Hardcore will never die!!!!

Oi! From Reckless!!!

This Blog was written to the sounds of:

I’m writing this from home – waiting in for a copy of this 12″ to arrive in the post. I’ve been completely obsessing over it recently. It really reminds me of Autechre doing a hardcore tune; absolutely love it!!!

Anyway – mad busy week as always. Half Term meant all walks of life were in which was nice. Hopefully loadsa of young kids were in buying their first records. Mad records in as always:

  1. Really nice bag full of about 60 12″s. Evenly split between Dance Mania titles and tunes from Omar S. As we all know Dance Mania is an absolutely class label – with so many killer Chicago cuts. From beautiful Lil Louis funky numbers to Ghetto tunes from DJ Funk. These won’t last long! Omar S always mashes up the dance – and with these you could do a full Omar set. Wicked productions!
  2. Amazing very large pile of records came over from Germany. They were all Punk/Hardcore/Garage. Included were the rare Fall Flying Nun LP, Blondie rarities (Parallel Lines original US Test Press, Japanese pressings), rare Dead Kennedys original 45s, Wipers originals and colour pressings, original Wire pressings, Television Personalities, The Pop Group (with all the posters), Blitz, Green Day, Bauhaus, Chrome, Black Flag…As you can tell its a really amazing collection and we spent a huge amount of money on it!! The seller informed us he was super happy with what he got and that this was the start of a 5000 piece collection – omg!
  3. Loads and loads of new stuff/reissues came in this week. Lots of Sealed titles, including a lot of OOP titles. Loads of 4ad (including lots of Dead Can Dance), new Indie, Classic Rock, Death Metal, Prog Rock…
  4. Some nice classic Prog Rock came in this week – Jethro Tull, Tempest, Van Der Graaf Generator, Genesis, The Web, Uriah Heep….
  5. More decent Reggae came in this week. Lots of Rare titles from Augustus Pablo, The Maytals, Freddie McGregor, Big Youth, Prince Buster etc. Also hopefully some of those rare 45s will be going out this weekend.
  6. An absolutely TOP TIER Jazz collection came in. The cream was a load of UK Esquire Miles Davis originals in amazing condition. Also a few rare Blue Note titles and others from Sonny Rollins, Albert Ayler, Charles Mingus etc. We paid loads for these and they are out at top whack but I think you’ll agree they are worth it!!
  7. From the same collection there were a few rare titles from Elvis Presley (original HMV titles, a load of original UK 78s), The Faces (original gatefold sleeve pressing), Buddy Holly 78s, a few Blues 78s.
  8. Large pile of reissue vinyl (including the Sparks Island box) as well as a load of rare SACDs from David Bowie, Yes, Marillion, Fleetwood Mac etc.
  9. Loads more UKG – all across the board. Lots of wicked, wicked titles though!!!!!
  10. Few Hardcore Jungle bits – including a fair few from last week that went out – original Skanna, DJ Scoobie, some Lucky Spin promos, Orca, LTJ Bukem, Tango, Source Direct, Acen, Funky Junky, Monita, DJ Rap, Remarc, Spinback, DJ Trace etc.

Loads more collections due in this week – watch this space!!!

Brainiacs are playing next week:

Also the mighty Beserk are playing Saturday night in London art New River Studios which will be a ripper.

This weeks TOP TEN is from the mighty Ed AKA DJ JEDI!!!!!!

Ruff With The Smooth – Sounds Superior

Nirvana – About a Girl

Pet Shop Boys – What Have I Done to Deserve This?

Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence

Marc Smith – Breakdown

Bug – So What (Commie Remix)

Naughty by Nature – Uptown Anthem

Saint Etienne – Only Love Can Break Your Heart (A Mix Of Two Halves)

Lemonheads – Into Your Arms

The House Crew – Euphoria (Nino’s Dream)

Thanks Ed!!! Wicked list!!!

Check out Ed here if you don’t know him already: