Very Much Buying was had!

Hello from Reckless!

This post was written to the sounds of this killer LEGOWELT jam:

Crazy, crazy buying this week. More than we have bought in quite some time. Lets get started!

Wowza, we bought some seriously rare 60’s (and some 70’s) 45s this week. Loads of very in-demand rarities. Pretty much all come with the original Company Sleeve, and most are in very decent shape! We bought them from a regular who always has killer stuff and has been buying and selling with us for years. In the collection are tonnes of demos too! Artists like The Yardbirds, Small Faces, Gracious, The Undertakers, The Measles, Brian Poole, Rare Bird, Zoot Money, The Pentad, Rockin’ Horse, Fairfield Parlour, Toe-Fat, The Mastermind, Glass Menagerie, Denny Seyton, The Alan Brown Set, Spooky Tooth, Sam Apple Pie, Skid Row, Sounds Incorporated, The V.I.P.’s, The Zephyrs, Mayfield’s Mule, Trendsetter Limited, Opus, Brainbox, Aubery Small, Writing On The Wall, Tony Knight, Danny Storm, Dave Lee, Judas Jump yadayadayada. Some seriously Freaky Bits!!! Certainly not records you see everyday!

Loads of Reggae in this week! Several DUB LPs from Scientist, few Dub ones from Studio One, Some Greensleeves Barrington Levy, Tommy McCook, UK original of Symarip on CLEAR VINYL (very rare!), some Skinhead singles, several Lee Perry LPs and 12″s. We also had loads of Reggae CDs come in this week. There were quite a few Out Of Print Trojan Records titles in there.

Loads of KILLER Disco also came in, I put loads of pictures up on our Instagram. I was off sick that day and it was pretty exciting getting constant updates of the killer biscuits rolling in. From P&P Classics like Cloud One to Hudson People to rare The Rah Band. All the Spacey titles too. These seem to be actually flying out the door. Some very rare titles in this lot too.

I bought in a really killer Free Jazz and Improv collection at the tail end of last week. Some seriously beautiful Records here. Love it. From underground US Free Jazz to Hardcore Improv – lots of players from all around the world: Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, John Zorn, Paul Bley, John Surman, Matthew Shipp, Michael J Smith, Steve Beresford…These are from the late 70s right up to early Noughties.

More rudeboy Jungle and Hardcore went out this week. Lots of Killer tunes. A real mix of old classics and high quality reissues (on labels such as Sub Logic and Ninety Two Retro). There were tunes from Babylon Timewarp, DJ Crystl, LTJ Bukem, Basic Rhythm, Xenophobia, Foul Play, The Moog, Acen, Nookie, Bay B Kane etc. Love it!!!

The guy with all the 80s records from last week with a huge pile of records for us (he must have a massive collection lol!). This time there was a lot of Psychedelia, Punk, Post Punk, Noise, Indie Rock… Some super nice titles from The Saints, 13th Floor Elevators, Brian Eno, Devo, Iggy & The Stooges, Sparks… Always killer never filler!

The CD team had a massive shake up the other day, you may notice the CD side have a load of new Sections. They have also reorganised the cabinets and the new Recommendation Wall! The Tapes are also all in the same place. They did a great job! They also bought in a seriously mental amount of CDs this week. Today they bought in about 300! Today some really nice Japanese CDs came in, a great mixture of Easy Listening/Exotica and Jazz. Some really rare titles there!!

Duncan was in on Monday and bought in a load of really nice 70s titles. This included original albums from Cream, Fotheringay, Sandy Denny, Clark Hutchinson, Fairport Convention, The Beatles, David Crosby. Loads more, all original!

We have our Christmas Party on Friday so please be nice to us on Saturday!

The Brainiac Five have a gig coming up!

Our friend Tommy Shotton (who used to work in Beanos!) from Man Diamond (and he was also in Do Me Bad Things and many other bands!). Gave us this Top Ten. Thanks buddy!

1. AL Lloyd – Leviathan! Ballads and Songs of the Whaling Trade
2. Captain Beyond – Lost and Found: Demos 1972-73
3. Billy Harper – Soran Bushi
4. Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Cambodia’s Lost Rock ‘n’ Roll
5. Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun single
6. Locklatar och musik pa horn och piper: Ancient Swedish pastoral music
7. Death – Individual Thought Patterns
8. AOR Global Vol. 1
9. Steve Winwood – While You See a Chance single
10. Spiritual Jazz Vol 7: Islam


Thanks Tommy!

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