Sweet Reggae Music!!


This post was written to the sounds of :::

Grim grey morning but we are off to Nottingham tonight to see Asid then Merky Ace, Frankie and Skimask!! Oi Oi!

Heavy week at Reckless this week; the 90s collection has nearly all gone and some tasty bits came in. We also got a load of new storage units put in, finally got WiFi and a Coffee maker!! We’re going up in the world!!

OK, we’d been waiting on this collection for a while but it finally happened. We bought a really nice Reggae and Soul collection. All original 45s, 12″s and LPs (but mostly 45s). These are the real deal. Check the box for the Reggae:

Loads of amazing original Rocksteady, Roots, Ska. Bluebeat, Coxsone, Upsetters – all the right labels. Some really big ones in there including a Dance Cleopatra. Lots of Blanks; mostly UK originals (but of course a fair amount of Jamaican titles too) and generally in really nice shape (about two thirds of centres are intact too). These haven’t been touched for years by anyone other than the owners and they are all going out. They also had an absolutely wicked few Schweppes boxes of Soul singles. Lots of nice UK and US originals – pretty much all in their company sleeves. Lots of standard but wicked titles from Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield etc. But also a few rarer titles. The LPs were generally really clean and included US originals from Marvin Gaye, James Brown (and another copy of The JB’s LP!), Keith Hudson, The Maytals, Liquid Liquid, The Upsetters, Bob Marley etc. An absolutely amazing collection – were expecting these to fly out as we haven’t had a really amazing Reggae singles collection like this for ages.

I have to say I wouldn’t mind the copy of Dance Cleopatra but I’ll just have to make do with the French Picture sleeve copy!!

Loads more Classic Rock in this week – from Kate Bush to The Beatles to Neil Young to Cream. Some standard, some rare. Nice to see the Kate Bush sections bursting for once!!!

Tom bought in a really nice pile of Prog and Classic Rock CDs the other day. Lots of rare titles (and it is the start of a 5000 piece collection!!). Klaus Schulze, Ramases, Spring, Dando Shaft, Comus etc. You know the score!!!

Whole bunch of UKG came in this week. Loads of really, REALLY, killer rare titles. Generally in decent nick too. Some pretty obscure ones, as well as bigger ones from Confetti, Anthill Mob, RIP Productions. We are also halfway through buying in a large collection of Drum & Bass and UK Garage and it looked like there were a lot of decent Garage titles in there too (but they were a bit rougher).

One of us bought in a killer collection of Ethnographic/World titles this week too. It was about 150 LPs – loads of amazing titles. Few rare ones too. Several Folkways titles. I wish there would have been one of these:

I bought in a nice stack of Reggae LPs the other day. Mostly originals (or really early copies) from Burning Spear, The Arabs, Trinity, King Tubby/Yabby You, Scientist and Carlton & The Shoes.

Apparently Duncan bought a big Jazz collection this week. He’s dropping it off on Sunday – he says its “totally wicked!!!”.

Lots more other smaller purchases this week – including some decent Post Punk, Avant Garde, House and Techno etc. Were a few members of staff down this week but we will be working late to make sure we get enough stuff out for you !!

This week we have a very special Top Ten from the main geezer Jackson AKA Tapes!!!!