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Ultra busy week this week, thank goodness I was in Glasgow on holiday. This Blog was written to the sounds of Happy Meals.

Just before I went away I went to see a geezer in New Cross (I’d been to purchase a large portion of his CD collection a few months back). This time he wanted to sell all of his Vinyl (that wasn’t Black Metal!). So I spent the day going through roughly 6/700 LPs. From hardcore Power Electronics to Ultra are Progressive (Reissues generally) to Post Punk. There was a lot of noisy stuff generally. Some Neofolk, and a lot of Industrial. A lot of reissues of Italian Industrial Tapes on LTD to 99 copies LP. All of those nice Whitehouse reissues. Plenty of Current 93 and Death In June. A load of NWOBHM 7”s and LPs. There were also a lot of late 90s-mid 2000s noise releases (Hive Mind, Wolf Eyes, New Blockaders, Aaron Dilloway etc). A great collection and pretty chuffed that the Industrial section is absolutley massive now!

Sean went to a collection on the same day that was a little more standard but good nonetheless. Tonnes of classic rock (around 200 titles). From Ten Years After to Joni Mitchell to Black Sabbath. All the usual suspects – in variable condition. Plenty of bargains to be had!!

We also bought a really nice stack of Jazz and Avant Garde titles last week. This included some nice Charlie Parker and John Coltrane vinyl box sets. Some super rare Folkways (the David Tudor and John Cage one was super nice!), Stockhausen Box set and some really nice Japanese Jazz titles.

Also we bought in a rather large Indie/Hardcore/Emo collection. Which was nice as we hadn’t had a lot of bits in like that recently. Sean sent me a load of pics and they include titles by Moss Icon (one of the best bands ever!), Lifetime, The Gossip, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Tragedy, Hatred Surge, Japandroids, Go Sailor and Husker Du. Bit of a weird mix but I think it makes sense. Typing this makes me want to listen to Go Sailor.

Footpatrol (the bad boy trainer shop over the road) included us in their Jewel Of Soho campaign recently which was very nice of them. So check their website (its got some pictures of Toru and Eddie on there!).

We are extending out buying limits soon so if you live pretty far away (Devon, Gloucester etc) we may now be able to come to you (depending on the collection). So please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a load of bits for sale!

This weeks TOP TEN is from my main man Ryan from Warthog, Blank Dogs, Religious Knives, Nude Beach etc. Geezer only works for Rough Trade too. 11760319_10100272135220977_9023724716051890496_n.jpg


” fave tracks i’ve discovered in 2017 so far “

Kate NV – Peaceful Protest
Cool contemporary freaky modern composition that sets a peaceful mood

Sharon Prabhyakar – Pyar Chhalke
Quite possibly the single most insane Indian electro disco track I’ve ever heard – this song switches gears like 15 times and has the most addictive vocal melody

Junko Ohashi – Dancin’
Japanese synth-pop dancefloor ready from 1984

Theo Parrish – Brain
Deep cut off of Parallel Dimensions – a great soulful hip hop influenced tune

Cybe – Zen Zai
Maybe the best compilation of an unknown artist I’ve picked up all year

Stranger Cole – I’m Living
Heavy as fuck dub reggae from 1976, cool phased out vibe with incredible lyrics

Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force – Walo Walo Version
Idk how I slept on these releases – state of the art electronic production meets far out african percussiveness – 100% killer

Ironing Music – Don’t Wish it Away
A great forgotten Australian band that channels Young Marble Giants, check out the whole Oz Waves comp while you’re at it

Kahil El’Zabar’s Ritual Trio – Africanos/Latinos
The sweet spot where latin music perfectly collides with spiritual Jazz

Perdido En El Universo – Falcons
Sick Spanish space prog from 78 reminds me of Meddle-era Pink Floyd

Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble – Undying Love For Humanity

Former Stereolab frontwoman nails it on her excellent new studio album, i think this song is the best one on the album

V/A Lots of Loving –
Insanely beautiful obscure reggae comp.. barely know any of the artists, but I tend to play this whole album almost once a day