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Yo from Reckless!!


This week has been a bit mental as we have been clearing our storage space; which means we’ve had great big boxes everywhere full of vinyl and cds. We’ve been chucking a load of stuff out much cheaper than normal to clear space. The bargains have been flying out! You might have seen down the front of the shop we have a load of free stuff, and great big bargain boxes of vinyl.

This blog was written to the sounds of….

Tonnes of buying this week, some days have been relentless. The best stuff has come from Toru who brought loads of records back from Japan. So many beautiful records, all with obis etc. From Japanese pressings of John Coltrane classics to Anime soundtracks, to odd Japanese New Wave and Synth records. There are some super obscure bits here, and they are bound to sell fast (they did last time!).

I bought in a nice pile of 60’s 7″s on Saturday (in one of those nice 45 boxes which we also now have for sale). They were all classic titles from The Who, The Association, Jimi Hendrix, The Kinks, The Zombies etc. All in their company sleeves, all nice condition. Psychedelic baby!!

Also on the 45 front I bought in a nice pile of Noise 7″s and Lathes. All from the usual suspects; Prurient, Skullflower, Wolf Eyes, Aaron Dilloway, The Haters etc. There was also a copy of Rose Pillar, the Prurient book, with an 8″ record, the record is killer too.

Sean went to a nice collection of Rock and Metal on Friday. There were a tonne of great classic Heavy Metal LPs from Iron Maiden, Napalm Death, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Venom etc. As well as those there were some nice Vertigo LPs, some Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd – all the usual suspects!!

We also had an ex industry lady come in with 200 sealed reissue LPs, from Herbie Hancock to Massacre to Burning Spear. All super nice, and tonnes of wicked albums. All priced cheaper than online!

I bought in about 200 TOP cds off an old pal of mine. All fantastic titles, from Rocksteady Trojan comps to obscure Thrash Metal CDs to rare Heavy Rap titles. All in amazing condition – and a super nice mix of interesting cds. Loads of them were long Out Of Print.

Another industry seller, who had sold us a load of bits a month or so ago, popped back in with lots of titles. From rare Depeche Mode 12″s to Sarah Records vinyl to loads of Manchester. A real mix of expensive and non expensive titles – but all good. There were also some pricey Depeche Mode CD box sets which will be going out ASAP.

We had three heavy hitter UK original Psych LPs come in yesterday. Blossom Toes, The Zombies and World Of Oz. You know the score, these wont last long!! Three great LPs from a golden era of music; like rave years later. Turn on baby!

Another old friend came in this week with a big bag of nice Punk Rock; Rudimentary Peni, Circle Jerks, Danzig, The Undead, Minutemen, Black Flag and….Toast.

On the Soul side – they have been ramming out loads of Disco and Boogie, and catching up on all of the stock we cleared out over the road. Loads of these titles are going out super cheap so hurry up!

This weeks Top Ten is from Tom Campbell from hardcore bruisers Mob Rules! Thanks Tom!


Top 10 Records that defined my last ten years

  1. Cro Mags “The Age Of Quarrel”
  2. Coil “Ape Of Naples”
  3. Saccharine Trust “Pagan Icons”
  4. Mercyful Fate “Don’t Break The Oath”
  5. Tormentor “Anno Domni”
  6. Stains (LA) “S/T”
  7. Julie Cruise “Falling”
  8. The Velvet Underground “Sweet Sister Ray”
  9. Supercat “Si Boobs Deh”
  10. Current 93 “Earth Covers Earth”

Top Ten Hardcore Seven Inches

  1. Antidote “Thou Shall Not Kill”
  2. Wretched / Indigesti
  3. Shitlickers “Cracked Cop Skulls”
  4. Poison Idea “Pick Your King”
  5. Agent Orange “Your Mother…”
  6. Abused “Loud and Clear”
  7. Discharge “Fight Back”
  8. The Fix “Jans Room”
  9. Olho Seco “Botas Fuzis Capacetes”
  10. Cheetah Chrome Motherf**kers “400 Fascists”


Thanks Tom!!