Some Fresh Island Funk and plenty more

Aloha from Reckless!

This Blog was written looking out to sea on the Kent coast whilst listening to:

Very busy week this week; and lots of working late. Hopefully as a result we will have something for everyone! Lets get started:

  1. I spent yesterday in Surrey going through a massive collection of really interesting records. I had been in conversation with the family for sometime and wasn’t sure if the collection was going to go ahead or not, but they just wanted some time to catalogue it and get some idea of the value; so I was a little surprised when about 8 months later I get the call! I had only been sent a partial list but from what was there I knew it would be worth going to. The collection is absolutely blinding, there are so many interesting records there. Not every record is worth a lot (in fact about a third of them went to charity) but they are art the very least very interesting titles! It is a collection of Island Funk, Reggae, Soca, Soul, Pop, Funk, Lovers Rock, Rare Groove, Jazz, Disco, Latin etc. Lots of Soca especially! Titles from Lord Kitchener, Shadow, Mighty Sparrow, The Rebles etc. Lots of Straker’s Records. Loads of killer Reggae, from Lovers to Roots to Dub: Scientist, Dillinger, Mabrak, Keith Hudson, Johnny Clarke, Big Youth, Al Campbell, The Techniques, Dennis Brown, Aswad, Noel Ellis, Linval Thompson. Lots of original issue JA and US Reggae titles as well as UK originals. Its really nice to see a few Keith Hudson UK originals in there for example. Its nice to see loads of actually proper cool records in there too like Steel n Skin, Eddie Hooper, John Gibbs & The US Steel Orchestra, Cymande as well as a load of pricey Island Funk bits – there are tonnes of LPs and 45s on Wirl for example. There are also loads of killer Afrobeat LPs from Afro Rock, Felt Kuti etc. Loads I’d never seen before. A really amazing collection as far as I’m concerned and certainly not the sort of collection you come across very often. I should also mention that most of these titles are in amazing condition!!!
  2. On Wednesday I also went to a collection, this time in Plumstead not too far from me. It was a super cool house and the room I worked in had a great big cabinet full of Aliens, Chucky and assorted other horror figurines as well as a signed picture of the Pinhead from Hellraiser! The collection was fairly small but really good: Brian Eno (loads of Eno titles), Jon Hassell, Yes, King Crimson, Devo, Yellow Magic Orchestra, New Order, Captain Beefheart, Joy Division, Throbbing Gristle, Pere Ubu, David Sylvian, Kraftwerk, Coil, Xmal Deutschland, Penguin Cafe Orchestra etc. There were a fair few Minimal Synth 45s, one Freakbeat 45 and about 200 Metal and Power Electronics CDs.
  3. Small but cool selection of more dance titles came in: several Lucky Spin Records titles including some DJ Crystl bits, bit of Ellis Dee and some Biggie Smalls!
  4. Really, really cool Classic Rock titles – that were all slightly warped. We have a de-warper and it is working slowly but surely. Some really amazing records from Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, Robert Johnson, Joni Mitchell, Jimi Hendrix, The Velvet Underground, Led Zeppelin etc. Not all huge bits but mostly UK or US originals.
  5. UK GGGG – nice big batch of UK Garage bits came in – good timing as I’m just reading the start of the new DJ Target book. Generally pretty clean – especially for Garage. Quite a few titles not for sale on Discogs. Confetti titles galore! I’ve seen loads of these sell very quickly.
  6. Some modern day rarities from Pink Floyd – the double pack of their very first recordings: and two really nice Iron Maiden promo cds with banging covers.
  7. Some general trickles of nice bits including Lou Bond, Frank Zappa, Elvis Costello (some nice MFSL bits). Loads more too – stash clearance baby!
  8. Some last minute buying yesterday from an incredibly successful professor who comes into the shop: rare Dancehall, Blackest Ever Black bits, Earth Sound 10″s, rare Psych, Edits…all very powerful music – much like the seller!

It was very nice to make a load of payments this week were everyone seemed happy – at one point someone even said “can you say that again”!!! Plenty of amazing stuff has been going out this week including the first batch of NZ/OZ 45s!!

Heres one of the collections we got this week:

Keep checking with us, we got loads more to go out!