The night of Samhain is round the corner!



Welcome to the ultra spooky Reckless Blog. This week we have been buying loads of Halloween based records. Spoken word LPs from Crowley, hellish sounds from Current 93, the ultimate grandness of 666 by Aphrodites Child; and of course it wouldn’t be halloween without something by The Misfits.

Luckily we had just enough time to buy some other stuff which I will go over below. I have to say right now we have some seriously banging stock. The racks are proper bulging, with loads of killer and interesting records. We really do have something for everyone right now.

Toru just bought the last bit of a massive House / Techno collection. There were about 800 titles in total, some has already come in, but about another 440 came in today. A quick glance at all the boxes and I saw records by Moodymann, Herbert, Mr G, Joe Smooth, Automation, Frankie Knuckles. This is s a pretty killer collection and will be going out ASAP.

DR Alimantado popped in this week; its always a pleasure to see him! We have restocks of all of the LPs he has reissued plus a repress of the killer Greensleeves 12″ “Born For A Purpose”. As luck would have it we also bought in a load of Alimantado the week before – so if you prefer an original – we have them too.

Heavy Metal stormed its way into the fortress Reckless this week. Several decent piles of records came in. We bought in about 20 Black Sabbath LPs last week! Also records by Rainbow, Savatage, Metallica, Scorpions, AC/DC, Van Halen. I am also going to look at 300 Black Metal LPs in South London tomorrow!

We bought in a fair bit of classic Punk this week too. This included a few really rare and expensive LPs from The Stranglers and The Cult. Also lots of different issues of LPs by the Sex Pistols, The Damned and The Clash.

Sean bought a massive collection from someone in North London over the weekend. Its a really decent and varied collection – with lots of cool records!!

  1. Loads of Reggae – a real mix, some pricey, some standard. Pick of the bunch come from Mikey Dread and I Roy.
  2. Loads of Brian Eno (and related, Harold Budd et al). Mostly in really good nick.
  3. African records – including a few really rare ones! Also lots of LPs from India.
  4. Tonnes of really good new wave; Talking Heads, Blondie, Devo, Can (later Can), SPK.
  5. Some heavy 90s LPs from Hole, Nirvana, Suede, Donald Fagen.
  6. Some heavy prog from Steamhammer, Budgie and High Tide.

We also bought in a TOP TEN PUNK classic this week – the amazing “No Town Hall” 45 from Crisis. In a few weeks Tom is putting on the Static Shock weekender (with Punk and Hardcore bands from all round the world). For this we will put out some really nice Punk and Hardcore records so watch this space.

We put even more Japanese records out this week. This will probably be it until Toru gets back over to Japan! Speaking of Toru he has been buying in loads of really nice Jazz, Soul and Funk this week. Lots of rare Euro Jazz; including the usual ECM titles and some more unusual ones. Lots of £30-£50 LPs. All pretty rare. Toru will be joining me to DJ for the Static Shock festival.


Thanks to Will Bankhead for doing the Poster!


I covered for Bahamian Moor on NTS this weekend. You can listen to it here:


This weeks Top Ten is from a real old-school regular! Shaun Whitbourne has been buying records from Reckless for years and DJ’s all the time. He always buys killer records – from Freakbeat to Stomping Soul. Thanks a lot Shaun for giving us a list!!


The Kingstonians “Hold Down”

The Maytals “54-46 Was My Number”

School Boys “Guilty Of Love”

Elgins “Heaven Must Have Sent You”

Sugar Pie Desanto “Soulful Dress”

The Dynamics “Misery”

Small Faces “What You Gonna Do About It”

High Numbers “Zoot Suit”

The Game “Gonna Get Me Someone”

The Action “I’ll Keep Holding On”


Thanks Shaun!!