It Never Stops!!!

Yo from Reckless!!!


Busy week. This is whats been coming in:

Grunge and 90s Metal Vinyl: We had a few people come in this week with tonnes of really cool 90s stuff. Some records you really don’t see much at all. We had original issues of records from Tool, Oasis, Anthrax, Beck, Faith No More, Nirvana, The Fall, Mark Lanegan, Smashing Pumpkins, Happy Mondays, Straneglove, Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine, Blind Melon and many more. Loads of these albums have been reissued – some quite well – but none will beat the original issues!


45s: Lots of 7″s have gone out this week. Some really nice 7″ box sets too from Cream and Sun Ra. Plenty of nice Indie singles went out, some pretty rare ones too! I bought in about 8 Palace 45s this week – these are all so good. Plenty of Punk singles have gone out too – including a whole lot of Hardcore stuff.

Big Collection: the Rock side are just finishing off the huge collection I bought – but the dance side still have loads left to process. From this collection this week we have put out some really nice original Radiohead records, huge box sets from Dinosaur L, Red House Painters, Numero Records and some Vinyl On Demand kosmiche box sets.

Dubstep: we have been buying in boatloads of clean Dubstep. From DMZ to Skream to Burial. It seems the guy who’s selling it all in barely played anything so they are as crisp as you like (and priced to sell…).

Disco: A load of Disco 12:s are going out this week. Lots of Salsoul, Westend etc as well as classics from Gordons War and Greg Henderson.

Old Skool: Some serious Drum n Bass/Jungle/Hardcore 12″s went out this week. Most of it sold in under an hour. Titles from LTJ Bukem, Randall, Andy C, Run Tings, Bad Influence, Skanna and many more.

Classic Rock: Loads of Classic Rock has come in and gone out this week. Lots of really nice copies of LPs (originals, 80s issues, new reissues) from artists like Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Wishbone Ash, Black Sabbath. Some fairly nice originals on some rarer prog titles too (that all went straight on the wall!).

Jazz: Heavy amounts of Jazz have come in this week. Lots of Blue Notes, Pharaoh Sanders, early ECM, John Coltrane, Alice Coltrane. Some really cool records actually, unusual to get so much in one week. I think we bought about 200 decent Jazz records this week! There were also some really nice Brazilian titles in these collections (that have all gone out). On a CD tip we also bought in hundreds of Jazz cds this week – lots of great ones actually. These are flying out!

Moby: Two signed Moby original LPs went out this week!

US Indie/Hardcore: Bazillions of wicked Indie/Experimental/Hardcore records also came in this week. Some choice titles from: Void, Suicide, Palace, Smog, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Tom Waits, The Seeds, Kraftwerk, Sex Pistols, Slint, My Bloody Valentine. These have nearly all gone out now! There was also a gnarly batch of LPs from Bulldozer, Nightmare, Slang, GBH, Venom etc.

Rock/Pop: Some very rare (and expensive) original issues of big major artists like Keane, Goldfrapp, Ed Harcourt, Glasvegas etc also came in this week. Some of the cheaper titles sold pretty quickly but we still have some of them. They are in lovely condition!

Guardian Angel: we are just about to put out a copy of the super rare Guardian Angel LP out. An excellent Reggae/Funk/Lovers LP that never turns up.

All of the reductions are done throughout the shop now so now is the time to check the bargain section as it is fully stocked!!!

Plenty more collections coming up this week – lets see what happens!

This weeks Top Ten is from the almighty Jesus from Me Saco Un Ojo Records one of the best Metal labels!!! Thanks Jesus!!


UNDERANG – Misantropologi LP
SPECTRAL VOICE – Eroded Corridors of Unbeing LP
PERVERTED CEREMONY – Sabbat of Behezaël LP
ASCENDED DEAD – Abhorrent Manifestation LP
INSURGENCY – Militant Death Cult MLP
ENSNARED – Dysangelium LP
OCCVLTA – Night Without End LP
EVIL – Rites Of Evil LP
MOENOS – Call From The Grave DEMO