Raving Time!!!



Busy week at Reckless as usual! As you may know there are three new releases on Reckless Records record label. We have a new page on the website which goes into the history of Reckless Records as a label (whilst also going into some history of the shop):


Keep checking the page for any updates!

This blog was written to the sound of The Nurse.

I should also mention that our friends at La Vida Es Un Mus have just released a discography LP from The Nurse which we are stocking at Reckless!

The biggest and most exciting pile of records that came in this week was from this really nice bloke (who has thousands of records to sell!) with a load of Hardcore/Rave/Jungle. We were super happy to give him tonnes of cash because his records were really, really dope. I put a load of pictures up on the Reckless Instagram


But there were several bags of tunes by Photek, Dom & Roland, M Beat, Nookie, Tango, Dillinja, DJ Rap, Bizzy B, Spirits From An Urban Jungle, System X, Sounds Of Life, Boogie Times Tribe, Kid Andy, Fire Fox, Krome & Time, Ruff & Ready, Underkut, DJ Gunshot, Goldie, Danny Breaks etc. Generally all in super nice condition. He was proper happy with it all, as were we, so has promised he’s going to be coming back next week. Heres hoping he does! This are going to take a little while to get out into the racks (about 50 went out on Friday) as Scott is still on holiday so bear with us!

Another big one that came in this week was the Red House Painters Vinyl box set on 4ad. One of the greatest bands ever if you ask me; and to have all their LPs presented in such a nice box is pretty badboy. So many good tunes; grab it in time for Autumn!

Lots of nice LPs came in on the rock side this week. One pile of nice noisy improv post punk LPs which included: The Pop Group, Flipper, Zoviet France etc. Some really interesting LPs off one of my oldest friends which included: Peter Bellamy, Nic Jones, Slowdive, Black Metal, Townes Van Zandt, Murcof, Devon Folklore Tapes. We also had a lot of buying over the last few days with some heavy hitters from Throbbing Gristle, Bob Dylan, Dr Strangely Strange, Neil Young, Grateful Dead, Moe Tucker and Robert Johnson records taking up wall space.


Tonnes more Industrial came on on CD the week; including the infamous Death In June burger. Pretty ridiculous!!! Loads more super rare Coil, Andrew Chalk, Whitehouse, Nurse With Wound, Current 93 all going out this week.


We had a load more hefty UK Garage biscuits going out this week. The biggest was probably the first 12″ from DJ EZ. This is a pretty pricey little number but really killer and guaranteed to rock any dance floor. It never turns up either. Watch EZ rock the place in this video:


Lots of 45s have gone out this week. On top of the huge box of 60s 45s were these:

Eric Elder – Sunflower (Norwegian Pic Sleeve)
10cc/Strawberry related popsiker recently compiled on ‘Mixed Up Minds’
Primal Scream – All Fall Down / It Happens
Their indiepop debut. Think Paisley shirt rather than leather trousers.
Castle Farm – Hot Rod Queen (Privately pressed Junkshop Glam Tractor Jam)
Wilson Pickett – My Heart Belongs To You (A UK demo copy of this in demand Popcorn classic)
This week we’ve also been smashing out loads of random bits that have been sitting around for ages. We’re just trying to make space for this huge collection I’m going to at the weekend. So loads of random bits are going out. From weird Industrial LPs to rare pressings of classic LPs that are a bit tatty. The type of records that take a lot more time to process! Loads of titles going out in the bargain racks too.
OK – on to this weeks Top Eleven!
This week I’m super chuffed to have got a Top Eleven from Rob and Jill from Anarchy Records in Nottingham! Two of the nicest people you could possibly meet, and they always have killer records. I spent so much time in their shop when I lived in Nottingham; it was like a second home.
Anarchy top 11.
Just what we are listening to at the moment.
In no particular order
1-Klein and mbo dirty talk (instrumental).
2- Elton John – Tiny dancer (love it and always will).
3- Freur – doot doot.
4- Kylie – all the lovers.
5- Novak – alpine assignment ep.
6-Nick Heyward – Atlantic Monday.
7 – The go gos – our lips are sealed.
8 – Dub syndicate – mafia.
9 – Newcleus – computer age (push the button).
10 – baby’s gang – Happy song.
11 – Panorama – Dream Home