From The Beatles to Barrington Levy!

Hello from reckless!! It’s been a mad start to the month so far; with crazy sales and a huge amount of buying – and its all been bad boy material! I’m gonna talk you through it below. This blog was written to the sounds of Sema.

So to start things off we bought a (pretty much as new) Mono box from the Beatles. This huge box set is pretty special; and features a load of their albums in mono (which many say is the best way to hear them). It comes with a really nice book (this ones sealed) and the packaging is super nice. Here is a very in-depth article about this box set:


(We also bought in a really nice copy of The White Album).

One of our regular sellers (and someone I’ve known for nearly 20 years!) brought in a huge pile of top drawer reggae CDs. Tonnes of well out of print comps, classic albums with bonus tracks, unreleased dub sets, rocksteady anthologies. Everything you could possibly want from artists like; Barrington Levy, Alton Ellis, Prince Buster, Joe Gibbs, Sylford Walker, Glenn Brown, Yabby You, Tapper Zukie etc. These are flying out the door.


Keeping it reggae; I just bought in 30 super 45s. Mixture of UK and JA pressings. Lots of killer tunes; Dennis Brown, The Ethiopians, Niney, Capleton, The Wailers. Mostly super clean.

Lastly on the reggae front we just bought in four great Lee Perry LPs, all super nice condition (apart from one Upsetters which plays better than it looks!). This is the start of a big collection; fingers crossed it works out!

Huge jazz collection came our way on Saturday. Bit of blues in there too but mostly classic jazz. A few Blue Notes in there; mostly semi standard but very clean. Some rarer UK titles (Stan Tracey, Tubby Hayes) as well as some UK pressed Latin titles.

We also had a load more Jazz come in with some funk, rare groove, soul and breaks. There were some really rare Blue Notes, Cymande, Roy Ayers, Oliver Lake, Johnny Hammond etc. Lovely stuff.

Bucketloads of Psych reissues also came in this week. There were some titles on the excellent EM records, some monster rare US Psych, French Prog. It’s all a bit overwhelming to be honest.

Plenty of Nu Psych and Indie coming in too; The Heads, The Beta Band, The Bevis Frond.

Large pile of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock also came in; lots of comps (one with Nihilist on!), Black Sabbath (some super clean UK ogs), plenty of under the radar US hair rock that I’ve never heard of that is pretty rare. There were also a few rare NWOBHM 45s that went out.

The biggest thing we’ve done all week so far though is the reductions. Not that much stuff got pulled this quarter so I think that’s a good sign that we price stuff right; but there are certainly still many bargains to be had right now.

We restocked the awesome Tote Bags!!


We now stock Oasis reissue LPs, which makes sense seeing as the shop is on the cover of What’s The Story.


The weekend is looking a bit quiet for the staff at reckless gigwise (apart from Kenny obviously who has two dj things in London this weekend!). Which I am very happy about as Scott and me have gone sober for October to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Research! Please donate!

This week we have a Top Ten from one of our favourite customers and superstar DJ the main man Danny Howells!!!


1) Irresistible Bitch – in my opinion the first utterly essential Prince B-side. The man at his stripped down, funkiest best, and easily as good as anything on the 1999 album.
2) 17 Days – not just one of his best flip sides but one of his best tracks ever. MONSTER bass line.
3) Erotic City – needs little introduction as it’s one of his best known songs. And another stripped down dirty mutha of a tune.
4) She’s Always In My Hair – took me years to really appreciate this one, but now it’s probably my favourite b-side, and one of my all time favourite Prince songs.
5) Hello – has to be the 12″ version of this .. one of the few times Prince got really autobiographical in his lyrics, this song tells his version of the USA for Africa controversy and is a climactic slice of genius.
6) La, La, La, He, He, Hee – again, needs to be the 12″ for the full 10 minute insanity. Woof!
7) Housequake (7 Minutes Mo’Quake) – largely instrumental, jazzed out extension of the SoTT classic. Another total gem.
8) Scarlet Pussy – atmospheric and stripped, totally P-funky.
9) Alphabet St (This Is Not Music, This Is A Trip) – dub mix of Alphabet St, again (and as with all of these!) it needs to be the full strength 12″ JAM!!
10) Feel U Up – absolutely pisses all over the ghastly “Partyman”, which was the A-side. From the aborted Camille album hence pitched up vocals galore. Cheers!
Thanks Danny!!!