Compact Disc Meltdown

Hello from Reckless!


This blog was written to the sound of this absolute stormer from Red Planet:

This week was another mad one. Loads of the nice bits were flying out, some of the Freakbeat barely lasted an hour. Theres still some seriously prime stock out right now: Psych, Rare Roots Reggae, Ghost Box Titles, Rare 60s LPs, Dubstep, 90s Rap, Noise….you name it we got it.

The biggest purchase this week was a massive (few thousand roughly) CD collection. It was a really good collection too – Classic Rock, obscure Singer Songwriter, Psychedelia, 100 Miles Davis CDs, Progressive Rock, Sixties Pop, Beat, Blues, loads of rare Neil Young. Very cool collection. Tom went out of London for this one and we are glad he did! The rarest titles in the whole pile are a whole stack of Grateful Dead “Dicks Picks”.

On the vinyl side – fair bit this week, just the other day I bought in around 30 original Bob Dylan LPs. Some really nice UK originals from the 60s in there, with the nice front laminate flapjack sleeves.

This nice guy fro France that comes in every now and then brought in a really cool pile of records this week. Full row of Shackleton 12″s, some rare H.N.A.S. LPs, some early Whitehouse titles (including the Nurse With Wound collab), Alvin Lucier etc You no the drill!

We have been dabbling with memorabilia now for some time, and this week we got a super nice promo poster for The Smiths “The Queen Is Dead”. Its out in the shop right now!

We seem to have somehow been buying in boatloads of wicked 60s titles recently. In just a few days we had super nice UK originals of Electric Banana, James Brown, The Kinks, The Impressions, The Four Tops, Marianne Faithful, The Who etc.


Nice sleeves!!


Al priced up a really rare yellow vinyl copy of this Nirvana 7″. There are so many good 45s out right now.


On the Dance side – they are still processing the hell out of the big collection I bought. Tonnes of rare Apex Twin went out the other day; and Toru processed a load of rare UK Techno (several Black Dog LPs for example). Quite a bit of rare Tech House and Minimal went out this week too. As well as a load more 90s Heavy Rap. For me the cover to this record is almost as amazing as the tune:

Tom started processing a load of Rare CDrs this week. Some super rare ones from Noise artists, Swans, Ambient Techno, Hardcore Punk bands, Lo-Fi. You name it. Looks like a load more tapes went out this week too. Also this week Toru and I played on Radar Radio for the Front Left boys, it was a wicked show if I do say so myself and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for having us on!

The Lowest Form play two gigs this weekend – Friday with Sleaford Mods at Brixton Academy and Saturday with Arms Race at New River Studios.


The Brainiacs are also playing this week, this will be a big one!


Following on from that it makes sense to have this weeks Top Ten from Lou and Jake from Front Left Life! Cheers geezers!!!



  1. LTJ Bukem – Music Happy Raw
  2. Elgato – Dunkel Jam
  3. XI – Untitled (SUED006)
  4. Dresvn – Untitled (ACIDO014)
  5. El-B – El Breaks Vol.1
  6. Johnny Clarke – Give Thanks
  7. Mix Mup – After The Job
  8. DJ Mondie – Pull Up Dat
  9. DJ Dreadd – Invasion
  10. Dizzee Rascal – Hoe (Champion Mix)