Endless Week of big ones

Wasup from all of us at Reckless Records!



 Loads in this week, lets get started ASAP. This blog was written to the sounds of Sharon Forrester.

  1. One of our regular sellers was in over the weekend and brought in some super nice LPs. One was a heavy Improv 3xLP vinyl box set (with Derek Bailey etc) called Free Improvisation. Pretty pricey set, but very rare. Then there were some nice original Track Records Jimi Hendrix titles and a super nice Dr Strangely Strange (with the foldout cover intact!!). Nice psychedelic folk on Vertigo Records. Eavy!

2) We had another semi regular pop in the other day with a bursting bag of heavy rare filth. From rare Afro to New Beat to Library; its all there. Some super obscure titles. Lots of records that are very much in demand and are not for sale anywhere online. Loads of very pricey titles – check the wall, the African, Avant, Industrial, Cosmic, Krautrock sections. So many killer titles!!! Also some nice House 12″s in there, loads of Sotofett etc. Im sure you know the score by now.

3) 30 or so Augustus Pablo Cds came in the other day (including loads of Rockers and Hugh Mundell/Pablo related titles). One of the greatest Reggae legends of all time. Lots of good songs on these cds lol.

4) Loads of classic-ish Indie came in. The Drums, Embrace, Stephen Malkmus, Hard-Fi, Toploader. not the coolest, but you don’t see these titles much on vinyl and if you wont go mental to Dancing In the Moonlight after a few cans of Red Stripe then you much be pretty grumpy.

5) Nearly every 12″ on Guidance came through the shop this week. Mental. They are super clean. Larry Heard, Glenn Underground etc. Deep House.

6) Three classic UK original staples came in today. Velvet Underground & Nico, The Wailers and Nick Drake “Pink Moon”. Super nice to have these in the shop.

7) Loads of Jungle and Old Skool Tape Packs came in. Including a few Trance and Techno ones. Mixes from Top Buzz, Dougal, Grooverider, Billy Nasty, Andrew Weatherall, DJ Rap etc. Nice one, get sorted!

8) Loads more Japanese records came in from our very own Toru! Loads of obscure Synth, Anime Soundtracks, Jazz titles. All the records you don’t see anywhere.

So much stuff going on this week. Go to these:



Also our very own Eleanor has her final show this week – good luck L!

The Lowest Form play London on Saturday and Cardiff on Sunday, get the cans in!

This weeks Top Ten is the very sadly missed LIL MOFO!!!!! We wish you were still living in London!!


  1. Buddy – Ocean & Montana
  2. Tapes vs Superstar – Spirit World
  3. Dizzee Rascal – Space
  4. DMX Krew – Sludge
  5. Bullion – Blue Pedro
  6. Bill Converse – The Shape Of Things To Come
  7. Bookworms – Appropriation Loops (A Love Story)
  8. Francesco Maria Narcisi & Giacomo Fidanza – The Accordion Sessions
  9. Maria Teresa Luciani – Sounds Of The City
  10. Hard Pressed – The Way It Is