It Was All A Dream – Then It Was 2018

Yo from Reckless!!!

This Blog was written to this wicked tune.

Hope you all had a banging Christmas, it was mad at Reckless up until Christmas Eve. Most of the members of staff managed to get out of London for Christmas which was nice; and some of us are still away! The racks got savagely pummelled but we’re doing our best to restock. I’m personally just about to put out some really, really nice bits this morning. Its a mix of Classic Rock (Pink Floyd, Joni Mitchell, Fleetwood Mac etc), new stuff, Hardcore Punk, Ambient, Jazz, Metal, Avant Garde, Chanson, Psych  etc. Eddie got out some decent Reggae yesterday including a few rare ones. Also tonnes of CDs went out yesterday – all genres.

Never much buying around Christmas so we were a little surprised with the amount thats come in the last few weeks. Obviously we had that killer Jazz and Indie last week. This week (ie yesterday!) we had a decent collection of 50 Tech House/Deep House/Minimal/Electro 12″s come in. Quite a few rare ones! Records from people like Hakan Lidbo, Simon Digby, Ghetto Tactics, Seafoam, Kovac etc.

We also bought in a TONNE of new stuff; loads of perfect condition brand new titles. Artists like Childish Gambino, Feeder, Actress, Iggy Pop, Kate Tempest etc.

We’re open right up to (and including) New Years Eve and open again the day after New Years Day. Hope you all have a great one! Puwaba has been cancelled so we will be having it large elsewhere. I think a fair few of us will be at the DJ Benetti Alibi gig!

I got everyone at Reckless to hmu with their release of the year – see if you can match each release with each member of staff. First person gets a £10 voucher.

Trimdon Grange Explosion – S/T (Borley Rectory)

Mary Halvorson Quartet – Paimon (Tzadik).

The Beatles – Sgt Pepper 50th Anniversary Edition (Parlophone)

Arca – S/T (XL)

The Rails – Other People (Psychonauht)

Bullion – Blue Pedro (The Trilogy Tapes)

Shitlickers – GBG 1982 (Negative Insight)

Blocked Toilet – Untitled (unreleased)

Trigger Happy – S/T (Trigger Happy Records)

Oxman – CD 5 (Homemade CD)

Oxman – CD 17 (Homemade CD)

For the end of the year we have a Top Ten from Robin Allinson from the Music Preservation Society who have been reissuing some seriously rare Hardcore Jungle records recently. The Fast Floor LP is due soon, and I am seriously looking forward to it!

1. Hi Ryze “Hi Ryze EP” (Hi Ryze) Remastered

2. Ron Wells “Emotional Dials” (Sound Entity Records)

3. Mike Ash “Acid 4 Acid” (No Survivors)

4. Blak Beat Niks “A True Poet” (Clubhouse Records) (Restored and Remastered)

5. DMX Crew “The Wiggly Worm” (Super Rhythm Trax)

6. Psychoacoustic – “I Kommence / Wot We Are” (DANSE CITY RECORDS) Remastered

7. Xray Xperiments Volume 2 (Xray Xperiments) Remastered Double 12”

8. Bay B Kane Hustlers EP (Stay On Target)

9. Fast Floor “A Quest For Intelligence” (Sound Entity Records)

10. Tango Project “Project 1 (Dubplate Mixes)” (Steel Fingers Heritage)