all in proper company sleeves. So many Mod stompers!!! Yesterday a few of the more pricey ones went out including several from Chants R&B!!!!!! I put out tonnes of great records yesterday: Rare Psych and Pro; Big Folk bits from Judee Sill, Anne Briggs, Bert Jansch; traditional Indian LPs, lots of Classic Rock and Punk; Indie Rock; some really nice Reggae and Island Funk (including big ones from EKO and Eddie Hooper!!). Loads of killer CDs went out – including lots of rare Synth Pop. Scott managed to get most of the Rap out before he went – the racks are looking killer! Sean has been busy pricing Apple Records bits. Loads of really nice Japanese Jazz titles went out the other day too including some titles on Three Blind Mice.

Some decent buying this week:

  1. So after the huge collection of rare bits that we bought yesterday it was pretty cool to see a load more come in separately on Saturday. Some of the best records ever – coming in twice in one week!!! Ian Carr “Belladonna” and Shelagh McDonald “Stargazer” – imagine having two copies of both in a shop! Two brilliant LPs. We also had a few more Nucleus duplicates (which is good as the other ones flew out). Anne Briggs “The Time Has Come” – which flew out to a very happy customer who was struggling to work out wether he should get that or a Rodriguez LP. Other rare ones from Barry Dransfield, Aynsly Dunbar, Ian Anderson, Lesley Duncan, Judee Sill, Tir Na Nog, Martha Velez, Sandy Denny, Fairport Convention etc.
  2. I was out in Essex on Monday on a seriously hot day going through thousands of Dance records. I came back with about 400 banging UK Garage, Disco, House, Electro, Rare Groove, Rap, Soul bits bought from an ex World Dance bouncer!!! So we had a good chat about that! Some really nice UKG bits on Ice Cream, Confetti etc. “Magic” by Circle City Band – one of my favourite Disco Boogie tunes. Some killer 45s from Disco Dub Band etc. Lots of nice 90s and 80s Hip Hop from Mantronix to Gang Starr. Loads of Roy Ayers and related.
  3. Having top bits in of course means loads of nice bits are brought in for trade. So we’ve had loads of 90s Dance LPs from Leftfield, Death In Vegas, Basement Jaxx. Japanese Jazz titles – including loads of rare bits. Tonnes of reissues of super expensive Jazz, Fusion, Latin.
  4. More Heavy Metal and Punk – Saxon, Judas Priest, Metallica, Iron Maiden.
  5. Huge pile of killer Rap CDs. Loads of top 90s titles from Ice Cube, Gets Boys, Gravediggaz, Wu Tang Clan. But also a heap of French Rap CDs that are really, really rare!!! Several hundred of these so get in quick.

We’ve got loads more collections on the horizon so keep checking in. We put out close to 400 records yesterday so I’d get in quick today!!!

Check this killer Eddie Hooper tune:

Updated the Big Cartel:

Just put some Totes up. Thanks to our model Tom Ellis.

The Lowest Form are playing Margate at this


Toru and Kenny doing this with out pals

Till next week!!!