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Hello from Reckless!!

This blog was written to a bit of this:

Intense week as ever at Reckless; the shops been busy as ever and we’ve had some seriously rare titles coming in. We’ve also spruced up the shop a little; new floors and a lick of paint to the front of the shop – as well as some nice flowers above it ! We’re currently trying to make the shop look a little nicer – and to make browsing in the shop a little bit easier. 

Lots of very rare titles went out this week. Some of the biggest were a run of Orange Juice 45s – including “Falling and Laughing”, a rare Josek K title, the very first Joy Division 45 (super clean copy – incredibly rare!), signed James Brown LP, Spirogyras’ first LP (a mad progressive Folk LP – again very rare!), LOADS of Coil 12”s, about 10 LPs from The Fall including one very rare 45, DJ Bizz 12” (obscure and killer Lucky Spin-esque number – very deep and hard!) as well as loads more KILLER Hardcore and Jungle from a collection I bought in Kent years ago (all very clean – Tango & Ratty, Hardcore Rhythm Team, Addiction, DJ Fokus, several Tom & Jerry titles, Slipmatt, Jim Polo, Liquid, Cool Hand Flex, Doc Scott etc).

Some of the big collection we bought in last week has gone out but I think a lot more will go out this week as our 45 man is in for several days. 

This weeks buying was really special; here are some of the highlights:

  1. Three super, killer 45s were sold in this week; two by The Misfits (an original copy of Bullet with the insert and 3 Hits From Hell) and one Blue Sleeve copy of Filler by Minor Threat. These are some of the best Hardcore Punk 45s ever made in my opinion – not obscure by any means but its become almost impossible to find copies of these records – especially in the UK. All three records are in decent shape and are very expensive but Im sure thats no surprise – in fact we’ve already sold one and one is reserved after just putting them up on Instagram so you know how hot these are! 
  2. Another week another big Indie Rock collection! Several hundred really great 80s to 90s indie LPs came in this week. They generally look like they are in really great condition too. Mostly very big and obvious titles but thats certainly no bad thing!!! The Cure, The Sisters Of Mercy, New Order, Felt, The Stone Roses, Sonic Youth, The Mission, Stereolab, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Chapterhouse, PJ Harvey, Queens Of The Stone Age, Nirvana, The Pixies, Red House Painters etc. Doubt these will last long!
  3. Another decent Reggae haul came in – including a few rare LPs from Ras-I and Augustus Pablo as well as lots more standard but decent LPs from Tappa Zukie, Gregory Isaacs, Jah Shaka, The Skatalites, Barry Brown etc.
  4. Tonnes more Japanese records came in from Toru – including lots of Japanese New Wave/Synth, Pop music, Japanese pressings of big artists like Michael Jackson, Tangerine Dream, The Beatles, Grease OST as well as some Japanese pressings of Jazz artists like Albert Tyler and Ornette Coleman.
  5. More on the Jazz tip Duncan bought in a small collection early 60s UK Jazz LPs – Zoot Sims, Graham Bond etc. Toru also bought in some top Jazz titles from a very nice regular seller – from South African titles to obscure deep French Jazz. Mixture of originals and reissues as always. Very nice.
  6. Sean bought in a TOP NOTCH pile of titles randomly last week. I’ve already mentioned the Spirogyra LP above but also included was Stargazer by Shealagh McDonald (which has also sold), UK original copy of the amazing Bedazzled OST, several Beatles and Mary Hopkins LPs and a nice LP by The Who.
  7. I bought in a load of really nice vinyl box sets by artists like Black Sabbath, REM, The Pixies, Bob Dylan, as well as some records by Talk Talk, Led Zeppelin and Glen Campbell!!!!

Plenty to keep you going there, and we’ve got more records coming in this week so keep checking the Instagram and coming in everyday!

The Lowest Form are playing Milan this weekend with Mother, Khan & Neek, S.H.I.T, Kobra & DJ Scud its madness!!!