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This Blog Post was written from a balcony overlooking the sea in Kent; listening to this amazing Library track that Aphex Twin sampled.

Which kind of leads me onto the next part of the blogpost. This weekend I travelled up to the Midlands to view a collection that a well known musician and producer (and pal of mine) had for sale. I knew this was going to be a big one, as I knew that said producer had the wickedest taste in music and I had seen a video walking around the huge room where the collection was. But nothing quite prepared me for when I actually stepped into the room.

There were walls and walls, floor to ceiling, of records. Boxes and boxes of Tapes, 45s and Box sets. I knew instantly that it was the biggest and best collection I was ever going to see in my life. Things I noticed was the Drukqs Box set (plus tonnes of other Aphex Twin, about three inches of Relief sleeves and loads of Vinyl On Demand Box Sets. It was a real labour of love, everything in perfect order and in plastic sleeves. To say I was a bit overwhelmed is an understatement! I knew this was going to take a seriously long time to value; but I spent the entire day going through every record one by one and working out a total value. The first bit I started going through was the Reggae. You know when you start going through original Jamaican Dubplates to Wackies to Soul Jazz comps to Augustus Pablo to The Congos that this is going to be absolutely killer.

The next part that I started was – shall we say – everything but dance music. This was the largest section, and there were literally thousands and thousands of them. I was surrounded by vinyl. Firstly there was tonnes of heavy 90s Rap. We’re talking Ghostface, Geto Boys, Gravediggaz, Ice Cube, Raekwon. All of the big killer LPs, and all original.

The Punk and Hardcore was top notch; literally the best selection. From loads of killer new records from bands like Exotica, Perspex Flesh, Iron Lung to the og: Minor Threat, Heresy, Crass. So many good records!!! There was also loads of heavy noise rock. Pretty much all of the classic 70s-80s Punk LPs were in there too so we will finally have some of the greatest records in the shop for the first time in ages!!!

There was also some serious Black Metal in this collection. From older more established bands such as Immortal to newer more mental bands like Volhan, Bone Awl, Revenge etc. I personally absolutely love Black Metal so am super happy to have a load out in the shop. Especially when its such a mad selection of styles. There were also some killer classic Thrash LPs from bands like Metallica and Slayer. Scream for me Nottingham!!!! Plenty of more doomy metal too (including a sealed Burning Witch box set!!).

The Jazz was endless too. From super nice Blue Note reissues to Free Jazz blasters from Peter Brotzmann to gorgeous Albert Ayler Box Sets. Touching everything in-between. Lots of bonkers European Jazz too including a load of Improv. Not the sort of Jazz records you see everyday I can tell you!

There were some serious Indie records in the collection. Absolute all time classic LPs from artists like Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr, Melvins, The Verve, Oasis, My Bloody Valentine, Happy Mondays, The Stone Roses, Big Black, The Fall, Mudhoney, The Shins…you name it. They are in there. There was also another Red House Painters Box. As well as a serious Radiohead collection (including the new Box Set).

A huge part of the collection was made up from Synth Pop; lots of very rare (as well as standard) titles from huge acts like Depeche Mode, New Order, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys etc. You can’t go wrong with some killer synth pop!! It was nice to see more of the rare Depeche Mode 12″s.

There were also a tonne of amazing Box Sets; some of the ones I can remember were by: Muslimgauze, Merzbow, Dinosaur L, Red House Painters…loads more!!!

There were also about a gazillion Classic Rock LPs; all the big ones!! Kate Bush, Led Zeppelin, Queen, David Bowie, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, The Doors, Grateful Dead, Groundhogs. Psych out baby! On top of the Classic Rock there were tonnes of heavy Psych and Prog reissues – amazing LPs from T2, Comus, Arzachel, 13th Floor Elevators, Fairport Convention etc.

The Noise LPs were just stone cold killer. So many badboy ones from all the Wolf Eyes lot, Whitehouse (all those reissues that are starting to get harder to get), Merzbow, Prurient, Boyd Rice, Consumer Electronics, loads of RRR related bands, Kevin Drumm. There were also loads of Noise Box Sets. I’m sure you can imagine too that the Industrial LPs were prime. I don’t think we’ve ever had an Industrial section as big as we will have now (especially after this and the last huge Industrial collection I bought!).

