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This Blog was written to the sounds of The King Of Queens.

Its been another busy week. Sorting this horrible leak has been taking up most of our time again. We’ve gone through it so hardcore just because we don’t want anyone getting even 1% affected stock and we’re happy we’ve done a thorough job!! It’s been incredibly busy this week, with loads of stock flying out at a superhuman speed. The Progressive/Psychedelic collection absolutely flew out. There are still some really good bits from it going out so keep checking. We also found a few hundred Jungle/Drum & Bass 12″s that have been going out, as well as more of the UK Garage. I have been jamming out loads of Classic Rock this week; just to make sure we have all of the staple titles in the racks for the run up to Christmas. I also priced up a load more Black Metal and Black Metal titles (I think thats the last of them now).

Some great stuff in this week. Firstly I bought in a load of really great Experimental titles from one of our regular sellers (himself a famous artist/musician/journalist). This included nearly a full run of the large oversize Mego Records cds. Mego was a killer label from Austria that was responsible for artists like Fennesz, Jim O’Rourke, Pita, Hecker, Fransisco Lopez, Merzbow, Peter Rehberg, Russell Haswell etc. Lots of great glitchy electronic sounds. I remember these sounds incredibly futuristic at the time. It really felt that they were doing something different. From the same collection came a few hardcore Improv LPs. Please note: due to the awkward size of these CD sleeves they are on display next to the Jazz.

From an old friend (and notorious Italo Disco promoter) I bought in some really tasty records last night. It was a wild mix of super rare Technical Death Metal LPs, Modern Italo rarities, very expensive Computer Game soundtrack LPs, Cosmic 45s, Post Metal/Post Rock standards from artists like Jesu, Isis, Earth etc. There are some super cool records here.

To go along with all of the Rare Psychedelia and Progressive Rock we bought in this week we bought in a rare Daddy Longlegs LP this week. Its their last LP, Shifting Sands, from 1972 on Polydor. We have the UK original. No youtube clips from this LP so here is one from one of their other ones:

Lots more great CDs in this week. A whole bunch of really great Japanese Progressive Rock / Classic Rock titles. Artists like Camel, Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Genesis, Wishbone Ash. You know the score! Classic albums, and probably one of the best ways to hear them with the right stereo. Lots of very rare Indian CDs also came in this week. We have been playing through these and a lot of them are actually amazing. Tonnes of rare Beat/Psych CDs too: from the UK to the USA to all over the world.  Loads of killer Reggae CDs; including a really nice collection of late 80s Dancehall titles. Rare to come through on CD.

Also on the Reggae front – some nice LPs and 12″s came in this week. Lots of classic titles (including loads from Bob Marley), classic Roots tune “Light Up Your Spliff” from George Nooks, plus some super obscure titles such as Roar Oh Lion from The Ventilators.

We also bought in some killer 90s Rap titles this week: original US copies from Nas, The Notorious BIG, Scarface, Wu Tang Clan, DJ Shadow etc. Condition is variable but these are hard to find in any condition these days!!!!

We also bought in a huge pile of P-Funk and James Brown/JB’s titles this week. Like about 50 titles!!! You just can’t mess with these records.

I also bought in a copy of this weird Post/Punk Indie 12″. Its really, really rare. Has a bit of a Felt/The Cure vibe. Its really good actually.

I better stop here as I’m just off to a collection in Peckham!

This weeks Top Ten is from the Lord of the Memes; the POUNDLANDBANDIT!!!



10. Product Of Waste – You won’t Take Me Alive; Fast, pissed off hardcore, one of the best to come out in recent years. RIP Terry.

9. Milk Music – Beyond Living; stupidly good garage/fuzz punk from Olympia, Washington, listened to this EP more than I can count since it’s release.

8. Battery – Only the diehard remain; one of the best straight edge bands ever, period.

7. Moss Icon – Lyburnum Wits End; One of the emo-hardcore pioneers, super raw with weird and wicked lyrics.

6. Special Move – Curse of the black water; Makes me want to spin kick everyone in the entire world at the same time. Essex’s finest.

5. Orchid – Chaos is me; proper 90’s screamo, not this b*llocks your 15 year old nephew listens to.

4. Saves The Day – Can’t Slow Down; wicked pop/emo-punk when it was still fast and everyone wore chunky skate shoes. Know most of these songs off by heart

3. Misfits – Static Age; one of the first albums that got me into hardcore/punk and it’s a timeless banger.

2. Depeche Mode – Black Celebration; Only like this to impress moody birds who wear all black

1. Black Sabbath – Master Of Reality; Come on mate I don’t even have to explain.

(Bonus Entry – My Chemical Romance – I brought you my bullets, you brought me your love; legitimately ones of the best emo punk albums ever and I know every song)


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