This week we have mostly been…buying and selling vinyl and cds

Oi! from Reckless!


Big week for us at Reckless. We’ve bought so much stuff, and seriously big records! We’ve spent some serious cash this week!!! This Blog was written to the sound of Serge Gainsbourg.

  1. First up we bought a beautiful copy of The Who “Sell Out”, with the Poster (and original ‘Psychedelic poster inside’ sticker). This never turns up anymore, especially in the condition of the copy we have here. This is a piece of Mod history! I think its a great LP and was very tempted indeed!

2) Sean went to Canterbury last week to purchase a huge collection. It was the most we have spent on a collection for years. Tonnes of super big records. Artists like Joy Division, The Cure, The Stone Roses, Oasis, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Ride, Nirvana, Pearl Jam…You get the idea! Mostly in top shape. Loads of 90s records. There was also a super clean promo copy of Metal Machine Music. One to annoy the neighbours with :p .

3) Scott went to buy a load of records and cds from Warp Records last week. As you can imagine there were loads of Warp titles, including a bunch of Test Presses and a copy of the Apex Twin 12″ he had for sale when he played Texas. Pretty rare!! There were also some super rare Autechre CDs in there. He bought loads of stuff. Come and have a look.

4) We bought in a tonne of super rare 60’s and 70’s titles at the weekend. Loads of Vertigo Swirls, rare Hendrix, Moondog, Harvest titles, Patto etc. Apparently they are coming back with loads more. Prog time baby!

5) Tonnes of rare African records came in the other day (weirdly a few days after someone brought in a copy of Witch “Movin’ On” – but it was too marked!). I wasn’t in but Sean texted me a load of pictures and in there I can see titles by Via-A-Vis, Sweet Talks, Atakora Manu, Kumapim Royals International Band etc. Madness!

6) Some mental rare White Stripes and Third Man titles came in over the weekend as well. Probably all on crazy colour vinyl lol.

7) I bought in a nice pile of classic rock (but pretty interesting titles) – all super nice reissues (but nicely done ones!). Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Wire, Black Sabbath, Bruce Gilbert, Metallica etc.

8) Loads and loads of Jazz CDs came in – nearly all the Blue Notes. Loads more pretty interesting CDs came in too. Priced to sell!

9) We bought the rest of Rap records from the guy who has been selling them in for the last few weeks. Man, they are all so clean. They look brand new. All in the shrink all with Hype stickers. Like I said before – some super rare some standard – but all final upgrade copies. I put loads of pictures of these up on our Instagram so go check it!

This week we have several collections coming up – one really big indie collection that Im looking forward to especially! After the absolute carnage of last Saturday night I have to say you should really go to 12th Isle night next week as these Scottish bad boys know how to play some serious bimma tunes.


This week we got a Top Ten from UK legend the one and only Ben UFO! One of my fave DJs – and a lovely geezer.


  1. The Slits – Leibe und Romanze (Slow Version)
  2. Human Being – The Box Opened (Bedroom In Space)
  3. Ultra-red – RADICAL
  4. Christian Clozier – Quasars
  5. Shirley Collins – Love Is Teasing
  6. Mala – City Cycle
  7. Andrew Hill – Nefertiti
  8. Julian Lage – Japan
  9. Charlemagne Palestine and Terry Jennings – Short and Sweet
  10. Ministers of Dance and GSP – Tiny’s First Journey

Thanks Ben!!! Love it!