Sun Ra Summer Sizzzzla!

Yo from Reckless!!!

Mega busy week – one of the busiest for ages. Absolutely killer stuff going out, and loads of top notch stuff coming in! Some serious buying this week – plus we are half way through a seriously amazing collection that I can’t tell you about yet!

This Blog was written to this on the way to Bristol for the Carnival!

Lets get started on the buying!! ::

  1. Super clean copy of the second C.O.B. LP! This LPs is Clive Palmer from the Incredible String Band (with a bit of help from his pals) making insane Acid Folk. Its really rare, and actually really good, This looks and sounds os much nicer than that horrid Radioactive boot. It essentially sounds like how Sergeant Howie must have felt when he realised he was due to make his appointment with The Wicker Man.
  2. Some fantastic records came in from the same seller over several days. First the singles, then the LPs and 12″s and wow! There were some very amazing records in the pile! The singles were made up of Post Punk, Indie, Punk bits: with Good Vibrations Records titles, Belfast Rocks 7″, several 45s from The Chills (including the perfect “Pink Frost”), Protex and loads more obscure 45s. The LPs were fairly similar: but included a very rare white label Smiths 12″, an original handmade sleeve El Saturn records Sun Ra LP (its madness!), several very rare Flying Nun LPs, some rare DIY Industrial titles including a wooden sleeve Z’ev LP and many more rarities. Pretty sick having these in the shop.
  3. Full restock of La Vida Es Un Mus titles straight from the source: Los Crudos, Hank Wood & The Hammerheads, S.H.I.T. , Good Throb, Rixe, L.O.T.I.O.N. , Limp Wrist etc. Some seriously killer outsider Punk and Hardcore. We also managed to get some Me Saco Un Ojo titles – crushing underground Death and Black Metal!!! From bands like Undergang and Anatomia. In both cases we took some of their distributed stock – so things on Munster, Dark Descent etc. Some freaky music!!! Also on the new tip we got the new Wire reissues in and they’re flying.
  4. Do you miss the days of staying up really late to watch Noisy Mothers? Did you go on surfing holidays in Newquay in the early 90s? If like me you did you will be happy to see a load of 90s Grunge and Metal coming in: Rancid, Korn, Nirvana, Live, Rage Against The Machine, Sepultura, Radiohead, The Stone Roses etc.
  5. Little bit of Prog snuck its way in: Caravan, Uriah Heep, Soft Machine – and I’d be lying if I didn’t say it felt damn good!
  6. Many Indie and Metal LPs came in from a friend of Alans: all in great shape: Nebula, The Darkness, Muse….a huge stack of LPs!!!
  7. Two huge boxes came in – one of which went back – but there were some top Chicago House, New York House, Jungle, Lovers Rock, Dub, Roots Reggae, Dancehall. Stuff on Dance Mania, Keith Hudson LP, Barrington Levy,  loads of Nu Groove, M-Beat….condition was questionable but at least you can say they’ve lived.
  8. Lots of high end Jazz reissues and Box Sets: very nice! Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, EST, Alice Coltrane, Michael Garrick, Sonny Rollins, Dexter Gordon. Mostly in top shape!!!
  9. Toru sold in loads more stuff this week: Aphex Twin, Charles Mingus, JJ Johnson, Surgeon, Oliver Ho, Steve Bicknell… know they’re gonna be good mans got sick records!
  10. Big bundle of bits from a regular: Circle, Germs, Kraftwerk, Islam Chipsy, Sparks, Art Ensemble Of Chicago. Methinks one is a reader of The Wire.
  11. Loads of killer Hip Hop reissue LPs – as well as a little bit of soul and Funk: from MF Doom to David Axelrod to Adonis.
  12. Pal of mine sold in a small but killer pile: Nick Drake “Fruit Tree” original box, Nucleus LP, Utopia LP and another obscure Japanese avant grade LP that I cant remember the name of right now!!
  13. Another friend sold in some great Reggae, Dancehall, Roots bits from One-A-Way, Jah Shaka, Anthony Red Rose, Scientist etc as well as some great Soul 45s, a killer Hector Zazou and a 45 by The Prats.
  14. Big ole pile of Indie and Post Rock came in – all from a semi Spacemen 3-esque zone: Mogwai, Blur, Loren Connors, EAR, tonnes of Psychedelic guitar thunderings. Lots of borderline Electronica. Limited CDrs to large vinyl box sets.

This weeks Top Ten is by Design-A-Wave! Simply one of the best and a very lovely human being.

The Residents – lost someone

Cock Robin – When Your Heart Is Weak

Linda Di Franco – TV Scene (Extended 12 Version)

Antena – Camino Del Sol

Dave Pike – Besame Mucho

Kaoma – Lambada

Innocence – Natural Thing – Collision Mix

DJ Krush – Meiso (feat. The Roots) REMIX by DJ Shadow


Pavarotti – Nessun Dorma Italia 90

If for some mad reason you don’t know Design A Wave you really should:
Thats enough for today! Todays gonna be huge at work – The Cure, Pride etc. Hope you all have a killer time! The Brainiac Five are playing the Gunners tonight if you fancy it!!!
From Reckless