Wet Week

Hiya from Reckless!

This Blogpost was written to the sounds of:

It’s been a heavy week at Reckless this week. As some of you may have seen we had to shut the shop midweek (don’t worry – just for the rest of the day we are open again now). The masses of rain caused a big leak in the shop – we managed to get everything covered up so there was minimal damage to the stock but it was a pretty stressful day! Theres nothing like rain streaming through the lights above you to make the day kind of a bummer.

Anyway on more of a positive note we bought some wicked records this week.

Some super big hitters on the Rock side: UK original Seeds LP, original Jimi Hendrix titles and US demo issue Velvet Underground came in. These are serious pieces (I think the Seeds has actually already sold) and won’t last long. We also had in a few rare LPs from the Melvins (which certainly don’t come in everyday!).

Lots of Reggae and Soul in this week. From several different collections! One collection had about 100 records; the condition was a bit all over the place but there were decent LPs from King Tubby, Burning Spear, Johnny Clarke, Dillinger, Dennis Brown, Tapper Zukie, Derrick Harriot, Pablo Moses, Bob Marley, Fred Locks, Errol Dunkley, Lee Perry, Ken Boothe etc. Several rare Dub LPs too. The Soul side had some classics from War, Marvin Gaye, The Jones Girls etc. There was another collection of 45s with some good Ska and Northern singles (including a few rare Motown titles): Laurel Aitken, Martha Reeves, Prince Buster, Lloyd Charmers etc.

More Electro and Freestyle came in; lots of not expensive but interesting titles!! All very clean; from a New York DJ! I’ll put some pics up on our instagram tomorrow.

Two TOP Hardcore Jungle 12″s came in from DJ Fokus and DJ Crystl. The Crystl went right away – the Fokus won’t be there long.

Bought a really decent pile of Reggae and Island Funk records off of a friend of ours too but with the flood I haven’t had a proper chance to go through it yet.

Next week we have some serious work cut out for us as we are going to purchase an absolutely HUGE collection – thousands and thousands of records, CDs and Tapes. THOUSANDS I TELL YOU!!!!

Till next week