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Little late this entry as we were in Belgium playing some gigs – which was very entertaining!

You can watch a video of us playing on the Ancienne Belgique website (as well as the Facebook page for the event).

A lot happened when I was away. Firstly the Reductions were done. There were plenty of interesting pull outs. We now have a bumper Black Metal, Hardcore Punk and Noise reduced section.

There was loads of buying this week – from Rare UK Garage to Reggae to Punk Rock.

But I’m going to focus on yesterday as we went to two collections yesterday.

  1. Al went to a small but cool collection in the East End. He pulled out some very standard but decent LPs as well as a few Top 45s. Including some rare Freakbeat and Rocksteady from The Score, Alton Ellis, Pink Floyd, Monty Morris and Owen Grey. Two untouchable genres from the golden era.

2. Tom and I went to a huge collection in Berkshire. Tom had been in contact with the seller for a little while and we popped over there first thing yesterday – and WOW! We knew it was a big collection – but we weren’t quite expecting this.

It was a comprehensive collection – covering Synth Pop, New Wave, Goth, Post Punk, C86, Indie Pop, EBM, Industrial, Soundtracks, Punk, Minimal Synth, Techno, Experimental etc. All loving stored in homemade cabinets and sealed in a plastic sleeve. The condition is near perfect throughout too.

The Vinyl

Lots and lots of ultra High End reissues of classic Synth records; Kraftwerk (including all of the Box Sets), hundreds of Depeche Mode and Erasure titles (including a lot of originals), loads of Front 242, Nine Inch Nails, all the Radioheads, Smashing Pumpkins, Front Line Assembly, Moby, B12, all the Boards Of Canadas, Autechre, The The, Manic Street Preachers, Solid Space, very expensive and large Superpitcher box, Helena Hauff (and other new bits from people like Floating Points, Forest Swords etc). Lots of very good 45s, including several Synth obscurities. Plenty of Shoegaze/Indie bits – many C86 artists.

The CD’s

Walls and walls of CDs; over 5000 cds in total. Plus loads of ultra High End CD Box Sets. Every Synth Pop CD, including many rare Depeche Mode SACDs and Box Sets, every Erasure, lots of different pressing of big albums, Coil titles, a wall of Soundtracks, loads of killer Techno mixes – including some rarer Techno/Trance ones, lots of Brian Eno/Harold Budd, Japan, lots of Rare Minimal Synth, The Chameleons, My Bloody Valentine, Simple Minds, David Bowie, Cluster, Harmonia, Neu! etc Basically every nice version of every killer 80s album – and several different mastered issues too.

There were also a few rare Minidiscs, some really cool tapes (including loads of back-in-the-day Camden “live” tapes). Also a lot of the titles are signed by the artists – the lovely chap we bought the collection from is a real true Music Fan.

This is such a brilliant and huge collection – we are so happy to get it!! We will be getting this out as quick as we can.

Record Store Day in a few weeks – we have ordered loads more titles this year. This is just because we honestly liked some of the titles this year so we wanted them in the shop!


This weeks Top Ten is from the almighty Paul Camo. Paul is a Top DJ who had me going mental to some Disco in Cliftonville last year.

You should check out his NTS show here:

Buy local.

As a record collector, nothing beats finding good records for cheap.  And although I do buy a lot online, it just doesn’t compare to getting out there and having a good ol’ flick. I especially enjoy buying records locally, I always have. Perhaps I’m a bit lazy like that.

I recently moved to Margate and although I haven’t put as much effort into searching out records as I have in the past – just not enough time in the day between being a parent and designing – I have managed an occasional dig. So here’s my top ten Margate / Thanet record finds. All pretty cheap (most were under a fiver) and any that cost more than that were nowhere near as expensive as the cheapest copy online. It shows there are still records out there to be found if you get off your arse.

Eugene McDaniels – Outlaw

A classic Lp by one of my all-time favourite artists. I was understandably surprised to come across this because you just don’t see it out and about and if you do it ain’t going to be cheap. I have my own copy but there was no way I was going to leave this, especially for the price I got it for. Instead it made for a very nice birthday present for a good friend of mine.

The Mike Sammers Singers -Hymns A’Swinging

Found this for 2 quid in a brick a brack shop. I had seen some records in the shop one Sunday afternoon but the shop was closed, so I was surprised to see it there waiting for me a week later. If you don’t know this lp, it’s versions of religious hymns; basically jazz/ cheesy/ slightly easy-listening in places. It also has Tubby Hayes playing on it, who I’m a fan of. ‘He Who Would Valliant Be’ and ‘Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken’ are the stand out tracks.

Beast – Beast

Just took a punt on this. Pretty much standard stuff with the exception of ‘Floating’ and ‘(Strange Places Like) Santo Domingo’ which are more to my taste.

The Mud Hutters

Another cheapy I bought based on no knowledge at all. Went for it solely based on the record sleeve; I’m a sucker for hand written text on sleeves. It’s a fairly solid post-punk listen with a few stand out tracks.

Folk Music E.P.

I got this one along with the above Mud Hutters, again because of the sleeve. I was expecting it to be folk music, obviously, but was pleasantly surprised when I got home and played it. It’s a solid lp, listen to the youtube tracks and decide what genre it is for yourself. Comes with an insert stating the production cost for the record which is a nice touch.

Can – Ege Bamyasi

This was an interesting find. It was sitting there, partly poking out of a box high up on a shelve. It wasn’t a super cheap purchase like most of the other records in the list but a OG UK copy for 25 quid, can’t grumble with that.

Roxy Music – Sultanesque

Not a rare one but a lesser known Roxy Music listen, this slow-paced instrumental is the flip to ‘Love is the Drug’.  I’ve had a battered copy for a long time but never bothered to get a clean version. I found this whilst flicking through a pile of mostly crappy pop 7’s.

Babylon -OST

This nice cheap find was dug out of a box in the back of a shop selling mostly old tat .

Jah Woosh – Chalis Blaze W/Lbl

Pretty rare to find anything of permit in charity shops these days. So as you can imagine I was happy to find this for a couple quid. The perplexing thing is how only one record like this finds its way into a box of mostly crap records. Of course I asked if they had anymore reggae records like this at the back to which the shop assistant replied “all the records we have are out”.

Folk 77 – I Have a Dream

Didn’t know anything about this one when I found it. I was taken by the very lo fi sleeve design: Borderline awful by certain standards but badly designed record sleeves with great music inside is almost as appealing to me as brilliantly designed sleeves with great music. The nice thing about this record is that it really captures the essence of my top ten. It’s an independently released record by a Deal based label, recorded in Westgate, and sung by singers from a church in Broadstairs. It seems this lp was recorded as a result of a well-received performance the group made at The Winter Garden for the Queens Silver Jubilee.


Thanks Paul! Hopefully see you in Thanet soon! 🙂

Will do another one of these later in the week as theres loads coming in this week!!!