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Mad week as I am sure you can guess. This blog was written to the sweet sounds of Autopsy.

Autopsy for me are one of the most perfect metal bands ever. Proper Punk attitude, all the right influences. Takes you back to the big sideburns, plaid shirts, Regurgitate shirt era of the early 90s. Shame me and a load of pals were robbed during the charity gig at Tufnell Park with Bolt Thrower and Discharge.

So before I start going into all the records that came in this week (an more about the mad collection we bought last week) – I’ll talk about a killer perfect trio of LPs that came in today.

Autopsy “Severed Survival”

Paradise Lost “Icon”

Corrosion Of Conformity “Eye For An Eye”

For me, these three LPs are pretty much all the LPs you need if you live in a small town, love tearing it up and have absolutely nothing to do. These three came in this week, all OG. Three of my favourite metal/hardcore LPs. TBF the Paradise Lost LP stands out a bit, but if like me you skived school to get this the day it came out (from Ramsgate Our Price) you know how killer it is. Everyone says they just sounded like Metallica by this point but they just don’t get the point. This is Metallica Style classic metal but in a miserable Yorkshire style; Death Doom bubbling up, killer Goth melodies. You can still stage dive to this at the 1 in 12. The Autopsy is simply, the most ferocious heavy doom-laden punk thrash LP of all time. Pure hell on vinyl. Beer swilling chaos. COC is caning a bong, skating all day and doing backflips. These will be sold by 10.10am tomorrow.

Now I got that out of the way I can talk more about the collection last week. My backs just about recovered from lifting all of them too. We now have a full row of Avant Garde (in fact tomorrow Im gonna have to split the section up), a whole row of Metal (maybe we can finally now have a Bestial Black Metal section?), Hardcore to the max, UK Techno s bursting. Full Deep Medi catalogue. Loads of insane US House and Techno. The Warp/Rephlex Section is getting punished. About 20 Dance Mania’s going out too – you like the Booty Bass sound yeah?

We’re (I am) getting crazy messages about this collection – and all I can say is – please just keep coming in the shop. We can only process so many records a day. These are going out and selling as soon as they hit the shelves. Today Scott gave me a killer selection of 90s Rap LPs (Ice Cube, Raekwon, Gravegiggaz), and within 2 minutes they had sold. All the Relief Records, Drexciya, Peter Brotzmann etc records are going out. We can generally get out about 300 records a day (and about 100 Tapes and CDs on top). So keep putting in the leg work and you will get the tunes you need.

Today I processed a real mixture of tunes – but the bulk of them were ultra rare Italian Library and Avant Garde reissue LPS. So; basically all the Ennio Morricone, Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza etc. Large but of these were very much out of print and in perfect condition. Malvagio!


Sean went to a collection today which was not as successful as we wished. Sadly the records were super beat up. Imagine leaving copies of Stargazer by Shelagh McDonald!! Luckily a few titles were salvaged. This included rare LPs by Michael Garrick, Manfred Mann (the killer Vertigo LPs), Joe Harriott, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Mike Westbrook, Coleman Hawkins etc. Shame when you get a pile of skated killer records. But they play so what are you gonna do? Some real rare ones in there anyway. If you come in and have a  look and are a bit worried please feel free to ask us to play over a mark. They are guaranteed to sound ok and not jump!!

We bought tonnes of wicked Rap LPs this week. Loads of Native Tongues; Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers, People Under The Stairs. Loads of MF Doom. Loads of Gangster Rap. NWA, Ice Cube, Ice T. So many big hitters. A Load of rare Library LPs also came in with one of the collections. Sick Libes bro!!!

We also had the usual in – tonnes of rare Industrial CDs, loads of classic Rock. Seems funny when £50+ Coil cds become standard.

Its been a super hectic week at Reckless, so please just bear with us and come in and buy some records.

Go to this:


Also The Lowest Form play with Sleaford Mods at Brixton Academy soon. Pretty mental. There is also a gig at New River the day before for charity, details to follow.

Maybe you saw the Reckless Records chart in the new Wire magazine. It is worth buying, and Lichens is on the cover.

This weeks TOP TEN is from manlike GATTO FRITTO!!!!!

Ben is a killer guy, used to work at Reckless Records and is still smashing out wicked DJ Sets and bad boy tunes like there is no tomorrow. Thanks Ben!!!


  1. Vapourspace ” Paradox Of Time Dilation”
  2. Peter Gabriel “Slow Marimbas”
  3. Jah Seg “Praises”
  4. King Crimson “Discipline”
  5. Erasure “Fingers & Thumbs (Wire Remix)”
  6. Jules Venturini “Traces OF Smoke (Forthcoming on Whities)”
  7. Black Merlin “Tutur”
  8. In The Beyond “Retro”
  9. Mute “Alistairs Theme”
  10. Maghreban “Revenge”