Dubstep in the house

Yes yes! Welcome to this weeks Reckless Blog!


This blog was written to the sounds of Good Shoes.

Mad week, madder than most. The shop is rammed full of records; at the time of writing this we have multiples of so many classic rare and sought after records (plus loads more collections coming up). Something that we have a load of right now is Dubstep. After the collection last week which resulted in us having a full wall of DMZ and Deep Medi on the Dance wall I went out and bought another collection from one of my oldest mates (rammed full of more DMZ and Deep Medi!). He had decided that it was time to have a big clear out and sold us around 500 12″s and 45s that he just wasn’t playing anymore. I clambered up into his loft space (which was jam packed full of vinyl and a mental PA and sound system) and spent the morning going through tunes with him (and him filling me in on where he bought them all – many of which I was there with him!). “Oh look, this is rare! Big Apple classic! You gave me this!”. There was also tonnes of banging Drum n Bass (Paradox, Doc Scott, Danny Breaks, Remarc, DJ Hype…), Noise (Wolf Eyes, Whitehouse, Nurse With Wound), Hardcore/Punk (Septic Death, Wire, Joy Division, Braindead, Hellnation), House/Techno (Strictly Rhythm, Chicago House, Nu Disco) and tonnes more. Also loads of indie 45s! I think this is why I have been listening to Good Shoes. Funny buying your pals records, it brings back so many memories!

On Saturday we had a really nice lady come in and sell us a nice pile of fairly clean 60s and 70s LPs. They were all original copies and included titles from The Beatles, John Lee Hooker, The Yardbirds, Stevie Wonder, Buddy Holly, The Rolling Stones etc. There were a few more unusual titles as well as a load of fairly standard 70s LPs (Electric Light Orchestra, Emerson Lake & Palmer etc).

Our friend Norman, who’s been a face on the records scene for years, brought us in a few unplayed 7″ box sets just the other day, both are pretty dope. One is a Who one, with all the classic 45s. The other is a Small Faces “French EPs” box. Both sealed.

We bought in about 50 classical LPs and Box Sets on Saturday. Nearly all of these are out in the 50p box; and selling fast. Tonnes of Decca titles. There were a few box sets in the standard classical section. We are trying to focus a little more on Classical titles (we used to just buy 20th Century Modern Classical).

Sean bought a pretty big Rock collection last week. It was a bit all over the place, with tonnes of odd Post Punk, standard 70s Rock, random metal, a Finnish Blitz 45, some rough but rare Rocksteady/Ska and Jazz. Lots of classic South London records (is it even possible to go to a collection in south East London without there being any Test Dept or This Heat? Always some Joy Division too. Some super random stuff here.

We had a walk in seller bring in one of the rarest (and priciest!) titles we’ve bought in quite some time. Its a ultra rare pressing of Bleach by Nirvana, on Red/White marbles vinyl. With a blue vinyl pressing of Sliver the 45. This has gone for over £1000 several times.

We bought a few hundred classic 70’s Tapes. Some really nice ones: John Martyn, Faust, The Beatles, Kraftwerk, Caravan, Soft Machine, Can, Bob Marley etc.

We also bought a load of decent indie vinyl (Ash, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden etc). We got a restock of the Tote bags (and are hopefully getting some stickers soon). Plenty more collections this week!!!

This weeks Top Ten is by none other than Phil Alexander Editor-In-Chief of Mojo Magazine!!! He’s done us a Top Ten based around the Sun, good timing as its gonna be really bloody hot today! Thanks Phil!!!


Anthems Of The Sun


1 Queens Of The Stone Age – My God Is The Sun

2 Ghost Of The Sabre Tooth Tiger – Midnight Sun

3 The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Third From The Sun

4 T Rex – Mambo Sun

5 Goat – Union Of Sun And Moon

6 The Beatles – Sun King

7 Vangelis – Sunny Earth

8 Mighty Baby – Same Way From The Sun

9 Black Mountain – Mothers Of The Sun

10 Syd Arthur – Sun Rays

11 Ulver – Velvet Sunsets

12 Hawkwind – Hurry On Sundown