From Dub to Dubplates!

Salut from Reckless!!!


This Blog was written to the sound of Frankie Paul!

Loads in this week! Lets get started!

Firstly our good friend (who’s been in countless London Hardcore and Punk bands) brought in a load of nice records the other day. Biggest item was the Lee Moses 2xLP on Castle. This is a really good way of owning all the classic tunes from Lee Moses (including Bad Girl!). Sounds great, looks great. Pricey though! There were also a load of class Post Punk 45s, Death Metal CDs, Reggae 12″s and Hardcore Punk LPs. Always good bits!!

Just yesterday we had a large pile of Dubplates come in. They were from various cutting houses and included Drum N Bass from Bad Company, DJ Zinc etc as well as heavy Dancehall from Sanchez, and Hardcore Roots from Frankie Paul. Lots of Music House Dubs. I was playing through a load earlier and some of them are proper wicked!

Even more Dubstep came in this week – and you won’t believe it – more DMZs. Keep checking the wall and the Dubstep section as these won’t last long. They’re all in nice shape.

I bought in loads of killer Drum N Bass today including quite a few rarities. Some proper 12″s from Photek (and Studio Pressure), Wax Doctor, Dillinja, DJ Crystl. Tonnes of large ones.

The guy who has been bringing in the Industrial CDs is still bringing loads more in every week and literally going out laughing at how much dough he’s getting. But we have got so many killer Coil, Death In June, Nurse With Wound etc titles in right now. The cabinet is bursting with them. Loads more obscure stuff from artists like The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud etc too.

Vegetable was back in the house this week with loads more killer 45s. This time loads of wicked Dancehall 45s, some mad rare Synth/Post Punk, Oddball Euro disco. You know the score!

We had a full restock of everything Hardcore Punk (including loads of other mad titles) from Static Shock Records and La Vida Es Un Mus. This included loads of killer Hardcore from artists like Career Suicide, Rixe, Disclose, Limp Wrist (including the new one), Hank Wood & The Hammer Heads etc. We also got a few new titles from the Metal Distro Me Saco Un Ojo (including the new Undergang which is really killer!). There are some really nice titles in right now, and they are literally flying out. We sold three Rixe LPs when we played it on Saturday.

We bought in even more wicked Reggae over the weekend. From Rocksteady 45s to UK Roots 12″s. There were also a load of Greensleeves LPs that came in (much cleaner than normal). Most of the 45s sold as soon as they went out but we now have a whole wall of UK Digital Roots 45s.

We bought in another copy of Screwface today by the Brainkillers. Thats like 4 in 2 months.

We’ve got a lot coming up next week (a 5000 piece House and Techno collection which looks really good, a nice Prog collection and some Punk 45s) so keep checking in!!


This week we have a Top Ten from none other than Heather from Black Impulse!!!

Cheers Heather!!!!!!


oioi I’m Heather, people call me Heaty. I do a radio show on NTS called Black Impulse every other weekend for the last 6 years and it has been pretty wild. I collect punk, noodly prog and far out shit. I really f*cking love weird/wobbly covers and references. Chris has been bugging me to do this for months now, and I keep dragging my feet. NO LONGER. Here’s yr list, f*cko.

10+ hits 4U

So hard to pick just one.

There’s 2 wicked Uriah Heep covers on this Czech 10″ that are both bangers; “Easy Livin” and “Look at Yourself”.

At one point in my life, I had 3 copies of this record?! V thrashy v trashy. So many fucked up cover songs, but check this my dudes.

I am really unapologetic about my love for Jon Anderson (also Rush?!). He has the voice of a goddamned angel and first 6 Yes albums are unf*ckwithable.

Always a fave. Maybe my no.1 love song of all time?! So much so, I made this frickin video y’hoser.

Second and third fave love song of all time? I have so many heavy emotional feelings about DVV.

1980s NYC hardcore band Go! covering Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

Circle have been one of my top 5 current/running bands for so so so long. Here’s a ripper cover of Eno’s “Here Come the Warm Jets” from Manner released by Hydrahead for record store day in 2012 and in true HH fashion, plenty of colourways/slick packaging.

Here’s some new-ish releases I am currently f+cking with:

This is a new release by LA’s Corima, it’s like Pharoah Sanders fucked MAGMA and the baby was raised in Japan. It’s wild AF. If you dig cosmic jazz & zeuhl, this is for u.

Sarthay Kowar is absolutely dominating right now. The whole of “Day to Day” is a rager of modern jazz citing references of Siddi folk music. Out on Ninja Tune nownownow

Buy this tape. Doomy & roomy.


When I’m hungover/feeling wavy, I love listening to wobbly covers of my favourite songs. Here’s two excellent examples


Cheers Heather you rule!!