Nineties Bizzniss!!!!



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Absolutely mental week here – we bought about 16,000 titles this week!!! Lots of really amazing bits. Before I start on the new stuff I wanted to talk a bit more about the CD and House/Techno collections we bought in last week.

Firstly: we’ve started pricing up the CDs and there are loads of really great titles. It is essentially a collection of CDs that got really good reviews: so as you can imagine its pretty high quality! I had a look through some of the boxes when we were making space the other day and found loads of nice CDs: Alice Coltrane Japanese titles, loads of ON-U-Sound, Stasis/Basic Channel/Rhythm & Sound/Carl Craig and loads of good Techno, lots of Scratching CDs (Q-Bert, Dan The Automator etc), hundreds of Blue Notes etc.

We’ve had a bit more time to go through the House and Techno and found some really nice titles. Mostly really nice Chicago House (loads and loads of Trax titles) and Detroit Techno (rare Nate Krafft, DJ Bone, Red Planet, Underground Resistance etc).

On to the new stuff:

  1. You probably saw it on Instagram but I bought a really big decent 90s Indie / Britpop / Grunge collection the other day. It was about 500 records. All pretty clean and nearly all original issues!!! Some really great titles from Oasis, Smashing Pumpkins, My Bloody Valentine, Elastica, The Verve, Rage Against The Machine, Nirvana, Frank Black, Dinosaur Jr, Luna, The Amps, The Breeders, Pavement, Pearl Jam, Chapterhouse, Ride, Stereolab, Nine Inch Nails, Broadcast, A Tribe Called Quest, Underworld, Sneaker Pimps, The Jesus Lizard, The Pixies, Belle & Sebastian, Tindersticks, Leftfield, Jeff Buckley, Paul Weller, Orbital, Mudhoney, Primal Scream, Shellac, Bjork, U2, Tortoise, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tricky, Suede…you get the idea! Really great to see a collection like this – especially in this condition. We sold tonnes of these the day they went out but did a few more lates to get he rest of them out so I’d be quick if theres something you need there.
  2. Scott bought in a nice stack of pretty rare UK Garage in yesterday. Some absolutely wicked titles including the amazing RIP Productions double pack with one of my favourite garage tracks “Oh Baby”. Some other pretty rare ones in there too – I put a small selection up on Instagram. Also these were a lot cleaner than most UKG.
  3. A semi-regular seller who brings in West Coast, Garage, Indie, Psychedelic titles popped in yesterday with a huge bag of great Psych and Garage comps (with track from the Remains, Wimple Winch, Family, The Factory, Tintern Abbey etc), some Cramps and 6 titles from My Bloody Valentine! The MBV titles were super clean. Which meant I could replace the MBV titles that we had sold the day before (they had sold in under an hour of being out!). Interestingly enough – no MBV LPs – just 12″s and EPs – but some great ones. You Made Me Realise was in there!!!
  4. Someone came in yesterday (it was a busy as hell day yesterday as you can tell) with about 50 LPs – mostly standard but a few good ones from The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Biohazard, Revolting Cocks and Prong!
  5. A huge wad of decent reissue LPs also came in this week – all in great nick – Iggy Pop, The Slits, Suicide, Neil Young, Talking Heads, Devo, The Clash etc.
  6. Some killer Dub CDs came in yesterday too. Loads of wicked albums from Alpha & Omega, TNT Roots, Jah Warrior, Earthquake etc
  7. Lots of Drum & Bass/Jungle/Hardcore action this week. We bought the start of a collection (I think he said its 3000 records) – some wicked titles from Sy-Kick, Krome & Time, Congo Natty, Origin Unknown, Nookie etc. We also bought in a small pile of Production House titles yesterday. We seem to have a real problem keeping any of this stuff in the racks – it basically flys out quicker than we can price them up. Not that thats a bad thing!
  8. More Japanese titles in this week. I can’t remember what they are – but there were some Funky titles! Oh yes there was a copy of the Mariah LP.
  9. Some really clean rare Noughties titles went out last night – Super Furry Animals, Kings of Leon, The Libertines, The Guillemots, Monsters Of Folk…All Nr Mint at worst!
  10. Couple of big singles in this week: super rare NWOBHM 45 from Dragonfly; its a rager – and the pre Specials Punk band Squad. The B-Side £8 a Week is a very good and silly song. Both in great condition!!!

Loads of Drum n Bass and House cheap went out this week – hundreds of both genres. Theres actually some really killer stuff in there so have a butchers.

This weeks TOP TEN is  from The Green Ray!! Thanks guys!!!

Gong ‘Flying Teapot’
Jimi Hendrix Experience ‘Electric Ladyland’
Allman Brothers Band ‘Eat A Peach’
The Rain Parade ‘Emergency Third Rail Power Trip’
Help Yourself ‘Help Yourself’
Santana ‘Caravanserai’
Television ‘Adventure’
The Doors ‘The Doors’
R.E.M ‘Murmur’
Jeff Beck ‘Who Else’
You can of course buy The Green Ray cd “Half Sentences” from us at Reckless!