Some killer collections in!!!

Oi! from Reckless!!

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It’s been a bonkers week this week. Two really good, and huge collections in. Plus loads of over the counter buying. I better get started!

The firstcollection this week saw Scott and I off to Park Royal near Wembley. It was a killer collection – 4-5 Thousand records. The seller was a super nice guy and I was so surprised that the first record I got to was the Plasmid 7″ put out by one of my pals but it turned out he was in Violent Uprising! Despite that the collection was mostly really good House and Techno. Serious amount of rare Chicago House and Detroit Techno. All the rare Detroit Electro records. All the Moodymann, Theo Parrish, Derrick May, DJ Rolando, Underground Resistance, Trax Records, Prescription Records, Strictly Rhythm. Plenty of UK Garage, Grime, Dubstep. Loads of Disco, Soul, Jazz, Funk. Huge amount of really good Punk – including tonnes of Discharge, Crass, Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, The Clash, X Ray Spex etc. Some really good Indie – from Add N To X to Sonic Youth to Beat Happening. Loads of wicked 45s – all across the board – but some really amazing ones!! Quite a few obscure Synth and Chuggy tunes here too. Its a pretty amazing collection and is gonna take some time to go through!!!!!

The second collection saw Tom and Kenny going to Wood Green to purchase 7000 CDs. I didn’t get to see the collection as I was leaving early to go for a delicious meal. But after numerous phone calls throughout the day it sounds amazing. Apparently the collection is in spotless condition (all of the CDs even have plastic sleeves! Its totally across the board apparently: taking in every genre of music you can imagine. From speaking to Tom yesterday he mentioned Blue Note, Moodymann and rare Coil CDs. I think its going to be a seriously amazing collection. As you can imagine the shop looks quite mental right now!!!!

So thats about 12000 Records and CDs in the door this week just through collections; but also over the counter we have bought:

  1. a package containing a load of new 45 adaptors, rare Graham Collier LP “Deep Dark Blue Centre”, El Babaku, some new Reggae reissues and more Jazz.
  2. Loads of really killer Tapes: mostly late 80s/90s: Tom Waits, Red House Painters, The Black Dog, Sonic youth, Blondie, The Beatles, Brian Eno, REM, Big Star, Massive Attack, Husker Du, Spiritualized, Black Sabbath, Chris Bell, The Rolling Stones, Nick Cave, David Bowie, Pavement, Lou Reed, Kraftwerk, Fela Kuti etc
  3. Decent Punk/Oi! CD collection: loads of really heavy CDs from The Business, Cockney Rejects, The Last Resort, 4-Skins, Cocksparrer, Sham 69, Slaughter & The Dogs, Peter & The Test Tube Babies etc
  4. More killer 80s/90s Indie/Psych/Punk LPs including about 8 13th Floor Elevators LPs, Nick Cave, The Smiths, Joy Division, The Slits etc.
  5. About 300 LPs and 12″s off Ben UFO including some killer Dubstep, Drum n Bass, House, Techno, Grime bits!!! Loads of Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware, True Playaz, Warp Records and a rare Danny Brown LP.
  6. Loads of obscure and interesting Jazz from around the world. About 30-40 records a day have been coming in.
  7. Several Sigur Ros and related LPs.
  8. First pressing of the A Perfect Circle LP.
  9. Lots of Psych/Doom Metal/Prog LPs from one of our regular sellers which included some modern Soundtracks on collectable colour vinyl

So as you can imagine we’re all pretty exhausted!!!! I’ve got the day off today and am pretty happy I’m not at work with all of those boxes today I can tell you lol! All of this stock is going to take us some time to set out, but it will be going out. Plenty more collections coming up this week.

This weeks Top Ten is from the main man Benji AKA Semtek who runs Don’t Be Afraid Records.

  1. D’Arcangelo on Happy Skull
  2. rRoxymore
  3. Kevlar Black Protection
  4. Wheelman on DBA Dubs
  5. Jason Wynters
  6. Thursdays
  7. The Intrepid Fork
  8. Inta
  9. McMafia – shut up its not meant to be realistic
  10. Scott Zacharias RA Poddie


Thanks Geezer!!!

Till next week!