Vinyl and CDs that we have bought, with a bit of description; and a List from Wicked DJ Felix Hall

Oi! from Reckless!!


Blimey, been an absolutely mental week – the shop has been crazy busy. Usually when its hot everyone sits in the park but it seems all these big gigs (Depeche Mode, Green Day, Tom Petty etc) have brought in lots to tourists (from the UK and afar) who all want to buy CDs and Vinyl! Nice one!

This Blog was written to the sounds of Magic by the Circle City Band on my first day of trying to commute from Thanet to London!

So this week we haven’t just been selling tonnes of Vinyl and CDs but we’ve also been buying it by the bucketload too.

Firstly – despite the fact that most of it literally flew out the moment it was put out in the racks) I should talk about the large amount of Wackies (and Summer Records) titles we had. We bought tonnes of super rare Wackies 12”s and some of the Dub LPs. From Love Joys to Horace Andy to the Bullwackies Dubs – it was all there. Wackies is an absolutely killer label; if you don’t know it and have an  interest in Reggae at least check out the nice reissues (pretty much always available from the always killer Honest Jons). Heres hoping that more comes in!

Next up – a member of staff needed a bit of moolah after moving and sold in some heavy biscuits. Some nice UK Folk, UK Free Jazz, 60s Pop and Indie Rock. Alan Skidmore on Deram, Lal & Mike Waterson, The Beatles, Ride…all the big boys. These titles have had some customers frothing at the mouth!!!

Who would have thought it but someone sold in some of those David Axelrod reissues that we used to sell really cheap and they have shot right up in value! But at least we have them in stock. An unpopular choice I know but Earth Rot is my personal favourite.

I, just today, purchased a load of rare Brazilian and Japanese ambient titles. Unfortunately I am writing this from the train and didn’t make a note of what they were. The same seller also sold in nice compilation LPs of Urban Waste and Straight Ahead/NYC Mayhem so you know they have good taste!!

I purchased a fairly large collection of pretty nice classic rock LPs today – artists like Camel, Todd Rundgren, John Fahey, Robin Trower, Led Zeppelin, Woodstock comp, Wishbone Ash, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, AC/DC. Nice classic titles. A few days before we bought some really nice OGs from David Bowie and Nick Drake. Boomting!

We had a load more Emo and Hardcore being sold in. Tonnes of them, super cheap, but still pretty good records! La Quiete, Gunmoll, Twelve Hour Turn, Swing Kids, Combatwoundedveteran etc. Music to roll around on the floor too. I personally still have a lot of time for these records; especially after a single pint of beer.

Dance side has been ticking over nicely, loads of new bits going out (Outkast, Brainkillers, Jurassic 5, The Sylvers, Curtis Mayfield etc). Some of those super limited edits (that go for mad money) came in last week too – Nu Disco edits of Paul Simon, Little Dragon, Junior Boys etc. Also a few super clean Source Direct promos. Also a Tasty Treats DJ sold in a nice pile of House/Techno/Disco reissues (DJ Harvey, Detroit, Kerri Chandler).

Loads of interesting experimental vinyl also came in this week (we are drowning in weird records). One seller (who I used to work with) sold in bare new Avant LPs. Things on Alter Records, Gate, Moondog, Henry Flynt. Loads of good things, and also tonnes of super cheap things. Also we bought in a load of weird Box Sets. From Smegma to Aboriginal Music to BYG/Actuel Records. Plus someone got bored of Wolfgang Dauner and we got a few of his LPs and a rare Et Cetera one. Nice!!

Loads of nice Neofolk and Industrial CDs have been coming in ever since I bought that big collection. This one dude has sold in so many nice and rare Coil Box sets, The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud, Throbbing Gristle, Blood Axis, Nurse With Wound, Rome etc. You get the general idea. Loads of really nice rare CDs. I love this kind of thing lol.

A pal of ours who works round the corner (and has a show on NTS) sold in three nice UK Jazz titles (Mike Westbrook, Henry Lowther and Stan Tracey). Mmmmm, nice!

Our 7” guy was in this week so the racks were filled to the brim, so many killer singles going out. One I remember he played (which I now really wish I had bought!!) was “I’m Alive” by Johny Thunder. Super rare Mod Dancer!!

All sides (Dance, Rock, CD) did their reductions this week. Now is the time to come in and get cheap but still killer Vinyl and CDs. These are selling very quickly, we just want the money back we spent on them so please buy them quickly. Loads of Blue Note CDs in brand new condition going out for £1. Madness!!!

I advise you go to see the band Q that our very own Tom is putting on this weekend. We are playing with them in Sheffield in a few weeks and I cant wait as everyone says they are mental.

July 15th:

Q / State Funeral / Sarcasm / Vile Spirit / Lovers Club
New River Studios
This weeks list is from the madman Felix Hall. Absolute badman Dancehall DJ.
20 riddims and favourite tune on it
(Lift Up Your Head) Anthony B – Raid Di Barn
(Anger Management) Mavado – Real Mckoy
(Mad Indian) T.O.K. – Not The Same
(G-String) Wayne Wonder – Kick It With Me
(Hard Slam) Vybz Kartel – Brooklyn Anthem
(Bruckout) Mr Easy – Murder
(Dogheart) Buju Banton – Informer Fi Dead
(Bug) Bounty Killer – Look
(Bellyaz) Ward 21 – Blood Stain
(Superstar) Frisco Kid – Feedback
(Stampede) Merciless – Mr Whodini
(Empress) Vylmark – Bad Man Sitten
(Good Vybe) Chico – Wonderful
(Rice And Peas) Asssassin And Sugar Slick– Dedicated To The World
(Bogle) Terror Fabulous – Mr Big Man
(Gonna Fight) Garnett Silk – Kingly Character
(Shank I Sheck) Bounty Killer – Down In The Ghetto
(Giggy) Mad Cobra – Shot A Talk
(Hype) Mr Vegas – Model Pon Dem
(Koloko) Sizzla – Love Is Always There