This is armageddon!!!

Yo from Reckless!!!

This Blog was written to the sounds of:

Sounds like it was a pretty busy week last week with lots of changes at Reckless. Luckily I was in the Lake District and Milan!

We’ve had new shelving put out to accommodate the huge 45 collection we bought, as well as a new wall of bargain CDs. We’ve also had some really tasty new Reckless bags made!

Our friend Clemence designed them and we think she did a great job. We still have some nice T Shirts and Tote bags for sale if you need them, and will have more designs coming soon as well as hopefully some stickers!

Lots of nice records went out this week – including some really rare 45s. Yesterday Al put out a full run of Kings of Leon and The Killers 45s – including some of their indie releases that go for silly money. Also Keane and Ladytron – take a guess what letters were going through right now. Also a lot more Japanese Pop went out from Torus trip to Japan! The usual UK Techno, Classic Rock, Avant Garde, Roots Reggae, Horror Soundtracks, Indie Rock, Jazz, Blues etc went out too. The racks are looking really good!!! Tonnes of great CDs too!

Loads of buying this week!!! Lets get started:

  1. Yesterday a really old pal of mine brought in most of his Black Metal CDs. Stu buys all across the board and likes music from Mobb Deep to Prince Buster to Sentanced but just decided he didn’t ever really play his Black Metal CDs anymore. He seriously collects really rare cds – so these are nearly all first press – and all in pretty perfect condition. It took me all morning going through them checking the matrix and all of the minor details to make sure they were the correct pressings. As you may know a lot of CDs now go for decent money – but they have to be very specialist – and with artists like Dissection, Mutilation, Watain, Vlad Tepes, Marduk, Mayhem, Beherit, Darkthrone, Blut Aus Nord, Septic Flesh, Masters Hammer, Ildjarn, Enslaved, Satyricon etc you know they are!! From the obscure to the well known – they’re nearly all here, you can tell his collecting is a real labour of love. They’re are some really, really amazing CDs here – hopefully they won’t take too long to go out but I think some are going out today. Doubt they will last long as we haven’t had a collection like this for ages.
  2. Sean bought in some Sun Ra records – I’m not sure what they are as they are somewhere in a huge pile of processing but he said they were really nice and unusual! So keep an eye out!
  3. Scott bought in loads of Jazz Funk – lots of titles. I haven’t actually seen them yet as I was off but keep checking the Instagram and I’ll try and get pictures of it up this week.
  4. Sean also bought in loads of Classic Rock reissues – mostly Music On Vinyl titles so v very nice bits.

I stayed at work till 11 last night trying to make a dent in the Rock LPs – I put out loads of good stuff including a load of Record Store Day 12″s, some expensive Classical Box Sets, Classic Rock, Indie Rock like The Fall, New Order etc as well as a bit of Death Metal and Thrash. I’m just off to a collection now too..

This week we have two Top Tens!

Feral VibrationsSam and Jenna are good friends of ours and now live in Canterbury (Sams hometown) where they have started doing Radio and doing nights in a city where it is super hard to put something decent on. We DJ’d at the last event and it was really fun – and quite gnarly too!

They played a mixture of music from Tropicalia to Bongo-led jams to Italo Disco to some “incredibly Funky Boogie” *Luke Younger voice*.

Here we go!


A mix of what I’m currently listening to and long standing favourites in no real order, some of which
you definitely won’t hear when we play out.
1. BWH – Stop/Livin’ Up –  wirling piano driven stomper to make you fall in love with the world

2. Gaznevada – Special Agent Man –  Killer record, especially
the female version.

3. Jerry’s Kids – Is This My World? – blew my mind apart the first
time I heard this. Drums sound like someone put a cat in a metal bin, good stuff.

4. Sandy Denny – The North Star Grassmen and The Ravens -struggle to think of a more beautiful opener to an album or voice.

5. Jackie Moore – This Time Baby – A current
disco obsession, out to Jim at Canterbury Rock for providing!

6. Barrington Levy – Shaolin Temple –  shout out to my mum.

7. Valerie Dore – Get Closer – introspective banger with super
strange vocals in places.

8. Hawkwind – Space Ritual –  the greatest live record of all
time, from the cosmic warlords.

9. Hugh Masekela – Don’t Go Lose It Baby (Hot African Mix)  a
certified floor filler, I will always play this.

10. Bolt Thrower – War Master – Karl from
Bolt Thrower follows me on Twitter and we talked about Microsoft Excel for a bit, went for a pint with someone I know too. Nice bloke.


Loyce e Os Gnomos – Era uma nota de 50 cruzeiros

The Girls- Rocket for Girls

Los Hijos del Sol- Cariñito

Tony Galla – In Love

La Freda Acida – Danza Negra

Dani- La Machine

Teddy and his Patches – Suzy Creamcheese

Lagnonia- Bahí

The Chob – We’re Pretty Quick

Vis-a-Vis – Obi Agye Me Dofo

Thanks guys!

Make sure you check out their next night which is coming up soon. This time they have the main man Dan Burrows (one of the nicest geezers in Canterbury and a wicked DJ!!!!).

See ya soon!