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Hope you are all doing good! I’m just on my way back from a quality weekend in my hometown of Margate. We had a top night out on Saturday – the Suk Deck had the geezer Braga Circuit mashing the place up with quality House music for hours. We just sat in the sun sinking beers – the Sun Deck is a killer addition to Margate! Then we went to Adrian Sherwood and David Rodigan at Dreamland and it was a top night out!!! So great for some decent stuff to be going on down here considering how crap it was in the late 90s. Mr Rodigan said that he actually first heard Ska and Reggae in Margate as a child on holiday. He said there was a Jamaican bar there!

Speaking of Jamaica we had another decent batch of Reggae 45s in this week – and it looks like it could be the start of a big collection! Lots of Jamaican originals. Some rare – and certainly several fairly obscure titles. Studio One, Music Works, Joe Gibbs, Jam Rock, Coxsone, Message, Studio One, Vivian Jackson: Cornell Campbell, Augustus Pablo, Big Youth, Soul Vendors, Wayne Wade, Dillinger, Jah Boom, Cultural Roots, Mighty Diamonds, Johnny Clarke, Hard Rock.

One of my pals was going on holiday so brought in a seriously nice pile of records. He’s a killer DJ and had always had a Top Selection. So were super happy to get these in the shop. Its a real mixture of stuff, from Fourth World Ambient to Synth Punk to Pastoral Guitar workouts to Chanson to Free Jazz to Avant Garde to Field Recordings to Late Eighties Avant Boogie House!!! Loads of these titles just don’t turn up in shops normally – so if this sounds like your bag don’t hesitate: Moondog, Suicide, Popol Vuh, Jon Hassell, Sun Ra, Claude Antonini, Christian Vander, Michael Gregory Jackson, This Heat, Vidi Vidi Vici, John Adams, Pep Llopis, Richard Pinhas, Family Fodder, Kraftwerk, Vito Ricci….

Another old friend of mine brought in some really nice records. He’s been buying records for years but rarely sells stuff – unless he’s spent too much cash on beer the month before! Some great records from Peter Lang, Fairport Convention, The Misfits, Chris Clark, Gescom, John Fahey, Venom, Ghost, Caravan, Bonnie Prince Billy etc.

Someone popped in with a pretty much full album discography of Queen – just in time for the film! Condition is up and down but they are all priced accordingly.

On the total opposite side of condition was a pile of pretty much perfect Classic Rock LPs. Everything looks like it would have on the day of release. They’re so clean! Some decent titles from Camel, Barclay James Harvest, Pink Floyd, Oasis, Ten Years After…

Three decent LPs from The Beatles – all original issue – and in much better condition than most!

Scott sold a load of really nice Soul and Disco in and priced them up this week. Loads of US original Deep Soul LPs. Some super nice, top end records – mostly super clean. Some pretty rare Boogie 12″s in here too.

Scott also put out a load of really decent House and Techno – LPs and 12″s. Loads of Relief Records, Dave Clarke, AUX 88, Drexciya, Gemini, Aphex Twin…

Blimey! Plenty more on the cards next week too.
Don’t forget anyone in Canterbury – come to this next week!
Soho Music Month starts next week – lots of super cool stuff going on (I just looked an Jumping Jack Frost is playing!) – check the website for info:
As ever keep checking out Instagram to see what new bits we’re getting out!
Seeing as I’ve just been on an Island here are my Top Twenty Island Records!
John Martyn “Solid Air”
PJ Harvey “To Bring You My Love”
The Skatalites “Guns Of Navarone”
Tom Tom Club “Genius Of Love”
Nick Drake “Five Leaves Left”
Fairport Convention “Unhalfbricking”
King Crimson “In The Court Of The Crimson King”
Nirvana “All Of Us”
Gravediggaz “Niggamortis”
White Noise “An Electric Storm”
Richard And Linda Thompson “I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight”
King Crimson “Red”
Wally Badarou “Echoes”
Positive K “I Gotta Man”
Fotheringay “S/T”
Augustus Pablo “King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown”
Aswad “Warrior Charge”
Ryuichi Sakamoto “Riot In Lagos”
The Upsetters “Super Ape”
Guy Cuevas “Obsession”
Till next week!!!!