It’s Nearly Christmas!!!!


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Theres been some absolutely killer buying this week; lets get started!

  1. This nice geezer has started coming in with some really killer records. The first batch included a UK original Pick A Dub from Keith Hudson, original Scientist LPs, Misty In Roots – and some rare Moodymann LPs and 12″s. He was obviously super happy when we managed to give him some serious money so he came back a few days later with some super rare Rap (Raekwon, Dr Octagon, DJ Shadow, Ol Dirty Bastard, Deep Puddle Dynamics) and some proper heavy UK Roots (Jah Tubbys, Disciples, Jonah Dan, Dubkasm etc). Hopefully we will be seeing more of him as the records are totally killer!! Good taste!!

Loads of nice new Reissues of Rap, Hip Hop, Soul and Funk came in this week. Some funky library bits too. This included a load of new Now Again Records releases, Wu Tang Clan 7″s, Pharcyde 7″s, Dinosaur L 7″. Wicked!

I bought in an absolutely amazing pile of records from a nice bloke from Essex this week too. About 50 records. Seriously amazing titles: Popol Vuh, Can, Kraftwerk, Guru Guru, Amon Duul, Necromandus, Zoundz, The Adverts, Bow Downes (including the really rare Vertigo Records title). As you can see some really amazing titles. The condition is variable; but mostly they are in pretty amazing shape. These really won’t last long!!!

Plenty more Kosmiche titles came in this week too! It felt like Christmas had come early when another seller came in this week with a load of killer Ash Ra Tempel, Motorhead, Ozric Tentacles, Voivod, Fela Kuti, Caravan, The Velvet Underground etc. All in Near Mint condition – or above. Seriously!!!!

Some of our friends are expecting and decided to have a big clear out so we bought loads of wicked Hardcore Punk LPs and 45s this week. From Power Violence, to Garage to Thrash. Bands like Dead Dirg, Charles Bronson, Indian Summer, DS-13, Assfactor 4, Discharge, Germs, Negative Trend, Drop Dead, Los Crudos. You know the score! Actually quite a lot of out of print Scream too – I did wonder if those records would ever be worth anything!! Should have kept all that Witching Hour stuff!!

I started the week on a small lorry looking through about a thousand Drum & Bass / Dubstep 12″s. It was a seriously heavy collection – but one of those collections where there are loads of Triple Packs with Two 12″s in – but we managed to match them all up. Lots of killer Ram Records, Quarentine Records, Renegade Hardware etc right through to Metalheadz, Moving Shadow etc. Also a tonne of DMZ titles including some really rare ones. Full run of Analords from Apex Twin too. Yeah baby!

Had a few old friends pop in to sell records this week and they sold some heavy, heavy records. First pal: UK original Velvet Underground, Davey Graham; Phil Collins Box Set, Rickie Lee Jones, Joni Mitchell, Ariel Pink, The Chills etc. Very cool. The Chills wrote one of my favourite songs.

Second pal: heavy, HEAVY rare Jazz titles; bit of Funk, bit of Reggae. Loads of very expensive titles – in amazing condition. Strata East, Art Farmer, Carol Of Harvest, Holger Czukay, Laaraji, Abdullah, Pandit Kanwar Sain Trikah, Shawi, Ali Farka Toure, Ned Doheny. don’t think there is anything there below Near Mint. Some very rare Jazz and associated here.

Lots more amazing stuff came in this week – bits from Chrome, DNA, Sub Love, Patrick Cowley, The Troggs, Dance Mania bits, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Aphrodites Child, Julie Driscoll, Scott Walker, Archie Sheep, Yuseff Lateef etc. Keep checking the Instagram.

If you are looking for a decent Christmas Gift we sell Gift Vouchers – any amount and they never go out of date (whilst we are still here!). 


This weeks Top Ten is from Kevin from Black Impulse (and loads of noisy bands!!). Its a list of records he’s been playing loads of recently. Thanks for bringing a bit more noise to Margate dude!!


-The Saints- Eternally Yours

Drunk In Hell-Drunk In Hell

Lower Slaughter-What Big Eyes

Funkadelic- Tales Of Kidd Funkadelic

Dead Neanderthals -Womb Of God

Blue Cheer- Insideoutside

King Ayisoba- Wicked Leaders

Amon Duul ll- Wolf City

Lothar and the Hand People- Presenting…

The Fugs- It Crawled into my hand, Honest


Check out Black Impulse here: