Happy New Year from Reckless!!

EZ Now!!

This Blog was written to the sounds of this killer LP.

Absolutely knackered this morning as Scott and me were at work till 1am doing the Vinyl reductions. We’re almost done. There were a lot of pullouts and a lot of decent LPs getting reduced. So there are going to be so many bargains to be had!! I imagine most of the Rock cheats will be going out first thing Saturday morning but a lot of the House/Techno/Soul/Funk reductions have been done (Drum n Bass/Reggae/Rap should be done today!). I was pretty surprised by some of it (Vinyl On Demand Box Sets getting reduced to £30!!) but I think its just because we had so much decent stuff this year – people have to make a choice!!

Anyways – tonnes of banging buying to make up for the reduced stock.

Loads more Indie/Punk/Garage came in from one of our regulars. This time there were some pretty pricey LPs from Morrissey, The Breeders, PJ Harvey, The Go-Betweens. More Garage comps, Grunge, Punk, Shoegaze, C86. Tonnes of good stuff – and a much larger pile than normal.

Talking about Garage – we had some KILLER UK Garage bits come in this week including same rare EPs from Tuff Jam, Ghost, Anthill Mob etc. Quite a few really rare ones – put most of them top on our Instagram.

We bought loads of really un-cool new and sealed stuff this LP – including silly big box sets and deluxe editions from artists like Phil Collins, The Fratellis, Rick Astley, The Cranberries, Chris Rea, Depeche Mode, Erasure, Cancer Bats, Bring Me The Horizon etc

We bought loads more records off our pal Heatsick (all from when we used to live in Nottingham). Loads of classic Noisy Indie, Hardcore, 31G, GSL, Gravity Records, Load Records, Post Punk, Throbbing Gristle, Electroclash, Riotgrrl, Thrash Metal etc. Its all a bit used – but there are some really rare 90s LPs from Mr Bungle, Idlewild, Therapy, Mansun, Mogwai. Loads of classic bits from Lightning Bolt, Antioch Arrow, Born Against, Bikini Kill, The Sighings, Wolf Eyes (including some lathes), Beastie Boys. You know the score!

Finally we had some decent Soul in – someone brought in loads of KILLER Disco for starters – and another seller brought in a load of really clean Jazz Funk, P Funk, Motown, Classic Soul etc. So some quite rare Disco bits went out – including Larry Wu, Eighties Ladies etc. All up on the Instagram!

Badboy collection of Tearing Drum n Bass and Jungle came in yesterday – all super clean!!! Early Renegade Hardware, loads of Good Looking Records, Metalheadz, Moving shadow. All in the right sleeves and all EX or above. Hopefully this is the start of a serious collection!

Our very own Toru has sold in a load of records this week – all across the board but some seriously good records from artists like Peshay, John Coltrane, Felt Kuti, Parliament, Miles Davis, Ian Pooley, Rare Indian LPs, Sun Ra, Moodymann, Rare Disco Boogie, African Jazz etc.

One of our regular sellers came in at the end of the day with another seriously killer pile of records – all EX or above!!! Huge originals from Ash Ra Tempel, Fela Kuti, Klaus Schulze, Can, Ozzy Osbourne, Faust, Rare Brain titles, Brian Jones, Motorhead etc. Some of the best records we’ve had since I’ve been working here in regards to consistently amazing titles and condition.

This week we have a Top Ten from the one and only Ashton Holland!!! Ashton does the killer Left Alone Party (linked below – theres one coming up!!) with Alex Gross and it’s one of the best parties in London hands down!!

Always struggle when it comes to choosing lists / doing top ten’s, so thought i could use this as a good way to mention / include a lot of my stand out records that i’ve came across in 2017 (new & old).
INXA – Ixna Portal Exo

Seem’s like a load of dead stock copies have started to surface, nice odd 7″ – both sides seem to amaze me.

The Pardox – New Rain

Great compilation that i’ve been trying to get my hands on for a while – Luckily found a decently cheap copy online. Also has a few other nice bits on too!

Propaganda – 18.November

Omertà – Cock Tales

Amazing LP – Possibly one the best new releases i came across last year. Thanks Laurent (Dj Sundae) for the tip, first heard it in the Left Alone mix he did for us last year. Can’t wait to here stuff by them.

Njurmännen – San Francisco

Most recently purchased – pretty odd 1 but the start really catches me. Came across it as i’ve been meaning to purchase a cassette from the same label, worth checking out for odd experimental / industrial stuff.

Virgin Prunes – Song

Been picking up a load of cassettes in the last year, this one the 1’s that springs to mind.

Addis Rockers – Third Dimension

The clip on youtube seems to pitched up but you can get vibe – Shouts to Rollo on this one.

Chocolate Grinders – People With Leukaemia (

Nice 7″ found on some Aussie site – Possibly one of my all time favourite labels! Heard they’ll be reissue some stuff of the label soon. Thanks for the reminder Veggie!

Various – I Won’t Have To Think About You

Also one my favourite releases in 2017. Nice to see lots of tracks i’ve been after complied into one compilation.

O.A.S.I – Kandisco Due

10/ NSRD – Guia Expedit

Had to include something from STROOM as everything they’ve release over 2017 as been killer! Shouts to Ziggy as always – We’ll be hosting a showcase with the label in a few months, so watch the space!


Thanks Ashton – absolutely killer list!!!

Check the Left Alone party here: https://www.facebook.com/leftalonelondon/