This week we bought nearly 50,000 Records and CDs!

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Incredible week for us here at Reckless; the mood has risen after the flooding last week (which was very quickly sorted out!). The shop is being done up and the shop front repainted – as well as new 45 racks and cd displays being put in. Some seriously amazing buying this week – this week is potentially the largest amount of records we will have ever bought in one week (possibly surpassing the BBC collection we bought years ago!). It’s been very busy in the shop – with lots of titles selling as soon as they are being put out. Scott put out 500 records on Monday – lots of really great stuff for the Dance side – Soul, Chicago House, 90s Techno, Minimal, Jungle etc. We’ve been accumulating tonnes of bargain titles recently and the Bargain racks are being topped up everyday. I must have put out 200 new Bargain titles alone this week!

Yesterday we bought an absolutely HUGE collection; and when I say huge I mean HUGE!!!

20,000 7″ singles

5,000 12″ singles

7,500 CD singles

3,000 CDs

500 LPs

The collection was a real labour of love spanning Indie, Punk and Pop  with a smidgen of Dance, Hip Hop and R&B. From Abba to Gang Of Four to The Zombies! Several of us made the trip to Cambridgeshire yesterday to do the move and it took several trips as I’m sure you can imagine! It’s a seriously amazing collection – with all of the Singles you can tell they had a real ear for a tune. Most of the records were bought, recorded onto tape and filed away. So anything that was bought new is in super nice condition. Some of the  bits they bought second hand are apparently a little bit tatty – and one row of 12″s singles were badly warped (these and quite a few of the CD singles will be given to charity). In general though the collection is really great; and there are some rare items in there from Orange Juice to The Television Personalities to the Sex Pistols!

One of my colleagues who went to the collection yesterday said that there were full runs of 45s by most Britpop artists, from bands like Stereolab, The Ruts, Cabaret Voltaire, Psych repros from Count Five, The Sonics, Wimple Winch; 70s Rock, Rap 45s, Kraftwerk picture sleeves, Grunge, US Hardcore, Velvet Underground, early Electronic music, Kate Bush, Warp Records, US Indie like Dinosaur Jr, The Shins and Modest Mouse. The CD’s are apparently pretty decent too, in a photo I was sent I could make out a Coil one and a Coal Chamber one – two heavyweights of the highest order!!!

As I’m sure you can imagine with a collection like this its going to take loads of time to even get started on it. So please bear with us, but it does mean that we are going to have loads of really good singles going out (and loads of cheapies too!). I’m going to go a lot more into this collection after I’ve actually seen some of it, but needless to say were really happy with the collection (although I imagine the Al, Scott and Kenny are all pretty knackered after all the lifting!!!).

Scott went to another collection earlier in the week – this time it was 600 or so Hip Hop and RNB LPs and CDs. Lots of big records – and lots of cheapies. Some super cool titles from Tribe, De La Soul, Wu Tang Clan, NWA, Snoop Dogg, Common, Ugly Duckling, Dr Dre, Cypress Hill, Pete Rock, Mary J Blige, Jill Scott, Nelly Furtado etc. Also a couple of copies of the Mr Hanky South Park LP lol. All the big singles from people like Beyonce, Nelly, Fatman Scoop etc are all in here too if you have a party coming up.

Tom went to a collection on Tuesday which was pretty great. It was around 2,000 CDs (apparently the CDs are really good – I saw one photo and it looked like lots of Soul Jazz-type titles!) and 500 LPs. About half of the LPs went straight in the cheap but the ones we were left with were really decent. Lots. of US gospel – but the more funky titles – nearly all on Jewel. Loads of James Brown titles including a signed LP and a 78. Four Ike and Tina Turner acetates. A Freakbeaty Stones-y acetate. Lots of good Jazz and Soul – and generally really clean. Most of the titles are still in shrink!!!

Lots of good stuff being bought in over the counter too this week. We bought a really compact but perfect Folk collection. It was about 25 LPs but they were all great, great titles. The collection had about 5 signed LPs – and luckily they were the best titles! The signed titles were Shirley Collins & Davy Graham”Folk Roots, New Routes”, Gordon Giltrap, Martin Carthy, Dave Swarbrick and one more I cant remember. There were some pretty rare Topic titles there too!!

Also over the counter we have bought in titles from Queen, Dick Dale, Ivor Cutler, John Martyn, Small Faces, Simply Red, Fleetwood Mac, Gil Scott Heron, The Skatalites, Michael Jackson, Thin Lizzy, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Prince…loads more! We also bought another pile of Freestyle/Electro/Disco 12″s.

Loads more collections coming up this week – Scott and me are off to a large (12,000 maybe?) one in Brighton on Saturday which could hopefully be a good one!!!

This weeks TOP TEN is from Archer from popular Synth Punk Rockers Beta-Blockers and Temple Of Coke!

Kool Keith – Sex Style, 1997 – all my lyrics based around this album, and lifestyle in general

Skitsystem – Stigmata, 2006 – Hardest album of all time

Ultra – Big Time, 1996 – best diss album of all time, Keith and Tim complimenting each others styles is perfection

Spooky Black – Black Silk, 2014 – great album to listen to having emotional sexual intercourse

Mel gimpsuit/Hangover Heartattack Split CDR, 2007 – food obsessed grindcore, footy lad leige’s

J Hus – The 15th Day, 2016 – He ripped off my stage presence but seriously bad boy daggering mixtape

Devilman – R.E D.Evelopment mixtape, 2007 – Sent me a signed blank cd 6 months after ordering off myspace, album cover was a still from the playstation 2 game “Hitman”. Absolutely bad boy

Oasis – Be Here Now, 2010 – great stuff

Dismember – Like an Ever flowing Stream, 1991 – pure evil banter

The Killers – Direct Hits, 2013 – 15 anthems in one handy record

If you do not know the Beta-Blockers check them out:


on popular UK music label Static Shock


Till next week!