By this point I had been going through the collection for hours. I was pretty excited to go through the House and Techno as I knew my pal had the most killer taste when it came to that and it was worth waiting for. I went straight to the Detroit section and bloody hell. This was proper. Endless original Drexciya, Jeff Mills, Derrick May, Underground Resistance, Red Planet, Suburban Knight, Robert Hood – all their aliases – and all their pals records were in there too. Blimey!! I remember first hearing Detroit Techno in a record shop I used to work in in Nottingham when I was about 19 and it just blew my mind. Pretty bonkers to be buying loads of the records in Nottingham 17 years later.

Then I got to a section which was all Strictly Rhythm, Nervous, Cajual, Prescription, Peacefrog, Transmat, Guidance, Dance Mania, Moodymann, Theo Parrish, Trax and all the other huge and killer House labels. So many of the best records of all time. As well as the Prescription box set, there were pretty much all of the original 12’s, and all in killer condition. The Dance Mania stretched from DJ Funk to Lil Louis, boom!! Tonnes of Mood 2 Swing, maaaaaan. I cannot wait to actually be back at work and be able to play all these killer records. I haven’t even mention the 30 or so Relief Records 12″s (from Paul Johnson, to Glenn Underground to Joe Lewis). This really is house heaven. There was also tonnes of rare Minimal and Tech House from artists like Mathew Jonson, Akufen, Ideal Recordings etc. Loads and loads of Nu Disco and French biscuits. Lots of Deep house as well.

It wasn’t like my pal hadn’t been buying all the new records either; there are tonnes of killer House/Techno/Experimental records from the last ten years. Hundreds and hundreds of Hieroglyphic Being, MGUN, Berceuse Heroique, TTT, L.I.E.S., Kyle Hall etc. Basically all the killer bits from the last ten years.

UK Techno and the Warp/Sheffield Bleep Rave sound was obviously a huge favourite too as there were pretty much all of the Warp Records (a huge row of purple sleeves!!). He was telling me about rushing into town every week to get the new Warp Records 12′ and how it blew his mind so you know these records mean a lot. As well as all the 12″s there were loads of the LPs from artists like Autechre, Aphex Twin etc. Timeless music. Talking about Aphex Twin, the Rephlex section was just incredible. Tonnes of rare Caustic Window, AFX, The Tuss, U-Ziq etc. Huge records, and pretty much all of them. As you can imagine there were also all the B12 12″s, The Black Dog, Likemind, Cabaret Voltaire/Richard H Kirk, LFO, Luke Slater, Irdial (including the amazing Morganistic 12″), Global Communication, Stasis, Ian O’Brien, Surgeon etc. As you can imagine from this kind of collection there were also a lot of original Rave and Acid House 12″s – how could there not be??

One part of the collection that had already got a lot of people really excited is the (pretty much from what I remember!!) full Djax-Up-Beats selection. For me this label covers some of the best Dance sounds, from harder techno to acid to house; but all done to perfection. So nice to see them all together with the colourful sleeves!!!

By this point I was pretty knackered and I got started on the 7″s. It was a mad mix of 80s Pop, 60s bangers, Digital Reggae and Rhythm & Sound, Rocksteady, Roots Reggae, Post Punk, new Hardcore like Warthog, Classic Indie, tonnes of Funk. Exactly what you expect from a massive brilliant collection like this basically!

The tapes were just another world: original Grouper tapes, all the Aaron Dilloways, underground Black Metal tapes from long forgotten Midlands bands, Outsider Punk bands, Folk Guitarists, lots of Volcanic Tongue era sounds, Skam tapes. Bonkers.

Lastly the CDs; lots of great classic albums, ambient compilations, Numero Comps, Best ofs, classic Indie Rock, Avant Garden Noise CD-Rs, Savage Techno mixes. Hundreds and Hundreds of them.

To sum up – this is without a doubt the best collection I have ever bought. You can really see how much love and time and effort has gone into collecting it all. Pretty much all of the most interesting genres were covered – and in depth. We had to hire an absolutely massive van (Thanks Josh!!!) and it was absolutely brutal moving all of the records (both sides!!) but luckily everyone at the shop got really stuck in and had prepared the shop in advance and moved it all so quickly. Thanks also to my pal Damon for helping us move everything in Nottingham. It may have helped if I hadn’t got pretty drunk with my pal and his lovely wife who sold them on the Saturday night and gone to see Remarc and Kid Lib – but when in Notts!). I would be surprised if I ever get to buy a collection this good again, but I hope I can one day. It was the most I have ever paid for a collection, but it deserved every penny and it was a joy to do it. I was also very much looked after when I was there – constantly offered Tea, plums, delicious samosas!! Which was nice as that doesn’t happen too much!

This collection is going to take some serious time to get out in the racks, but please keep checking our Instagram to see all the tasty bits going out:

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