The Summer Of Love is back!

Yo from Reckless!

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It’s been a really amazing week at Reckless. Some incredible records have been going out in the racks – some of the best records we’ve ever had. Lets get going!

  1. Yesterday Sean and I went to possibly one of the best collections we have ever been to in the beautiful Malvern Hills. As soon as we got the list we just knew we had to go. This is a collection where you can tell they were buying THE coolest records of the time, at the time. So many under-the-radar releases of the time (that are now seen as classics) are here. Most of the titles are in super nice condition too with firm sleeves. There are several thousand records here and these are going to take us some time to get out there but we should have some out by the weekend. Lots of Blues – Robert Crumb comps, Yazoo, loads of Blue Horizon titles. Loads of UK original Blues bits too. This is probably the most killer Blues we’ve ever bought in one collection. Big heavy hitters from Skip Bifferty, Bill Fay, Sam Gopal, Kevin Coyne, Hawkwind, Shirley Collins, Michael Chapman, Jimi Hendrix, Caravan, Nucleus, Faust,  Arc, Yardbirds, Mike Cooper, Ash Ra Tempel, Sun Ra, Kevin Ayers, Don Cherry, Dando Shaft, Mighty Baby, Tim Buckley, Egg,  Love, Can, Downliners Sect, Graham Collier, Evan Parker, Keith Cross & Peter Ross, Daddy Longlegs, Jody Grind, Dexter Gordon, Neu, Groundhogs, High Tide, Nic Jones, King Crimson, Shelagh McDonald, Magic Sam, John Martyn…the list is endless! Lots of cool random records from Erik B & Rakim to Extreme Noise Terror to Burning Spear. I personally can’t wait to get these out!
  2. Seans been a busy man this week as he also bought a really interesting Apple/Zapple/The Beatles collection this week that looks amazing. Lots of original US sealed titles. Loads of Japanese issues. Foreign picture sleeves. Multiple copies of Life With The Lions and John Tavener LPs in perfect condition. Lots of South American issues. Sealed Live Peace In Toronto with the calendar. Badfinger demonstration disc. Multiple copies of the El Topo soundtrack. Full run of Mary Hopkin 45s. Sealed US Beatles LPs. Quadrophonic copy of Imagine. There are about 500 LPs and 600 45s here. A serious collection!
  3. After that killer Rap collection last week I just didn’t think we’d see another one for a while and then boom – Scott goes to a collection and brings back one of the best Rap collections I’ve genuinely ever seen. Full on 90s Frenzy. I put loads of pics of these up on our Instagram so you need to check that but its pretty much all in great shape, nearly all first US press, in shrink with Hype stickers. All the big ones and loads of underground ones. Biggie Smalls, Nas, Gang Starr, Guru, Wu Tang, Nine, Scarface, Gets Boys, Big L, Ice Cube, NWA, 2Pac, D’angelo, EPMD, Tribe, Main Source, Run DMC, Warren G, Showbiz and AG, Public Enemy, Black Moon….These have been flying out as Scott is trying to get them all done before he goes to the US, We haven’t had a Rap collection like this for years – before my time even. Also a few days after this someone brought in a load more Notorious BIG, Guru and Gang Starr LPs.
  4. Lots of very cool records have come in from some of our pals this week: Brazilian Ambient, Virginia Astley, rare UKG from Chris Mack, rare Soul reissues from Donna Mcghee and Sylvia Striplin, Michael Gibbs, Martin Rev, K Leimer ambient biscuit, Keith Hudson Dubwise, MF Doom….
  5. One of our regular sellers also brought in some Blues. Lots of US and UK originals from Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, BB King, Memphis Slim…I put most of these out on Monday.
  6. Big mix of stuff came in late last week with a load of really nice US Soul singles including a few biggies!

Heres 10 badboy Rap tracks I’m banging right now. Check the Mafia K1 Fry video!!!!
1) Positive K “I Got A Man”
2) Ice Cube “It Was A Good Day”
3) Gets Boys “Minds Playing Tricks On Me
4) Bone Thugs & Harmony “Down 71 The Getaway”
5) Eightball & MJG “Pimp In My Own Rhyme”
6) UDI “Rata-Tat-Boom”
7) Spice 1 “I’m The F**kin Murderer”
8) Mafia K1 Fry “Pour Ceux”
9) Shawty Pimp “You Can’t Play No Playa”
10) Gravediggaz “1-800 Suicide”
See ya next week….