Blue Note, The Beatles and the Blues

Hello From Reckless!!!

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Very busy, very hot week at casa Reckless. We’ve been working very hard to get all of our stock out; several nights I worked till nearly midnight! Loads more of the big singles collection have gone out: including more full runs of several bands. This week some nice bits went out by Steve Treatment, Throbbing Gristile, Travis, Adele etc. Some super pricey bits! Scott also put out a load of the collection he bought last week – including loads of killer Electro and early Rap; including a few rare titles (several pictures of these have gone up on our Instagram). I personally put out loads of classic albums this week – but loads!!! From people like The Verve, Jerry Sadowitz, Napalm Death, Felt, Sleeper, Simple Minds, Red House Painters, REM, The Stone Roses, Fairport Convention, Richard Hawley, The Residents, Virgin Prunes, The Sisters Of Mercy, Bob Dylan etc. Also Kenny got most of the Black Metal CDs out – they ain’t gonna last long baby!

So much stuff in this week lets go!!!!!

  1. Loads and loads of Blue Notes; mostly reissues, mostly Japanese – but all in great shape; and some really amazing titles. I tried to get most of the titles up on instagram but there are records from John Coltrane, Kenny Dorham, Tommy Flanagan, Lou Donaldson, Sonny Clark, Jackie McLean, Dizzy Reece, Blue Mitchell, Art Blakey etc. These are well nice! Selling fast too!
  2. Lots of clean classic ROCK from one happy seller: all pretty clean, mostly US, Canadian or South African copies of LPs from artists like Jimi Hendrix, Elton John, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Lou Reed. Loads more; I got about half of these out. The rest will go out midweek.
  3. A few Hardcore Jungle 12″s came in – Wax Doctor, DJ Pulse, Mental Cube. Ideal for playing whilst out of ones tree m’lud!
  4. A rather odd collection – comprising of lots of 78s (of which we only took a few), Folk 45s and a mixture of LPs. The 78s were Traditional Hot Jazz and Blues (Duke Ellington, Leadbelly), Alan Lomax 45s as well as a few Blues EPs, and LPs from Odyssey (the MoWest classic!), Richard & Linda Thompson, Muddy Waters, Big Bill Broonzy etc.
  5. UK Dancehall dancer DJ Skimask dropped in a nice batch of LPs from Helen, Jeff Floyd, Gasper Lawal, Weekend, Chrissy Zebby Tembo, Hiroshi Sato, Mikey Dread, Yellow Magic Orchestra and several other nice bits.
  6. Three fat LPs came in on my day off: Faust, Ice & Henri Chopin. The Ice LP is really obscure – UK Prog – I’ve never seen it before. Henri Chopin and Faust are obviously wicked records.
  7. More Blues Rock – about 200 LPs – some Classic Rock and Pop too – people like Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Leonard Cohen, The Who, Cream, Savoy Brown, Aynsley Dunbar, Manu Dubango etc. Lots of cheapies in this collection but also a lot of decent stuff. Put about 80 of these titles in the cheaps.
  8. What is this Classic Rock week? More Classic Rock – from a long running collection – finally came in! Nice bits from Pink Floyd, Cream, Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, Keith Christmas (the LP that has The Forest & The Shore – a seriously amazing track) and Brian Eno.
  9. Our pal Ilan brought in more bangers: from Italo Disco, to Drone, to Horse Meat Disco comps to Heresy/Infest/Discharge. With some Watchtower thrown in.


No Top Ten this week as its too hot; but I was just listening to this and it sounded nice so I’ll just leave it here.


Have a nice week,