EZ Now!

This post was written at Tarn Hows in the Lake District whilst listening to:

Record Store Day was a seriously busy day for us. It was cool to see a long queue to get in to work was there before I was! We sold out of all of the stuff we ordered – and it flew out! There were a few scrambles for the Abba 45 – but other than that it all went swimmingly! I have to say I actually really regret not picking up the Pink Floyd “Piper At The Gates Of Dawn” now after reading about how good it was meant to sound. Thanks to Pizza Pilgrims and Tommi’s for the food to keep us going throughout the day – we really needed it!!

On Record Store Day we actually bout in a few decent things – the best was a huge pile of David Bowie LPs – including a first press of Hunky Dory – with the laminate sleeve!! This is going to sit very well alongside our copy of The Man Who Sold The World dress sleeve we have in right now!!!

Lots more in this week…including:

  1. Large box of excellent Punk / Post Punk / Rockabilly singles – as well as some Reggae and Funk. The Punk ones included a really rare King Kurt 45 with a handmade sleeve, Wire “Mannequin”, X Ray Spex, The Lurkers, The Wasps, The Valves, The Adverts… on the Reggae side we had a huge one from Willie Lindo; I Roy, Niney, Eddy Grant (on a Funk tip), Roots, Barrington Levy etc.

2.   Classic Rave – some really killer titles. Basement Records, Lucky Spin Records, rare Aphex Twin, Source Direct, Photek, Fugitive, early Trouble On Vinyl. Most importantly for me was a copy of one of my favourite Jungle / Drum n Bass 12″s of all time “Intalect”. This is simply amazing, it pretty much flew out – but it went to a good home! I think it one of the most perfect Deep Hardcore 12″s of all time – and it just sends me sideways every time I hear it. Even listening to it up here in the Lakes.

3.   Duncan bought a really good Traditional Jazz collection – but all the cool titles. Mostly UK originals – artists like Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, John Coltrane. I put a picture up on our Instagram of about half of them.

4.  Lots of Modern Soundtracks also came in this week. The usual high quality Double or Triple LPs, Colour Vinyl – very over the top. Interstellar, Moon, A Scanner Darkly, Fight Club, Susperia. Also with the same collection were some new-ish Indie and Pop titles from people like Daughter, Angel Olson, The National etc. I recently checked a load of these bods out and was actually surprised how much I enjoyed listening to them. From another collection were a few more pricey new-ish Indie bits from The Czars and The Middle East.

5.  Finally (well there was loads more buying but this is the Cream); some really clean 60s Beatles titles and some proper Blues: Otis Rush and John Lee Hooker. Nice, nice. Very nice.

Waiting on a load of Top Tens so heres just a few tunes  I have been wigging out too:

  1. Hampshire & Foat “Call Of The Forest”
  2. Antonio Sanches “Buli Povo”
  3. Malebu Satari “Smile”
  4. Soggy “Waiting For The War”
  5. The Assailant “One Spliff A Day”
  6. Dee Sharp “Rising To The Top”
  7. Roger Webb “Moon Bird”
  8. Graham Lambkin “Attersaye”
  9. Seba & Lotek “So Long”
  10. Reich Orgasm “Juan 40”


Till later in the week!